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How the film Shrek parodies the traditional Disney fairytale

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SHREK "How the film Shrek parodies the traditional Disney fairytale." 'Shrek', what can I say about Shrek? It is one of the most successful animated films ever screened, if not the most successful. Shrek has cleaned up at the box office and even stole the first ever Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film from Pixar's Monsters Inc. So what makes Shrek so unique and so special from any other animated film? Firstly, the film consists of both traditional and modern fairytale storylines. In addition the main character is an ogre with a heart of gold; this is not the usual characteristics of an ogre in traditional fairytales. The flatulent swamp-habitant monster is fascinating and intriguing, he adds to the flavour that makes the movie such a success. The film Shrek was produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg, a producer that worked with Walt Disney in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid and many more hit productions. When Jeffrey Katzenberg was passed over for promotion at Disney, he left to form the company 'DreamWorks'. He longed and thought hard on how to get his revenge on Disney, his solution was to produce a film, a film that no one had dared or even thought of before him. A "Fractured" approach to Disney's classic traditional fairytale movies, such as 'Cinderella' and 'Snow white'. The film opens with a close up shot of a fairytale book opening and a voice speaking over the main scene. The voice begins with the famous traditional opening to a fairytale story "Once upon a time", this is very similar to sleeping beauty, a film which itself was very revolutionary at the time. ...read more.


He asks Lord Farquaad, for a request, his request was to get all the fairy creatures off his land/ swamp. Lord Farquaad then replies saying his request would be granted only if he wins the battle. Shrek does win but is offered with a second proposition, to go rescue Princess Fiona. He inevitably agrees. He is desperate to get the creatures of his land. Normally in Disney stories there is a dashing, handsome, compassionate prince who ends up happily married to a princess, but in the film Shrek, that is not the case. Instead of a dashingly handsome Prince, we have Lord Farquaad who is short, ugly and mean. First of all he captures all of the fairytale creatures and sends them to Shrek's swamp; this gives an early indication to the audience that he is cruel. Lord Farquaad also tortures the gingerbread man by pulling off his buttons and throwing him in the rubbish bin. He also mocks the gingerbread man by stealing his phrase "run, run as fast as you can..." and he uses it against him. When lord Farquaad first meets Princess Fiona he uses a formal language with poetic features such as "beautiful, fair and flawless". This proves to the audience that he is two-faced as they already know he is not interested in her. Later in the film he again shows how superficial his feelings are for Princess Fiona are by rejecting her when her face changed from the beautiful Princess to an ogre. He is not prepared to go ahead with the wedding but he still declares himself king. ...read more.


We are not going to use traditional songs; we will be more updated and modern. We are making modern day fairytales. To sum up, Shrek is very much a Disney story but it is a modernised version. Right from the opening scene we can tell that this was not going to be your everyday fairytales from movies such as Snow white and sleeping beauty. The idea that Duloc very much resembles Disney Land is some thing made to disrespect Disney and its makers. Princess Fiona and Shrek are not like your everyday fairytale princesses or princes in both the way in which they are presented to the audience or the way hey dress and behave. Lord Farquaad is neither a suitable prince nor a king but is put in that role to try and send a message across to Disney yet again. Shrek is an ogre but really has a soft centre and is kind and gentle. Jeffrey Katzenberg parodies Disney in almost every shape and form during the film. I think the reason why the film has been such a success is because the audience can relate to it. The audience can believe that you don't always have to be handsome and charming to be the hero of the day. Even the fact that the type of music been played parodies other Disney productions make the music such a big hit. The audience can also relate to it because the music is more recent and most of them listen to these sorts of music that they would normally listen to during Disney movies. Even though the music was pretty controversial, it added to the beauty of the movie. ?? ?? ?? ?? PRINCE OFORI- 11AMU English 'media' coursework 1 Mrs Spencely ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This candidate clearly understands the different ways that Shrek parodies traditional fairytales. However, is reads more like an English essay that a Media Studies essay. It lacks subject specific terminology and does not include media theory, such as genre theory or audience theory. It focusses too much on the film's narrative, rather than on the technical codes and conventions.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 16/02/2012

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