Existing film cover and DVD cover analysis. (Memoirs of a geisha)

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Existing Film Trailer and DVD cover analysis

The film that I am analysing is memoirs of a geisha, the rating of this film is a 12 and there are 8 main characters in the movie, 1.Sayuri/chiyo, 2.pumpkin, 3.Hatsumomo, 4.Nobu, 5.memeha, 6.Chairman, 7.mother, 8.auntie. I think Woman would be more drawn to this film simply because it is a romantic drama and it is more likely of a woman to be interested in it, although there is nothing wrong with a man watching it.

    If someone where to watch this film I think they would expect to see a young girl who lives a troubled life, from her mother dying to her father selling her to a geisha house, Falling in love at a very young age and accomplishing her life dream of becoming a geisha.

   The film trailer of memoirs of a geisha has low, high, long and close-up camera shots, the soundtrack to it is mostly drumming and classical music, this gives the trailer a very theatrical view.  In the beginning of the trailer for memoirs of a geisha chiyo/sayuri (the main character) who is standing on top of mountains staring out in to the space as the wind blows into her hair, while this is happening she is telling the viewers “ a story like mine should never be told” and it is going on to show her life and how it progresses, from then on It is obvious that the film is a drama, I can tell this form the trailer because of 1. the music, (  fast upbeat drumming, very mysterious and dramatic) 2. camera shots ( long shots, close shots, low shots and high  shots,  all these shots make different effects on the movie, i.e. they make it much  more dramatic especially low shots and long shots.) 3. narrator, ( is the main character of  the movie, she makes it sound very mysterious and interesting because she does not tell you a lot about the movie, and she talks about her life, not the movie, even though her life is the movie.) I think people who watch the trailer for memoirs of a geisha would be very interested into the film, and also the trailer leaves you curious,  and wanting to see more. The iconography for this film is mostly geishas ( Japanese woman with faces painted white and red lips) to show that it is a romantic/drama the there are parts of the film showing couples, and her falling in love.  

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   The DVD cover for memoirs of a geisha denotes a woman in the middle of several images, 1, 2 men, a couple, and 2 woman and at the bottom of it, it shows a young girl in a corridor running.  It Connotes ,  the main character , chiyo.sayuri, as a geisha, who is trapped between several people, maybe thoughts or feelings, i.e. the couple could represent the love in her life, the 2 men could represent confusion in her life and the two woman could represent competition.

At the bottom half of the DVD cover, there is a young ...

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