Comparison between the front pages of Bella magazine and Trout Fisherman

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Victoria Stephenson

A Comparison between the front pages of “Bella” magazine and “Trout Fisherman”

“Bella” is an attention-grabbing, story-filled magazine aimed towards a wide range of middle-aged women. Comparatively, “Trout Fisherman is aimed at a more refined group of primarily males who enjoy fishing as a sport.

On “Bella” the main picture is located on the right hand side of the cover. It shows a glamorous, smiling woman staring outwards, directly towards the reader. This instantly creates a connection as the cover is viewed. The woman is perhaps also an idealized version of the target reader. This encourages the viewer to buy the magazine as they are led to believe guides and tips inside may help them to become a more superior-looking version of themselves. Many other pictures are placed on the sides of the cover. These pictures are relevant to the stories and are usually extremely emotive. Women are regularly perceived as the more emotional gender and these emotive images affect the target audience.

By comparison, only one image is located on “Trout Fisherman’s” entire cover, consisting of a background of nature with a figure fore grounded. This image shows a skilled, smiling man actively catching a trout. This attracts the target audience as men are more interested in adventure and nature. The smiling expression gives a sense of fulfilment and encourages the fisherman to buy the magazine as they believe it is the key to success in fishing. The background shown is extremely applicable to its content. Similarly to “Bella, “Trout Fisherman” shows an idealized version of the target audience encouraging viewers to buy so they can reach a high standard of fishing.

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In “Bella” the text surrounds a main picture on the right-hand side. Bright and vibrant shades of luminous yellow and pink make up a large portion of the text. These colours are often considered female colours and will often attract those of that gender. These colours also help identify the nature of the magazine as they are almost “fake” and imply interest and gossip. A text box is created to attract the viewer’s eye. It contains a promise that will cause the reader to lose a significant amount of weight. Weight is important to many of the target readers ...

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