Analysis of Dior Midnight Poison magazine advert.

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Analysis of Midnight Poison – Dior Perfume Advert

The advert for ‘midnight poison’ perfume suggest that buying the perfume will make you deviant, powerful, confident, sophisticated and individual.

This advert is for a perfume by Dior called ‘Midnight Poison’ for women. It is aimed at females from the ages of 15-30. The teenage audience is drawn in by the adverts individuality, confident and beautiful female header who is also playful and energetic. While the older end of the target audience relates to the sophistication and confidence of the ad, the desire to be strong and independent.

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The advert features a birds eye shot of a young female, with her eyes looking up directly at the camera, at the reader. Her eyes are the focal point of the picture, they are at the central point of the picture, this is to drawn you eyes to hers; they are inviting the reader into the frame, and are immediately drawn to this point first, then your eyes are directed down to the words, ‘Midnight Poison’ and then ‘A new Cinderella is born’. The ad has been laid out to guide the reader’s eye; this is an affective way of ...

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