How are cars advertised?

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How are cars advertised?

The word advertising comes from the Old French advertir, meaning to notice. Advertising is typically a way of making a good, service or product that a company is wishing to sell known within the public.  It is also a way of praising goods, services or products including services and products in order to encourage the public to buy or use their goods, services or products in other words persuade the public.  It could also be called a way of informing the public about an offer or special deal on a good, service or product.  It’s used to make the public aware about a good that they are planning to sell.  It’s also used to make the public aware of a special promotion or a discounted price that the producer, being a shop, thinks the consumer, being the public, would like to purchase from them.  Overall it is used to make a profit for the seller and to obtain a good, service or product for the buyer.

You would expect to see adverts everywhere.  Usually advertisements are on the television, in newspapers, in magazines, on the internet and are often heard on the radio.  However you also see adverts on posters, in sports like football or any other sport strip, on clothes and trailers for movies.  Recently there has been a large increase of advertisements in all fields although there has been an increase particularly on the internet.  This is probably because is a ‘new breed’ of people who buy solely on what there role models are buying and on what looks and is made out to be the best.  The companies pay the ‘celebrity’ to endorse their product.  As there is now a lot more people in the younger generation have more money and only buy the ‘must have’ clothes and goods that are envied and usually have a high price tag.  Since this has started to happen, many companies have started loosing a lot of money.  To resolve this, many of the companies have decided to use lots more advertising. This advertising is on commercials.  Many of the companies have also signed contracts with sporting, musical and other major role models that get the person to wear that make of clothing or to promote their goods, services or products.  Companies use this all the time as it is proven to work on the ‘must have’ society.  Advertising is becoming increasingly subliminal and subtle.  People see advertising when they see logos on clothes and use in the cinema where product placement is used.

        There are many ways of advertising.  Some of the car adverts that I have picked to analyse are seen on the television and are seen in magazines.  The advertisements on the television were shown on channel 5 and the other advertisements were in the magazine “She”.  The fact that the car advertisements were in a woman’s magazine shows that companies are beginning to see not only men as their potential customers.  It also shows that the amount of women interested in cars and even buying in them has dramatically risen.  The amount of people buying cars has risen dramatically over sixty maybe seventy years.

        I have chose to analyse cars as their methods are very profound and get their message/point across well and effectively.  The adverts you may see on the television are those of Peugeot, Renault, Audi, Suzuki and many others.  The adverts you may see in a magazine are those of Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota, Ford and many others.  The Peugeot advert is used to promote 307.  It targets an audience of all ages but mainly between thirty and forty and predominantly male, we know this as most of the actors are male and of a middle age.  The advertisement starts with the camera angle facing a storm and directly into the eye of the thunderous clouds.  The camera moves to the windy sea that is very dark and cold and then has a close up of the old coast guard’s face, there is a slow and quiet beat of a very sombre Gaelic song.  This sets a mood and atmosphere of suspense as it moves straight from the danger to the probable saviour.  The camera the faces back towards the sea, where a large ship is coming in.  The advertisement then changes to a dentistry, to a school, a group of teenagers playing football and finally to a family in their house.  All of the people stop what they are doing, some of them get a phone call warning them of the ship in the storm and then all of the actors run down towards the ship with the Gaelic music building up in a gentle and slow beat.  This build up shows the actors running down a path, their faces and the music portray a sense of anxiety and nervousness.  They look as if they may have to rescue the ship.  As they get down to the dock they see all the Peugeot 307’s coming out of the ship, as the Peugeots are seen the Gaelic music erupts into the lively part, which has a fast tempo.  All the actors then break into a smile.  The camera moves across and zooms in to each of the now thrilled actors, each of them looking extremely happy with what is front of them.  The colours of the cars are very vibrant, this may influence people of a newer/younger audience.  This advert uses subtle advertising as it plants a thought in your head.  This thought being that the Peugeot 307 is a car that delivers happiness and that it is something to get excited about.  The Bias is saying that the Peugeot 307 is the best car out for middle aged men who want an adventurous exciting car.  When you see this advertisement it doesn’t strike you as being one of a car because of its storyline and introduction.  The beginning of the advertisement is used as it is meant to get its target audience interested, which Peugeot manage to achieve well.

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        The second advertisement was on the television on channel 5, it showed the Audi RS6 Quattro.  This advert showed a light with lots of flies flying around it and then the camera angle switches to a person looking over a gate into a bullring.  The colours on the advertisement are all very dark as it is supposed to be in the dark.  This is used as it presents the audience with a feeling of anxiety.  In the bullring you can see the gates around it, holding in the bull, you can hear the bull huffing.  There is a cheap light ...

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