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M&S Advertisement

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Ishwar Gill         Media Coursework

GCSE Media Comparative Essay Plan 2007/08


Nowadays we are ambushed with adverts, where ever we go there are adverts. Advertising is a form of communication which informs people about new products that is about to be released or needs to be sold, needs to be advertised in order to get customers attracted. Advertising can be done in different ways such as Television, radios, magazines, billboards and the yellow pages is a good example because it has the adverts in it which in my opinion this is not as good companies are starting to advertise on the internet. Advertisement company’s main objective is to promote their product at a specific target market and they do this by putting adverts on the TV at specific times for example a major football tournament would be advertised on television at least one month before the tournament, this is because they want people to see it and they can’t guarantee that every age range will see it whether it be children, or adults how is watching television it could also be advertised on a poster at a popular sports shop for example JD sports and Footlocker. The advertising agencies need to have a affordable prices, good places to be sold and acceptable promotion to sell their product successfully in this case it would be the balls that they are going to use at the tournament. A good advert should be eye catching and has too keep the audience entertained till the end and they can achieve this by using reapportion there are a lot of different persuasive techniques to make a good advert such as.

Paragraph 2


In the core advert of the M&S advert is the new Christmas range of clothes. The store is trying to say that they are the only ones who have the best clothes for Christmas and that they are the only ones who have one of the best Hollywood actors in there adverts. They brag about having famous people in the advert because they want people from most places to go to M&S to buy clothes, they save Banderos because they want to show off with him and they want the audience to think that if Banderos is wearing M&S clothes, then they should wear them and they will think they are in the same league as them. He represents the main person in the advert and when the audience see him they will think that M&S is one of the best stores to go and shop for clothes. He’s mainly appealing to men. The way he is appealing to them is the clothes he is wearing because some men might think if they wear the same clothes as Banderos they might get most of the good looking girls like he does. It reminds people of the olden times and The M&S teaser starts of with the black and white pictures and shows five models acting like Hollywood stars with their names shown on the credits which gives the first impression of the advert as if it is a movie trailer but in actual fact it is a M&S advert. When they show Twiggy Lawson the viewers would usually associate her with M&S so that is a big give away. The advert is a bit of a joke because they are introducing the five girls and the music jingle bells appears but the word belles is the French word meaning pretty girls, this shows an old context because movies in the 1940-50’s were names “belles” such as college belles (1942) and cow belles (1929). The word flashing says clothes, clothes and clothes which reminds the viewer that is a trailer and also makes the customers feel clever as they guessed earlier that it’s a M&S. M&S do this to give viewers a fell as if they are clever because they have guessed earlier that it’s a Marks and Spencer advert. The advert ends with Antonio Bandera’s who is well known film star, you can tell that they have spent lots of money on this advert it also shows that the girls got what they wanted by wearing Marks and Spencer’s clothes and the viewers expect to see another advert. The M&S Christmas advert is old and you can tell this because it is in black and white and it is more like a 50’s film trailer. M&S are trying to imply that if you buy the more attractive and sophisticated clothes that they have and offer in there store then you will get the thing you are pursuing. The title says that they are five beautiful girls on this advert and they all want the same thing for Christmas...him and when I say him I mean Antonio Bandera’s whose identity stays covered up until the last scene. It is like they are hunting for him the music that is playing is playing in the background is the wonderful time of the year which makes a considerable amount of impact because they are trying to convince the women to buy their Christmas clothes from M&S. This advert is kind of like remembering the good parts of the past and the signifier for this is that all the people in the advert are old now for instance Twiggy Lawson this is also due to its aimed at women above thirty because they would know the models and the stars that feature in the advert. Although the M&S advert was produced in 2007 it is shot to a 1940’s theme. Introducing the charming Antonio Bandera’s he is waiting for the gorgeous women. Antonio Bandera’s is representing the glamour look that is appealing to women though his good looks.


In  the first advert of the Guinness everything is prepared and the viewers get the idea that something is going to happen and the main guy who starts the dominos looks quite nervous and the crows are waiting patiently but the customers get the idea when they saw people setting up the dominos and viewers want to find out what is going on so they also waiting this links to their slogan as it says best thing comes to those who wait and the people who are watching know that they are going to a new advert. At the end of the Guinness advert, they do not have their logo or slogan it just has their website at the bottom of the screen

Paragraph 3


 The use of the colours are pretty good but I think that they can make it a bit more colourful in the Marks and Spencer commercial is effective because it connotes, where as in the Guinness commercial there are not that many colours used, they mainly have a black background when they show the guy with the dominos.

Paragraph 4


 In the M&S advert they got a nice comfortable chair with a man sitting there, it makes people think that he is the judge who will decide which model wins, they’ve also got some snowy mountains too show and make people feel that Christmas is coming closer. They show a little play with some models wearing red and pink clothes to show that Christmas is coming. They have also got an orchestra there to show that Christmas is coming and it is meant to be kept calm. The effects they are trying to create for the target audience is that if you come and shop for your Christmas clothes at Marks and Spencer you will feel like the people who are in the advert and they are also trying to make the audience feel that they are part of the advert.


 In the Guinness advert they got a nice view of some mountains and den they show people pulling up a car and they look tired. And they have also got people standing out there waiting for something, and it shows nearly everyone in that place. The effect they are trying to create for the target audience is that there trying to say that after a hard day’s work they deserve to enjoy a nice tasteful beer called Guinness.

Paragraph 5


 The Marks and Spencer advertisement is targeted at women who are aged at about 25 to maybe 50 years. You can tell this buy because the women who are in the advert are about 25 or at least they look that age, and the people who are sitting there look quite old and some look quite young. I do not think that the Marks and Spencer advert can be aimed at other target audiences such as children because there are no children in the advert there are only young men and women and some elderly men and women.


The target audience for the Guinness advert are males at the age of 19 and onwards, because that’s when most of them start drinking alcohol. This advert could be aimed at people who are older than nineteen years of age because the way it is set it kind of looks like a movie trailer for elderly people, and for people who have a hard day at work, they show this by getting people setting up cars and stuff like that, and the people in the advert also look like hard workers and who work a lot and who work nearly every day, you can tell this by the expressions on their faces and. You can also tell this by the way they are dressed because most of the people who are in the advert have clothes that are slightly ripped and that shows that they are hard workers and they work most of the time.

Paragraph 6


 In the Marks &Spencer advert it opens with a establishing mid shot in black and white that tells you in a50”s retro lettering that is Jade Jagger this is trying to say that the advert is trying to relate with a 90’s movie. And then later on it uses a deliberately pretty shanky binocular POV shot they use this shot because they want to make it look more stylish and they want it to look more eye catching.


 In the Guinness advert they use an establishing shot at the start of the advert I think they do this because they want the audience to know where it is being set and they want to show the audience that it is being set in a nice hot place, and then after the establishing shot they go to a medium close up of the people to show what they are doing so as we know there setting up a dominos with other objects for example cars, boxes and all other sort of objects that they can find.

Paragraph 7


 In the Marks & Spencer advert I would say that the advert is for both male and female, the reason I would say this, is because at the start of the advert they got women trying on different types of clothes, and then when they get to the scene with the mountains they show a woman looking at a man who was skiing so the director of the advert is trying to get the men to think that it is going to be very cold this Christmas so they would need a nice coat like the man who was skiing had on.


 In the Guinness advert I would say that it is more focusing on males instead of females, the reason I would say this is because when you see that advert you mostly see men not women. And most of the shots that they use you mainly see males not females, or like in one or two shots u might just see a female.

Paragraph 8


 In the Marks & Spencer advert the music they use is well known I think they used this because it gives the audience a felling that Christmas is just moments away and it also gets them excited. The type of atmosphere that is created is happy and joyful for everyone because everyone enjoys Christmas and most people cannot wait for it to arrive. The lighting they used in the advert is not really bad it is kind of bright and you can notice it.


 In the Guinness advert the music they use is nice and calm and it suits the atmosphere where they shot the advert, because the people who are in the advert are hard working and if you think about it, the music goes with the advert. I don’t think that there was really any lighting used in that advert because the guy who was sitting with the dominos that shot was quite dark and there wasn’t really light there so that is why I said that I don’t think they used any lighting.

Paragraph 9


 In the Marks & Spencer advert, they are trying to say that the clothes that they are selling will improve your life, because the way they flash clothes, clothes and clothes, they are trying to say that they are the best at selling clothes, and the way they are trying to say that the M&S clothes will improve your life is by getting the some famous Hollywood stars and the way they are trying to say it is by getting them to wear the clothes.


 In the Guinness advert the way they are trying to say that the Guinness beer will improve your life is by the way they set it up because, the shots they used showing people who were setting up the dominos with other objects such as cars, they are trying to say that these people are hard working and if u are a hard worker and you drink the Guinness beer you will become more relaxed and you can keep your life going nice and easy. So that’s what I think they are trying to say to improve your life.

Paragraph 10


 In the Marks & Spencer advert they show the and logo at the end of the advert in a white and blue font, but also noticed one thing about it that they did not have the slogan at the end of the advert. I also think that the place they put the logo is good because if you put it at the start it will kind of give it away. The text that they used in the advert is good as well because it’s in nice big bold letters and also the colour of the font is good because it is gold and it suit’s the advert. The language that is used is nice and simple to follow because they used basic words that everyone would know, and they never used big complicated words, they kept it nice and easy so everyone will understand what it says.


 In the Guinness advert they also show the logo and the slogan at the end of the advert, I think this is because they don’t the audience to find out at the start what advert this is. They place at the end of the advert in the middle and they put the slogan underneath which says “good things happen to those who wait”. They use a normal text in white, they only use the text to say there slogan and for their website. The language they use is normal and easy to follow so everyone knows what they are trying to say. The effect that they are trying to create is they want people to buy the Guinness beer.



In conclusion I think the time they would advertise the M&S advert would be aroundSix o'clock to eight o’clock because that is when most people are sitting and watching T.V. And they would mostly advertise this advert nearly every day before Christmas. I think that the advert was successful at targeting its audience because they got the audience thinking that there in the advert as well and they made the audience think that they are clever by recognising certain aspects of the advert.


 In conclusion I think that the time they would advertise the Guinness advert would around lunch time and onwards because that is when most people would be watching T.V so they can see what beer it is. I think that the advert was successful at targeting its audience because overall it was a good advert and they must of spent a lot of money on it.  

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