Future of Sitcoms

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Critics keep announcing the 'death of the sitcom'. We believe the genre is doing fine. Give us your views on the current state of the situation comedy and tell us how you think it might develop.

There is currently a good argument on whether the Sitcom is really dying or not. I have mixed views on the current state of sitcoms; they still have many viewers however the storylines are very similar in all sitcoms.

The critics can put up a good argument using statistics, for example 20 years ago the number of people watching sitcoms averaged at 14.7 million, however it has now reduced to 6.9 million.

Critics think that the sitcom is dead because they are no longer like the traditional ones, they lack a laughter track which has really been a main feature of the sitcom in the past decades. The newer sitcoms also lack the 3 camera set up.
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Another reason that critics will argue that his contributed to the death of the sitcom is digital TV. Most of the population has now got digital TV services from SKY, Virgin etc. and this now means that they have a larger variety of programmes to choose from, leaving the television market saturated as the sitcom now has too many competitors. Also just as the 70s was the Era of the Sitcom, the turn of the century has become the Era of the Reality Television shows, there popularity has increased incredibly and dealt a blow to the situation comedy.

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