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Market Research

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Market Research Market research is a tool that helps organisations to find out their customers needs. It is important to Thorpe Park because they need to know their customers needs in order to provide for them. The different types of methods Thorpe Park use are postal surveys, website and observation. Primary research involves in collecting and analysing information at first hand using face to face interviews and surveys. Secondary research involves using material that already been published such as reports, newspapers and financial records. By doing primary research the data is more original but secondary research can get more out of date quickly. Thorpe Park mainly uses primary research. ...read more.


Telephone surveys are surveys that are done over the telephone between the customer and Thorpe Park staff. Personal surveys are given out by high street shops or sponsors of Thorpe Park give surveys and also personal surveys Psion are used by Thorpe Park. Observation is done from staff and customer focus groups. Staff feedback is done by focus group which is a monthly forum with 8 seasonal staff on guest questions they are asked best ways of solving them and postcards are used by Thorpe Park to get feedback from all staff members in postcard form. Customer focus groups is talking to quests in-depth on several aspects of their day including strengths and weaknesses, this is done by examining in detail the likes and dislikes of the park by our guest. ...read more.


Thorpe Park uses a better survey however Cadbury World surveys are more adventures as you get to say how the chocolate tasted. Cadbury World use their website, www.cadburyworld.com to let customer give own opinions of Cadbury World after website or what they think of website and that they use tourist information site for market research similar Thorpe Park use their own website as well which is www.thropepark.com, this lets you take online surveys and provide information for theme park. This is also a main primary research for both organizations. Both attractions use website for market research very outstandingly as they use several of market research techniques on their sites. ...read more.

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