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Comparing two magazine adverts for hair colour products.

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Gcse Media Coursework Advertising The purpose of this advertisement is to attract the audience to buy their products and make them feel how good it can be for you. When different types of companies decide to advertise their products, they do this because they want to make profit and want the consumer feel wishful .There are all sorts of advertisements like, television adverts, magazine adverts, radio adverts etc. Advertising is not only about what is being sold, because it is extremely important to target the product to a certain audience. The adverts that I have chosen to write about are both aimed at people who want to dye their hair, I decided to use these adverts with the similar purpose because it will be much easier to compare and contrast. 'L'Oreal Casting Cr�me,' when I first set my eyes on it, I automatically knew that it is trying to persuade young ladies between the ages of 19-27 to dye their hair; I found the L'Oreal advert in a beauty magazine. Were as for the 'Clairol root touch up,' when I had first seen it I knew that it is aimed at older women who want to remove their white roots., the word 'permanent' made me think because, people are only going to want a permanent colour if they don't want a colour. ...read more.


The similarities between both of these adverts are that there is less text on these adverts. The writing stands out more on the Clairol advert, because they have used the colour white on a dark colour like blue and black. The L'Oreal advert has used the colour pink, white and black for their writing. I think that these colours are not that eye catching as the Clairol advert because the background colours are not as dark. Both of the adverts have got an image of their product on the right bottom corner of the page. In the Clairol advert, there is a reflection of the women in a mirror behind here; on the other hand the women look like they are going out. The Clairol advert has a little paragraph in a small font, about how to use the product. Were as the L'Oreal advert shows us the different shades of the hair dye, and on top of the shades they have the names of the product. The main heading on the L'Oreal advert has been underlined, and the letters are spaced out. The word 'Paris' has been written in a small sized font under the last letter. ...read more.


There is a image on both of the advertisement of the products. I think it is important to have a image of what is being advertised because the consumer will want how the packaging looks like and what they are going to be buying. Both of the adverts have the company's names on them, I think this is important because the audience need to be aware of what company they are going to be purchasing the product from. They both apply to hair dye, and it enables you to dye your hair quickly and look beautiful. I feel like both of the adverts have successfully got there points across to the audience. But the advert which has made me want to buy there product is the L'Oreal advert, because it looks more cheerful and eye catching. It also looks more appropriate for young girls like me to use. On the other hand I think that older women would prefer to buy the Clairol hair dye because that looks more appropriate for old women to use, because of the way it has been presented. I think both of the adverts will appeal to their target audience because they have been presented in ways, which particular age groups will look at a particular advert. ...read more.

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