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In order for the customers to purchase the Nokia 6600 from the retailer,

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Sales and customer service Task 1 Introduction A sales promotion may be defined as on attempt to create interest in and stimulate sales of a product or service by a non-standard activity in a limited period of time, or with a controlled amount of product (while stocks last) In many ways, a sales promotion is a link between advertising and direct selling. It gives the advertiser an extra benefit to draw to the consumers attention, persuading them to go to the shops, and it allows the manufacturer's sales person to revitalize the interest of the retailer by having something new to discuss or offer. There are two types of promotion: * Trade promotions- manufacturers promoting to retailers and wholesalers. * Consumer promotions- manufacturers or retailers promoting to the final consumer. I will promote mobile phone Nokia 6600. It is important to understand that sales promotion includes more than just money off voucher on the pocket of a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) In order for the customers to purchase the Nokia 6600 from the retailer, the latter has had to be persuaded to stock the product in the first place. ...read more.


Consumer promotion. The objective of a consumer promotion is for the seller to raise the long-term level of sales by offering some added value to the purchase Nokia 6600 in the sort term. These components will help me to promote Nokia 6600 * Money off this or the next purchase * Coupons or information delivered through the door * Competitions, with attention- gaining prizes * Free gifts These are most popular methods to promote goods like Nokia 6600 or services. Why these methods become popular? Customer feels rewarded for their custom. They may, as a result, develop a loyalty to a particular product like Nokia 6600. A customer is therefore more likely to purchase product. Sales promotions can be used as a method to break into a new market or introduce a new product into an existing market. To successfully promote Nokia 6600 I need to look to these different features. * Display material. A good display should attract attention, enhance certain aspects of a Nokia 6600 and encourage the right frame of mind to make purchase. ...read more.


Buying signal, i.e. when the buyer seems happy with the sales promotion and willing to by product like Nokia 6600. "Are you sure it could be here within seven days" "Is that price reduction agreed?" "That sounds an improvement on the earlier model" All these comments indicate a positive thought. Legislation A number of laws exist which protect consumers from bad trading practices, but not many of them address directly the question of product quality. To promote my product successfully I need to be aware the legislation in another words it is law. For example The Consumer Protection Act 1987 deals with product safety and outlines certain safety regulations. Consumer that suffers injury if these regulations are broken can sue me as a person responsible for product promotion. Consumer Credit Act, 1974 this aims to protect the rights of consumer when they purchase goods on credit, such as hire purchase on credit sale agreements. For example if some one buy my product Nokia 6600 I must give consumer copy of any credit agreements into which they enter. ?? ?? ?? ?? Justinas Ivaskevicius ...read more.

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