In the movie Remember the Titans, the director reveals to us many important ideas.

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Explain how the director revealed an important idea (or ideas) to the audience

In the movie “Remember the Titans”, the director reveals to us many important ideas. One important idea that he reveals that is “if the team doesn’t unite, then they will lose. The director uses many film techniques such as setting, comparisons and speech to reveal to the viewer this idea. The director also uses different film techniques such as camera shots and music to emphasise the idea of uniting together.

During the camp scene, the director uses the very important setting of the Gettysburg cemetery to show us the idea of unity. When Coach Boone wakes the team up at 3:00 am and makes them do a run - a tracking shot on him leads to the Gettysburg cemetery where there is also an establishing shot, a key battle area in the civil war. Coach Boone makes an inspirational speech to the team while there and at that point, the music changes from what to what?? Why does he make an inspiration speech? The speech ends with “if we don’t unite then we too would be destroyed” comparing the possibility of the team with the graves of the dead. This scene plays an important part in uniting the team. Is it a turning point for the whole movie?

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The director makes reference to the titans from Greek mythology who ruled the earth better than the gods. A close up shot of Boone, the coach shows him referring to the term ‘titans’ to emphasize that the team named after these super, immortal beings perform in a similar powerful way on the field. The director is therefore showing that the idea of unity will mean that the team will unite?? and dominate the football pitch which is their earth. During Boone’s inspirational speech the music also changes and there is a slight tilt  Why? How do these relate to the ...

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