Analysing the front cover of Nuts magazine

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Chaneesa Chalmers 10B

Analysing the front cover of Nuts magazine

What magazines compete with Nuts?

The magazines that compete with Nuts are Zoo and FHM.

Who do you think is the target audience for Nuts? Give reasons for your ideas.

The target audience for nuts is men aged 15-35 because it the magazine is based on sexual category and that what young boys and men think about.

What interests does this cover of Nuts use as its main sell lines? What can this tell us about the target audience?

You can tell this magazine is for men because it’s about naked women, fast cars, footballers and men are interested in most of the stuff in the magazine but you don’t get women looking for magazines like that.

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What are the connotations of the masthead?

The connotation of ‘Nuts’ is men’s private areas, crazy, exciting and fun. The masthead is red and red is a dominant colour, it shows sex, and it’s romantic.

Who is the cover star? What kind of target audience would be interested in her? What is her appeal?

The cover of the star is Jennifer Ellis and men would be the target audience that would be interested in her appeal is because she is pretty, she has big boobs and blonde hair and she is the stereotype of what men ...

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