Analyse how the Cancer Research UK television advertisement achieves its aims.

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Analyse how the Cancer Research UK television advertisement achieves its aims

Cancer Research UK is Britain’s leading charity and is dedicated to the research, treatment and prevention of cancer. With a team of 3000 scientists, and an annual research budget in excess of £130 million, they are the largest independent cancer research organisation in the world. In today’s world, adverts have a great deal of influence over what we buy and do. Nearly everywhere we go some type of advert bombards us. For example, there are adverts on buses, on television, in magazines and on the street. This essay will identify the techniques used by the Cancer Research UK advertisement, by looking in great detail at the colours, music, fonts and other techniques.  

More than one in three of us will develop cancer at some point. Few of us go through life without coming into contact with the disease in some way – either through personal experience or through that of a friend or family member. Cancer Research UK is an organisation set up to find new and effective treatments for cancer quicker than ever before. The genre of an advert will determine its audience and most adverts are geared towards a certain target audience. For example, if the advert were for ‘Mountain Biking UK’ it could use a famous mountain biker and detailed technical terms, which would appeal to the target audience. They would therefore be interested in and could identify with the product and the message the advert portrays. However, the Cancer Research UK’s advert doesn’t seem to clearly indicate who the intended audience is, probably because cancer affects everyone. It does however convey the fact that cancer affects not only the victim, but also those closest to them. In the advert a women dies leaving a child mother-less, it is a potential sorrow that many can identify with and is immediately understood even by children. In the advertisement there is two scenes in contrast with each other. The first scene shows to the viewer the affects cancer can have over a family. In the other scene, there is a family who has benefited from the organisation. This shows to the viewer the big impacts they could create from donating a small sum of money.

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        The advertisement uses a number of techniques to convey to the viewer why they should contribute £2 a month to Cancer Research UK. The music in the background makes the viewer feel mournful, empathetic, and sad. There are lots of other effects like the voiceover, which is slow and meaningful, together with powerful visual images.

        The advert starts with a ‘high angle over shoulder shot’ at a boy who looks to be about seven years old and his mother. The director has chosen the location of the advert to be in the hallway whilst the child gets ready ...

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