GCSE Media- Adele Vogue Cover Analysis

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Adele Magazine Cover & Music Video Analysis

Vogue- Magazine Cover

Adele Atkins graced the cover of Vogue’s October 2011 edition in light of the release of her newest album, 21. The young, successful singer uses the worldwide publicity of featuring in a magazine- particularly the front cover- as a factor in her promotional campaign. Her appearance on the magazine’s front cover will have increased sales for both her newest LP and Vogue magazine itself; this is due to the singer and magazine having similar demographics. This target audience (or demographic) is a young to middle-aged woman, most commonly between socio-economic class B-D.

Vogue is an extremely popular lifestyle and high-end fashion magazine which focuses on the latest trends and often features articles of up-and-coming artists (and fashion icons), like Adele.  The stylish nature of Vogue- literally meaning popular fashion- is showed in its masthead where a serif typeface has been used to depict class. The serif font used for the subtext in the puffs also evidences the ‘chic’ way Vogue presents itself.

A medium to close-up shot of Adele has been used, which is both artistic and easily recognisable as the singer; she is also looking directly into the camera lens. This direct mode of address is used to establish a personal connection between Adele and the reader. This is a common convention of Vogue magazine- and most magazines in the fashion and lifestyle genre- as it can play a factor in persuading a potential reader to buy the magazine once combined with Adele’s level of fame.  This image of Adele is also the only picture used on the cover, displaying her importance and appeal toward Vogue’s main audience.

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Predominantly blue and orange have been used on the front cover of this edition, mostly because they are contrasting colours which are often used to draw attention to a magazine. Although blue if often associated with a more male demographic, the softer shade of blue of Adele’s dress, which is reflected in the background, has stronger connotations of calm and depth, which are major themes in Adele’s music. White has been used for the puffs as a contrast to the darker blue background.

Adele’s makeup is neutral reflecting the how the singer is not trying to be ground-breaking or ...

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An excellent analysis. This student has done well because they have consistently used media language throughout the essay. Reference to media theory, eg. Dyer's star theory would help to improve improve further. ****