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GCSE Media Comparative Essay Plan 2007/08


Nowadays we are ambushed with adverts, where ever we go there are adverts. Advertising is a form of communication which informs people about new products that is about to be released or needs to be sold, needs to be advertised in order to get customers attracted. Advertising can be done in different ways such as Television, radios, magazines, billboards and the yellow pages is a good example because it has the adverts in it which in my opinion this is not as good companies are starting to advertise on the internet. Advertisement company’s main objective is to promote their product at a specific target market and they do this by putting adverts on the TV at specific times for example a major football tournament would be advertised on television at least one month before the tournament, this is because they want people to see it and they can’t guarantee that every age range will see it whether it be children, or adults how is watching television it could also be advertised on a poster at a popular sports shop for example JD sports and Footlocker. The advertising agencies need to have a affordable prices, good places to be sold and acceptable promotion to sell their product successfully in this case it would be the balls that they are going to use at the tournament. A good advert should be eye catching and has too keep the audience entertained till the end and they can achieve this by using reapportion there are a lot of different persuasive techniques to make a good advert such as.

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In the core advert of the M&S advert is the new Christmas range of clothes. The store is trying to say that they are the only ones who have the best clothes for Christmas and that they are the only ones who have one of the best Hollywood actors in there adverts. They brag about having famous people in the advert because they want people from most places to go to M&S to buy clothes, they save Banderos because they want to show off with him and they want the audience to think that if Banderos is wearing M&S clothes, then they should wear them and they will think they are in the same league as them. He represents the main person in the advert and when the audience see him they will think that M&S is one of the best stores to go and shop for clothes. He’s mainly appealing to men. The way he is appealing to them is the clothes he is wearing because some men might think if they wear the same clothes as Banderos they might get most of the good looking girls like he does. It reminds people of the olden times and The M&S teaser starts of with the black and white pictures and shows five models acting like Hollywood stars with their names shown on the credits which gives the first impression of the advert as if it is a movie trailer but in actual fact it is a M&S advert. When they show Twiggy Lawson the viewers would usually associate her with M&S so that is a big give away. The advert is a bit of a joke because they are introducing the five girls and the music jingle bells appears but the word belles is the French word meaning pretty girls, this shows an old context because movies in the 1940-50’s were names “belles” such as college belles (1942) and cow belles (1929). The word flashing says clothes, clothes and clothes which reminds the viewer that is a trailer and also makes the customers feel clever as they guessed earlier that it’s a M&S. M&S do this to give viewers a fell as if they are clever because they have guessed earlier that it’s a Marks and Spencer advert. The advert ends with Antonio Bandera’s who is well known film star, you can tell that they have spent lots of money on this advert it also shows that the girls got what they wanted by wearing Marks and Spencer’s clothes and the viewers expect to see another advert. The M&S Christmas advert is old and you can tell this because it is in black and white and it is more like a 50’s film trailer. M&S are trying to imply that if you buy the more attractive and sophisticated clothes that they have and offer in there store then you will get the thing you are pursuing. The title says that they are five beautiful girls on this advert and they all want the same thing for Christmas...him and when I say him I mean Antonio Bandera’s whose identity stays covered up until the last scene. It is like they are hunting for him the music that is playing is playing in the background is the wonderful time of the year which makes a considerable amount of impact because they are trying to convince the women to buy their Christmas clothes from M&S. This advert is kind of like remembering the good parts of the past and the signifier for this is that all the people in the advert are old now for instance Twiggy Lawson this is also due to its aimed at women above thirty because they would know the models and the stars that feature in the advert. Although the M&S advert was produced in 2007 it is shot to a 1940’s theme. Introducing the charming Antonio Bandera’s he is waiting for the gorgeous women. Antonio Bandera’s is representing the glamour look that is appealing to women though his good looks.

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In  the first advert of the Guinness everything is prepared and the viewers get the idea that something is going to happen and the main guy who starts the dominos looks quite nervous and the crows are waiting patiently but the customers get the idea when they saw people setting up the dominos and viewers want to find out what is going on so they also waiting this links to their slogan as it says best thing comes to those who wait and the people who are watching know that they are going to a new advert. ...

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