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Designing a poster advert for a new soap opera.

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Self evaluation For my coursework I was asked to create a soap poster using the codes and conventions of a soap. i.e.:- 1. Sponsor 2. T.V channel 3. Appropriate name 4. And time. I started of by planning a rough draft on paper. The first thing I had to do was to think of a title for my soap and what my target audience should be. I found that very hard at first so I decided to have a look around at the titles of my fellow students. With the help of their ideas I was able to come up with the name "Best Friends" Since it would appeal to my target audience who were mostly teenage girls. I wrote the title on the top in cursive handwriting to make it standout. ...read more.


After planning the rough draft I was suppose to create a similar poster on Adobe Photoshop. At first I found it very hard to use. It took me more that three days to get the hang of it. I started of by deciding to completely change the look of the poster from my rough draft because I thought it looked very dull although the words were catchy. So instead of making the background white I made it colorful with the help of the paint bucket and marquis tool I was able to use there rectangles which overlapped each other and each one had a different color. I used the colors blue and yellow for the outer rectangle. I colored the second rectangle purple and the inner one was colored pink. After that I started creating the title using horizontal type tool. ...read more.


I did this so it looks like the young version of the girls in the first picture. Then below the picture I wrote the times that the soap will be shown on T.V. They were:- Mondays: 7:00pm Wednesdays: 7:00pm Fridays: 9:00pm. Then below the times I wrote "Exclusive on itv1" and I used the itv1 logo to represent the channel. I also used the word exclusive to make my audience think that it is a very special show. Finally at the very bottom of the page I wrote "Sponsored by" and then I got the picture of the logo of McDonalds and placed it beside it. Overall I think I did really well on my soap poster but the one thing I would like to change is the background. It did look nice on the computer when I created it but after it was printed out it lost some of its colour. ...read more.

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