Analyse the media devices and techniques used in a particular advert and comment on their effectiveness.

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Analyse the media devices and techniques used in a particular advert and comment on their effectiveness.

Every advert is targeted at a certain audience. It is designed to persuade a certain person at a specific age, sex and class to purchase the product in focus. In an advert, the product being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up most. This advert is advertising women’s hair and beauty products for Garnier.  In particular, it is used to promote a different perspective of hair colouring by using the intended product.

The advert produces certain effectiveness and appropriate devices to attract customers. I want to analyse why the advert will prove effective to produce a stimulus for customers to be attracted to the product straight away. The approach taken is going to be analysed whether it is completely forward, convincing, or has a hidden message. The appropriate music, voiceover, and models will be studied. So I am going to investigate the devices used in the advert both the people involved and the technical adjustments that is projected within the advert that catches the viewer’s attention towards certain things mentioned or seen. The media devices used in the advert prove to be effective as the final advert is both effective and convincing.  It uses a wide variety of techniques to present the product in a way that layers the models with frequent images of the products along with the natural ingredients used.  Sound, language, filming techniques and modelling plays an important part of the advert to help market the product in a way that doesn’t seem too forward but attracts the intended audience. Adverts are placed between programs that the advertisers know they are being seen by the potential users and possibly the advert will attract first time users.

        The advert produced filming techniques that made the whole advert worth seeing and did the product a lot o justice when marketing to the desired audience regardless of specific age group. However, the gender that the product may be specified seems solely targeted on women and girls as the all the models included are female and the entire advert consists of feminine attributes that are obvious throughout the filming. The lighting used specifically, focuses on each model in turn with effective clips of their hair and their personalities are also reflected through the actions they take and the lighting that is used projects that, whether it is close ups or long shots. This reflects warmth to the viewers greatly as they see that anyone can use the product whereas in other adverts, the models are the same but just showing probably extreme colours and tones. In this advert, only natural colours are shown which suits the face of each model but not forgetting a sense of individuality that attracts, further, to the viewers. This individuality being projected is vital as potential viewers want to be different and stand out from the crowd but also some may want a sense of being different but to fit in with the crown. Either way, this advert projects this message perfectly through perfect lighting and use of movement through the advert. There is not much usage of strong light but the positioning is vital in order to obtain a good vision of the hair and the model’s faces to see how the hair colour and style suits them. The lighting is projected downwards, which makes the colours vibrant and attractive to the viewers. The hair is shown frequently but not too much as over exposure of the models may turn the viewers off. The lighting influences the mood of the viewers by projecting a scene of innocence. This means that the lighting provides an ideal daily life routine that is suitable for any type of person who wants to try the product and this ensures security and guaranteed satisfaction with the product to the viewers. The advert is based in a well-lit environment; a daily lifestyle orientated setting which will relate to a wide range of viewers whatever age the woman may be. This setting promotes a healthy and clear surrounding, which reflects on the product well enough to give a good idea on the product itself. Specific flash lighting should also be taken into account as the lighting doesn’t flash when the models are shown, as this would be a little desperate to get the hair colour noticed but whenever the product itself is shown, it flashes across the screen for secure product recognition for the viewers. The packaging should be noticed and this flash lighting provides an ideal effect to give that certainty. The camera shots used has the desired effect that the advertisers used as they focus on the hair at times and how the product has affected not only the hair but mental state of the people involved in the advert. You do not need to closely analyse the people to figure out that they are happy and outgoing people and the lighting brings this in perspective to the viewers. This is also how the camera shots are focussed. Close-ups are used to focus on the hair and face and this reflects on the mental states of the models as the hair colour reflects on how they are feeling too. These close ups reveal that they are just normal people. The young woman that seems like a tomboyish character is seen reminiscing with her old picture of her backpacking with longer hair in the past. Now, the lighting, surroundings in which she is in, and the close-up used by the camera, shows she is still probably like the person she was in the picture but dying her hair with the product has reflected her individuality and activeness. A close-up was used in other shots involving a woman being free with brown hair caught in the light, and the close up was focussed on her face where it reflected her happiness. Another close up was used at the end of the advert where she was seen with a man. This reflected another aspect that women want which is to be noticed with their change or the natural look of their hair. This particular shot shows the sexiness that the product could bring- being attracted to the opposite sex. Close ups were also seen used when the focus travelled to the ingredients presentation of the product. These close ups show the exact natural ingredients and the delicious ingredients used will further attract and provide security for the viewers that may have doubts that had been implanted as hair colouring can be a bothering process. However, these close ups give an effect where these doubts are laid to rest as the models provide security through their natural looks and pleasant looks. A longer shot was used where the woman with a child was implicated. This shot reflected innocence, purity, and natural beauty. This brings the product into a new light and shows how wide the age group is to whom the product is targeted. This shot provides scenery to which the woman has long blonde hair similar or exactly the same to the little girl she is seen carrying. This is quite convincing to how the product works and the goodness it gives out to anyone that uses it. The woman in this shot reflects on the fact that someone that age that uses the product and desires natural looking colours and tones in their hair, can actually acquire that through the scene with the young girl. Children are seen as innocent and charming as well as pure. This does not contrast with the woman carrying her, as her hair can reflect the same attributes as the girl’s and the effects are stimulating in that sense. The lighting used in this particular scene is light being careful not to destroy the simplicity yet natural beauty of the hair of both the woman and the child.  

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A wide-angle shot is used in the advert where hundreds of boxes of the product are shown. This could represent the different alternative colours that is available and that the product comes in a wide variety of colours that suit your tones and natural colour.

The editing sequence is probably seen as one of the most important aspects of the entire advert. The sequence comprises of twenty-six separate scenes, each one separated by different models, or showing the natural quality of the product. These twenty-six scenes can be broadly divided into three categories, which are: the models, the natural ...

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