Explore how Hancock Conforms to the Genre Expectations of a Superhero Film.

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Explore how ‘Hancock’ Conforms to the Genre Expectations of a Superhero Film.

Throughout many decades, superhero films have been the highlight of our cinema experience. From comics like Marvel and DC, blockbusters have exploded onto our screens, from a life saving spider (Spiderman) to a huge great green monster (Hulk) being hunted down by the American Army.  Film companies in the last decade have been set on producing hit blockbusters for adult and child audiences. Productions like Batman have targeted both audiences by producing figures that sell millions - the latest production ‘The Dark Night’ earned a whopping $400 million in its first 3 days of release. The production of the hit, iron-man that attracted a massive audience featured similar success, enough success that the crew have been back to work and recently released a sequel that has produced record breaking gross earnings.  Hancock wasn’t far off and certainly acquired a similar thrilling experience.                                                                                          

The typical features of the superhero genre have definitely been consistent dating back to the classic, almost comical movies of ‘66 where the standard villain plans evil plots for the hero to stop. A love interest that is always complicated. And a side-kick/ companion that helps out but generally just hangs around being a pest, (Robin, of the 1966 Batman convention).  These distinctive characters and storylines, without a doubt, have changed due to many years of similar film storylines that have forced directors to be slightly more adventurous with their basic plot, but despite this the typical feature have still been unvarying. Mary Jane Watson has kept Spiderman on his toes throughout three productions; Alfred (batman’s mentor) is a new character introduced to the batman series and Robin has been left out of the recent edition to the Batman series- The Dark Night which featured many of the usual characters. The villain: The Joker, played by Heath Ledger. The love interest: Rachel, and the loyal sidekick: Alfred. Despite the typical characters still playing an important role in the storyline, the general format of the superhero character has changed, became more true to life as oppose to seemingly comical performances and ‘special’ effects featured in the early production of batman in 1966. The superhero gadgets in the Dark Night have been thoroughly improved to create an outstanding aspect to the film overall. The bat mobile has been fully refurbished and revamped into a military looking vehicle that gives a formal look to an ever evolving batman exterior and status.

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Film posters play a significant role in the production of a film. Not only allowing the viewer to be drawn in and eager to know more, therefore raising sales figures, but identifying the target audience and sensing the type of film those viewers might be enticed by. The Superman Returns film poster is a prime example of this marketing. The poster features Superman as the main character in the centre of the poster, with his back to the world, wearing the symbolic Superman costume. Secondly included is the damsel in distress looking longingly into the superheroes eyes. Whereas Superman is ...

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