Analysing and comparing a charity advertisement to a commercial advertisement

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Analysing and comparing a charity advertisement to a commercial advertisement

                  Advertising is a way to get the product across to the audience, by selling the company’s ideas and information to the audience, whether the company do it in a sympathy way or a thrilling way, either way they want you to buy it or help give money. In this essay I will be writing about the similarities and differences in a charity advert and a commercial advert. Adverts makes the audience want to buy it or help give money. By doing this the advert has to be eye catching. An eye catching advert is an excellent way to get your attention and that is what makes an advert sell. Adverts are an everyday thing; you see it in newspapers, magazines, bill boards, trains, buses, taxies, TV adverts, literally everywhere. This effects everyday life as it makes more people want to buy products even if you do not need it. For example when you have a reasonably good mobile but then you see an advert which advertises the latest mobile, it makes you want to buy it because it makes you think it is so much more better.

                  In my essay I will compare and contrast a commercial advert to a charity advert, by looking at what they both are selling and where the advert came from. In this commercial advert they are selling this product called ‘LIVE’ which is a hair colouring product. The product is situated in the bottom right hand corner. It is big enough to see. This is a good idea as it shows what the product looks like. The advert came from a magazine called Cosmo girl, this shows that the company probably have a large number of money, as Cosmo Girl is a highly popular magazine sold and the advert is in colour. The advert was next to another hair advert, about damaged hair. The hair was on fire so, you couldn’t see how the hair looked like, but in the advert ‘LIVE’ the models hair looks sleek and shiny, making you want to buy the product.

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In the charity advert, a little girl quite upset is shown and explains how she survives. They are asking to give a generous amount of money or a gift.

The advert was posted through my letterbox. It was given near the time of ActionAid week, which is on the16th September- 2nd October.

                  In the commercial advert the advert uses informal language, as this makes the advert look relaxed, and that’s what they want the advert to look like ‘cool’. The tone of the text is fun, exciting and ...

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