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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    The advert I have chosen for my analysis is the Nissan Micra advertisement, entitled Gadgets for Girls. I will be identifying the target audience and analysing the visual and linguistic features.

    4 star(s)

    You can tell that it is aimed at women with a high income as in the picture it shows the car placed in an elegant street with a sophisticated woman approaching her door. Only a woman with a high income could afford to live in such a street. Also, the woman is wearing work clothes, indicating she works and can probably afford luxuries such as the new Nissan Micra. Throughout the advertisement, it indicates that it is aimed at a group of women with a high income as it mentions "over doing it with the shopping" and that the car

    • Word count: 1479
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Women in advertising from The 1920’s to the present day

    4 star(s)

    This meant that women started to appear more after the nineteen sixties as women started to earn their own money and that meant they did not have to explain to their husbands what they spent their money on. As women progressively became more accepted in the work place society started to change in the nineteen eighties and through the nineties, women started to be portrayed as s*x objects in more explicit positions and portrayed in a completely different light. Today it is very common to see women as well as men used in advertising and sometimes it is more common to see women rather than men even if it is selling the product to a man.

    • Word count: 1697
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Car Market Segmentation.

    3 star(s)

    The surroundings around the car are all blurred, which shows speed which appeals to males as that tend to enjoy adrenalin rushed trough cars. However the plain, non - detailed backgrounds appeal to females as it show that the car is a way of escape. The car might be aimed for customers over the age on 25 or in a professional job. This is because the car is large and is much like cars driven by business men. I don't think that this would be for anyone who has just passed their driving test as it is a large car

    • Word count: 1176
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Analysis of TV Advertisement - ‘The Lynx Effect’

    3 star(s)

    As the brand label and 'distinctive masculine fragrance' is a very fashionable thing at the moment and is thought to be very good for your s*x appeal. It applies to young people because the target of the mans aims is a very attractive and young lady that will put it older men out of the target group. Well the fact this is a s******y orientated advert rules out people with other s****l orientations. It is used to stop people smelling of bodily odors.

    • Word count: 654
  5. The purpose of the two adverts I'm analysing are to persuade and to inform young drivers to wear seat belts and not to drink alcohol when driving

    My first impression of the adverts came as a shock to me. I didn't like the picture that was used in the adverts because the man had blood all over his face the two adverts are very eye catching. I found these two adverts from the internet and after I saw these adverts I decided to always wear a seat belt. The two adverts have a lot in common, like they both have a web address, they have the same logo, they are both produced by the government, they have a picture, text, they have the same purpose, and they have a personal pronoun, slogan and same target audience.

    • Word count: 773
  6. The leaflet that I am going to write about is a pizza shop. In this leaflet I am going to describe how the writing is laid out and how it is structured and the way the company has tried to capture the attention of the reader.

    This shows that the writer just wants to catch your eye where it is bold and a bigger font size. The writer has also chosen different types of colours for the background so the leaflet looks more attractive to the reader's eye. Overall the background colour is light green but in the opening hours section he uses red and when he describes the special meals he uses dark green this is because the different colours from the background show you that these parts are special and they are bits which are not to be missed.

    • Word count: 1039
  7. Analysis of Lacoste Touch of Pink magazine advert.

    On the bottom, right hand corner of the advert, the same colour scheme is shown on the bottle. It starts as dark pink at the bottom and gets lighter at the top just like the sky in the background. The models clothes seem fairly childish as they are simple and they have a feeling of the 60s style as well.

    • Word count: 522
  8. Analysis of Dior Midnight Poison magazine advert.

    The advert features a birds eye shot of a young female, with her eyes looking up directly at the camera, at the reader. Her eyes are the focal point of the picture, they are at the central point of the picture, this is to drawn you eyes to hers; they are inviting the reader into the frame, and are immediately drawn to this point first, then your eyes are directed down to the words, 'Midnight Poison' and then 'A new Cinderella is born'.

    • Word count: 497
  9. Magazine front cover analysis - the Official Playstation Magazines front cover has a relatively simple design theme

    The picture has a small caption at the bottom of the page which reads 'L.A NOIRE- PS3's crime classic uncovered', this means that inside the magazine, there is going to be an article about the game. Once the picture is explored in more detail, the reader discovers that there is a policeman (with old fashioned uniform on) and a vintage Mercedes in the background, this suggests that the game is set in the past. The picture will influence audiences who enjoy violent detective and mystery games.

    • Word count: 583
  10. The advertisements I intend looking at in my coursework are to do with food and weight loss. One is about healthy food and the other about junk food.

    A target audience can be people of a particular group, gender or age. Examples of media in which we find advertisements are matrimony, obituary, job opportunities and descriptions, birthdays and anniversaries, sales and special requirements. The advertisements I intend looking at in my coursework are to do with food and weight loss. One is about healthy food and the other about junk food. I have chosen to compare these two advertisements because today everybody is health conscious, gyms are minting money and diet foods are the most popular items in supermarkets.

    • Word count: 1439
  11. Advertising essay - describing some famous TV ads.

    At the end of the advert the whole station is jam packed with people. The target audience is aimed at anyone who uses a mobile. The mobile slogan is Life's for sharing. An Old eighties advert appears on screen, whilst happy music plays and people drink Coca-Cola. Images of both sexes young and old dancing and sitting around drinking Coca-cola, although everyone is drinking Coca-cola everyone seems to be laughing and having a real good. This is in all of the situations of the advert: Cafes, stations, at work and even in the bathroom.

    • Word count: 544
  12. Analysis of watch, DVDs, guitars and anti smoking adverts

    When the battery is dead the garbage workers would put them in landfill. The battery is made of acid so it would destroy the landfill and causes radiation. By not using batteries this does not happen. By looking at the picture of the watch it looks complicated with many functions. Since, it runs on light you don't need to buy batteries. But, what will happen when the sun goes down. The watch won't work. So, the watch is stoppable, unless you put the watch under a lamp or another source that gives light in the night.

    • Word count: 4288
  13. Free essay

    This advert inspired me, to develop a beauty product, because it is such a big market here in the U.K. I took a close look at what Cheryls make-up was, and it was neutral and fresh, this was, apart from her eye shadow. As a result of this, I decid

    I decided to take a different route, and develop a product that women can use for the day and then for the night. I matched my product, Day n Night, to my target audience, because I think that women would want to own a product that they can use in the morning, when they go to work, and then they can use it straight after work, as a top up, using different colours, to go out for a drink with her friends.

    • Word count: 804
  14. Comparing two magazine adverts for hair colour products.

    This advert had also been found in a fashion magazine. Both of the advertisements aims are to persuade ladies to buy their hair dying products. 'Clairol' message is that this is a particular hair dye that it could be applied easily blindfolded. This is obvious because in the image the model is applying the hair product with a blind fold around her eyes. This will force the audience to think about what the advert is trying to make them think about it and it is actually possible to do that.

    • Word count: 1559
  15. Advertisement Evaluation - Domino's Pizza leaflet. How would I design it?

    Gold could possibly be used to show their pizzas as luxurious. Inside the leaflet, the blue font is relatively larger than the others, making it stand out as a heading. Slightly smaller red font is used to inform customers of the pizzas/meals available. The smallest font is used to describe what exactly is in the food. Colours used Describe how different colours are used. Is there a primary colour palette? Are different colours used for highlight or emphasis? (secondary colour palette)

    • Word count: 642
  16. Analysis of the NSPCC poster campaign against child abuse.

    The Full Stop Campaign was successful due to the variety of posters put up in different places, to raise awareness of cruelty to children. One of the successful posters was a picture of a girl's mask hanged to a coat hanger. This portrays the face kids hide behind a facade due to being s******y abused. The poster has helped create an immense amount of awareness for children and adults; the things shown on the poster have a meaning behind them, as it isn't just a poster.

    • Word count: 543
  17. Through the close examination of two or three advertisements explore the range of persuasive techniques employed to target a wide-ranging market.

    An advertisement uses many different features and techniques in order to attract the reader's attention. In the still commercial advert, Mr. Motivator 'Air Pacer' advert, the advertisers use a celebrity to allure the readers and to establish that a celebrity recommends this product and that he puts his name on it. This type of advertising focuses on using the power, fame, popularity of the celebrity to gain acknowledgment of their product and to promote their product. This is a very intelligent way for advertising a product to the general public because when people think of celebrities they think of beauty.

    • Word count: 1306
  18. 1962 advert for Marlboro cigarettes. How does the advertisement use language and visual techniques to make it effective?

    A football player is used to make men see that smoking a filtered cigarette is not feminine at all. The first paragraph of the advertisement uses an opened question to make the reader think why does he not "...settle back an have a full-flavoured smoke?" This makes the reader want to buy a pack of cigarettes and enjoy them as Paul Hornung is doing so in the image below. Paul, the "...Player of the Year..."in the NFL is portrayed as a manly figure and makes readers certain that also men can smoke filtered cigarettes.

    • Word count: 989
  19. Lea Michele music video analysis - Total Eclipse of the Heart

    a chance to see her character looking more vulnerable than before, which would help them to be able to relate to her more. As her character can be quite annoying, audiences tend to be unsympathetic with her, but seeing her genuinely upset gives her a more human aspect. This also could be a ploy by the record label, Sony. If an audience dislikes a character, sometimes by association they dislike the actor that plays them too. Sony would want to steer away from that view and make Michele's character a more lovable, relatable character, so she would have more fans and therefore would make more money.

    • Word count: 786
  20. The Nissan Micra advert published in the Guardians Weekend on 31st May 2003 is an advert that has many features to make it appeal more to the audience.

    The key is designed to remove the need for physical handling of a key: It senses when you enter and leave the vehicle's vicinity. Penultimately, the image shows the woman walking nearer to her door, bag in hand. This might prompt people to think she is too busy to have a spare hand for her key. Finally, she puts her door key into the lock and enters the security of her home. In the featured image, the car is pictured, with the woman a bit further left.

    • Word count: 959
  21. The Effects of Advertising On the Consumer

    However, we might ignore an ad if it was not filled with flashy slogans and excitement. The way ads are composed promote the consumer to buy unnecessary goods. We often will run out to buy a new product because an ad tell us the product is better then the last edition or because a well know "role model" has or uses the product. For example, because Grant Hill drinks "Sprite" if we drink it to we will be able to be like him. However these are just ploys to get us to buy the product. Advertisers are going to all extremes to promote there products. The fight to produce the most effective ad is all around us.

    • Word count: 572
  22. Case Study Star Alliance

    People had less money, therefore flew less and seats in the airplanes were empty. The industry recovered very quickly, though, after this and even went to the highest sale in mid 1992. After that traffic went down again and was always on a downhill ride especially after 9/11. "Two things matter to airlines - the amount of empty seats on their planes, and the cost of getting those planes into the air. Reducing these two factors leads to profits, and in recent years, the industry has been struggling," enunciated Lord Marshall, Chairman of British Airways in 2002.

    • Word count: 1512
  23. This is the poster of the teen horror, THE RING, which clearly gives us some idea about the movie because of the 2 quotes which are being presented in the poster.

    The font gives us a scary and a confused on our faces as it is something very confusing as we don't have any idea about why is the girl screaming and scared. They have done this for people and to start bringing them in the horror from its first look. In the central image of the poster they have got a huge title which says THE RING and in that they have got

    • Word count: 465

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