Evaluation of my storyboard and poster for my film Dark Minds

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Each shot needs to be recognizable, so these techniques are contained within my own storyboard. I have clearly shown in my storyboard (of the first scene of my movie) whether the sound is diegetic, non-diegetic or contrapuntal. Shot 8 on my story board uses the counterpoint effect, the scene shows a door but the music played is a slow country genre which is contrapuntal. My storyboard has different camera shots and angles including; extreme long shots, medium shots, close ups, over the shoulder angles and medium long shots.

 In my posters I use a big masthead and above I put the tagline ‘Every mind hides a shadow’, this associates to the title of the film ‘Dark Minds’ because the words are mysterious which links to the genres of my movie - ‘Suspense, Thriller and Drama’. The characters on the poster are shown to have serious faces, this is because they are FBIs and are determined in what they do, it also contains the credit block all of these are added on my second poster however it has a different tagline; ‘TO CATCH A CRIMINAL YOU WILL HAVE TO THINK LIKE ONE’ and no credits because it’s more of a teaser poster. This links to the main image which is of a human shaped shadow with a brain located on the head. The mise en scene is very clear, the colours used reflect to the genre, because the dull colours have connotations to thriller and crime.

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Actor’s names or the main characters are what a producer will want to know, the genre of the film, similar movies that have already been released etc. The target audience of my film is people who enjoy solving mysterious difficulties, someone who enjoys crime solving. The movie is similar to films such as Law Abiding Citizen and Fugitive, they are all tricky resolving films. On my poster I used interesting tag lines. I think my objective watchers would enjoy this because it is something you can think about, not just clearly comprehend when first read. The main images are also ...

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