Guinness 'Surfers' Coursework. Wherever we look, we are bombarded by adverts and advertising campaigns.

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Guinness ‘Surfers’ Coursework

Wherever we look, we are bombarded by adverts and advertising campaigns. Advertising varies in scale dramatically, from an individual advertising their goods in a local paper or on the internet, to television adverts costing thousands of pounds. Guinness advertises on a mammoth scale, and although they use different advertising tools and techniques, they still have the same advertising objective: to acquire business and lure potential customers. The proof of the advert’s success is apparent. The advert has won many awards including two British design and Art Direction awards quite recently after the advert’s release in 1999.  

The Guinness advert starts with a clip of a man’s face looking into the distance, and next it cuts to a group of surfers on the beach. The surfers are looking into the distance and see a huge wave. They all run towards the water and try to catch the wave. In the end, only one of the surfers fulfils his desire and manages to successfully ride the wave. He celebrates and then the Guinness product is displayed on the screen as if it is man’s ultimate desire.

At first, we see the man’s face in extreme close-up. This intense close-up gives us a detailed mapping of the face.  We can see deep into his eyes, and also the profound wrinkles on his brow. These furrows are a clear symbol of intense concentration, and he clearly seems to be focusing on something gigantic in comparison to him. He looks slightly drained, but the flare in his eyes may suggest that this is really the moment that he has been waiting for.   His eyes also seem to be looking up into the distance,

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this makes you feel like he is looking at something behind you, and makes you want to turn around.  If you look closely into the man’s eyes, you can see that it looks exactly like a pint of Guinness being poured suggesting that this is what the man is anticipating. He is not the stereotypical surfer, as he is slightly older and less muscular. This conjures a mental image of experience. The choice of character is extremely pertinent as he will be somewhat of a role model to Guinness’s target audience. You can also distinguish his lips flickering as if ...

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