Comment on an Advertisement for the Audi A4

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 English Coursework: Comment on an Advertisement of Your Choice

  I have chosen to comment on an advert for an Audi A4, which I took from the “Night and Day,” a colour supplement of The Mail on Sunday.  The advert incorporates a double page spread.  On one side there is a super imposed picture of the Audi A4 onto a musty yellow background, and on the other side there is a figure of a skier made up of various parts of the Audi A4’s chaises, engine and interior.

   Advertising for cars of this sort has been male orientated for the last fifty years, since around the 1950s, when cars used to be only used by the man of the house.  He would take the car to work and back everyday, and if the family were lucky, he would take them on family outing in the car once a week, usually at the weekend when he was off from work.  In the 50s, families never had more than one car, it was unheard of, unless you were incredibly rich and even then it would still be only the man that drove.

   Gradually adverts of this kind have become more unisex orientated to widen the target market, since that women have been more seriously considered as drivers of cars.  Also quite a lot of households now have two cars, one for the man and one for the woman, so also car companies have widened their marketing strategies to accommodate for men and women.  

   The advert is set across a double page spread and is in colour.  In the centre of the right side of the double page spread is a picture of the Audi A4, the main focus of this advertisement.  It is given the impression of movement, although the car is in perfect focus itself, the wheels are blurred suggesting that the picture is super-imposed by a computer onto it’s background, which is a musty yellow colour.  The wheel hub-caps could also be blurred because on this particular car and many others, the hub-caps are chosen by the buyer of the car and could effect the price of the car which is at the bottom of the page, making it more expensive.  The background is very plain, so the actual car stands out more.  The car is slightly slanted diagonally, the front of the car points towards the bottom corner of the page.  The picture of the car is also slightly turned towards the reader, so the radiator of the car, with the four ring Audi sign on, is visible.  The windows of the car are tinted for this advert so that the gender of the driver is indeterminable.  If the driver were visible then it would point to whether this particular advert is targeted at the male or female market, but because the driver is not visible then the target market is widened to both the male and female market.

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   At the bottom of the right side of the double page spread, are details on the main advertised feature of the car in this particular advert, the Audi A4’s “Multitronic Gearbox.”  “Multitronic gearbox for improved driving dynamics,” is in black bold san-serif typeface at the bottom of the page next to the seem.  This statement is simple and has the purpose of informing the reader to what reason the “multritronic gearbox” serves.  It is in a larger font than that of the writing to the right of it, which goes into more detail about the gearbox system.  Also the ...

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