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Conventions of a Successful Quiz Show

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Conventions of a Successful Quiz Show I think the ingredients (conventions) could be: - Host/presenter - Audience - set design - prizes - rounds - contestants - teams - buzzers - table - theme music - assistant - scheduling Here is a bit of description and uses of some of these. A host is one of the main parts in the show, he/she mainly is a celebrity, also mainly popular, who introduces television programmes. With different types/genres of quiz shows, you need a host that will suit that genre. For example if the television quiz show Is a fun, unserious show, the host could be a comedian, or somebody in a comedy film/programme, because they would suit that genre. ...read more.


If the genre is fun, there will be bright lighting, upbeat music etc... if the genre is serious there will be dark lighting, and low pitch music. Television quiz shows have prizes to encourage the contestants on answering the questions correctly, also encouraging the people to appear in a quiz show. When the questions are starting, which means they will be the easiest the prizes could not be very valuable, or very big, because the contestants are not really putting any effort or using your knowledge enough to win anything big, but as the questions get harder the prizes will become bigger and better, because it will be at the stage where the contestants are using the knowledge to deserve the prize. ...read more.


Teams could be there instead of one single contestant for example "Who wants to be a millionaire?". If shows have teams, they could take it in turns on answering questions. Also if one team has the lowest marks/scores, a person from that team could be chosen to be eliminated. I think these are all important because they are what make up a quiz show. For example without different types of rounds, or different types of questions the quiz show would be very boring, and if the ratings and viewings decrease, the show will not be able to stay on air. If there was no host, how could the contestants answer questions? Also if there was no prizes, then there is probably no point in doing the quiz show unless the contestants would just do it anyways and not win anything, or they would do it for fun. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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