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Compare two print adverts that advertise similar products

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GCSE English Media Assignment Compare two print adverts that advertise similar products The first advert advertises the product 'Witch Stick'. This is a natural witch hazel product that comes in a stick form to dab on spots and problem skin. The product will be bought by people from the age of 13 upwards. Both men and women of all ages, except perhaps the elderly and young children, suffer from spots at some time, so potentially the target audience for this product is very wide. However, the use of a young woman in the advert is probably intended to appeal to teenagers and young women who spend both time and money on looking after their skin. ...read more.


The way the advert is split in half is an eye-catching image and will draw the readers in to learn more about the product. The suggestion of 'before and after' is a very popular idea especially when improvements can be clearly seen. The woman is beautiful and one part of her face is smooth and totally free from spots, people seeing this may want the same complexion and will buy the stick to get it. I would buy this product because it is easy to apply as it is in a stick and would be less messy than cream. Also the advert tells me that it is a natural product. ...read more.


But this also refers to the smoke coming from the candle and from a cigarette. It suggests that the product will be good for dealing with both. I think that the product has been named Refresh because it puts the freshness back into clothes. I do think people will buy this product because people lead such busy life styles and any product that is quick easy and convenient to use and saves time, is always popular. In the same way, the Witch Stick is quick easy and convenient to use, a similar reason why the product will appeal to the audience and sell well. I prefer the Witch Stick advert, it is better because the information is more clearly presented and the information it gives does more to convince the audience to buy the product. ...read more.

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