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                          Analysis of My Advert

My analysis are about a perfume advert called “Romance” for men. This perfume is targeted for men aged 25-40. In this advert I have explained the layout, inherent myths, the connotations in colour, Brand name, connotations of colour and the choice of models.

This advert contains a two models 1 male and  1 female in a sexual pose, with a blank background, because a man and a women represent a good relationship of romance. I have set all the objects clearly to see  and understand by  locating each item, that made up the advert, in such way that the audience could not miss to spot the ad. I have chosen to place the title at the top of the page giving it a large font size, making it bold and coloured it blue because they think a advert should have a big and clear title because if somebody  likes the perfume they remember the name and next time they go shopping they probably look at the perfume. The advert also contains a bottle which is silver because it contrast with the black and white background. The bottle has a straight, slim and long shape because this makes an object look posh and classic. The picture is in black and white because a person’s facial expressions are clear see and better to understand the in colour because black & white captures emotions which are not visible in colour.

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This perfume product creates a inherent myth of romance and love. It is there to make the man feel sexy. Its myth creates a feeling where the man thinks he can have anything he wants and that the women will think he is a perfect man because  of the models stereotypical male beauty. A man can feel the excitement with this masculine blend of crisp and seductive spice.

The target audience for this product would be men aged between 25-40 years of age. This would be because men have more romance rather then teenagers e.g. a a young married ...

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