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Essay analysing the advertisement for “Febreze”

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Essay analysing the advertisement for "Febreze" The product febreze is used to clean smells out of fabrics that are hard to wash. The target audience for this advert is any member of the household who does the cleaning; this could be a man or woman. This advert uses clever word use, large illustrations, and a very basic presentation to attract the reader. The question "Ever wanted to clean the smells out of fabrics you can't wash?" is a very shrewd way of attracting the reader and starting the advert. It is intended to make the reader question the cleanliness of their home. ...read more.


and "Curtains with a hint of smoke?" The advert continues, claiming, "Help is at hand" identifying that this product can help neutralise these odours, and give your house a fresh, clean smell. "Spray Febreze on your fabrics, letting it soak in and get to work," informs you that this product doesn't require any need for scrubbing or soaking and is very easy and convenient to utilise. "Doesn't just" and "What's more" makes it seem so efficient, that it does more than you would expect from a simple squirt and wait. It shows you are getting more for your money. "..It actually cleans them away" gives the impression that by doing this, it is an amazing product. ...read more.


Then it reassures you that if you buy this product "you'll get even fabrics you can't wash smelling fresh and clean". The large photo associates the normal household wash basket with those items, which before "Febreze" were difficult to clean, and in some cases impossible to wash. Now with "Febreze" the furnishings are as easy to clean as the household weekly clothing and linen wash, the only difference is that you do not have to put them in a washing machine. The white background makes the advert come across as being very simple, much like the simplicity of the product, and how easy it is to use. ...read more.

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