Analysis two advertisements for the same products aimed at two different target audiences. Car ads in men's and women's magazines.

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Analysis two advertisements for the same products aimed at two different target audiences. Comment on how the images and languages are carefully designed to appeal to these two different audiences and how effective you think they are.

Advertisements are used when the person or company is selling a product and promotes the ideas through various types of media. The products being identified and advertised are two different cars which have been positioned in a magazine as one of the advertisements to raise awareness that the advert is being place there for a purpose which is directly aimed to target audience. One of which is a Fiat from a women’s magazine called Red and the other one is an Audi from the Men’s Health magazine. In brief, both these types of cars have been famously known throughout the world persuading customers to buy the product and how the product can benefit the customer. In addition to this, the Fiat is originated in Italy providing their services for a very long time where as the Audi is manufactured in Germany and is very well known in the 21st century. The German company is given away as the word ‘Audi’ means car. The companies of both have success behind the hard work and having their reasons to continue to develop their cars better every year using media

For ever product there has to be a target audience which is based on several categories set to focus under the one title, such as: gender, age, economic status, educational level/background, appearance, interest, profession and more. The target audience is an extremely vital piece of information as to who the product is targeted for which the company needs to know who they are aiming at in order to use money to publish it. In this case the cars have been aimed for the middle aged men and women in their 20’s bearing in mind that that the advertisers choose publications carefully to target specific audience.

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 Moving on to the first advertisement, on the one hand, the fiat car is precisely targeted for women in their 20’s because of its small sleek deign attracted by most women as it’s just what they would want. There are two images used to show the cars movement which is quiet striking because on the first page the car is moving forward showing the image going towards something or somewhere.  On the second page the car is travelling to its unknown destination and as well as the car being in a very unusual and fascinating angle in which it has ...

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