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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    The advert I have chosen for my analysis is the Nissan Micra advertisement, entitled Gadgets for Girls. I will be identifying the target audience and analysing the visual and linguistic features.

    4 star(s)

    You can tell that it is aimed at women with a high income as in the picture it shows the car placed in an elegant street with a sophisticated woman approaching her door. Only a woman with a high income could afford to live in such a street. Also, the woman is wearing work clothes, indicating she works and can probably afford luxuries such as the new Nissan Micra. Throughout the advertisement, it indicates that it is aimed at a group of women with a high income as it mentions "over doing it with the shopping" and that the car

    • Word count: 1479
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Women in advertising from The 1920’s to the present day

    4 star(s)

    This meant that women started to appear more after the nineteen sixties as women started to earn their own money and that meant they did not have to explain to their husbands what they spent their money on. As women progressively became more accepted in the work place society started to change in the nineteen eighties and through the nineties, women started to be portrayed as s*x objects in more explicit positions and portrayed in a completely different light. Today it is very common to see women as well as men used in advertising and sometimes it is more common to see women rather than men even if it is selling the product to a man.

    • Word count: 1697
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Car Market Segmentation.

    3 star(s)

    The surroundings around the car are all blurred, which shows speed which appeals to males as that tend to enjoy adrenalin rushed trough cars. However the plain, non - detailed backgrounds appeal to females as it show that the car is a way of escape. The car might be aimed for customers over the age on 25 or in a professional job. This is because the car is large and is much like cars driven by business men. I don't think that this would be for anyone who has just passed their driving test as it is a large car

    • Word count: 1176
  4. The leaflet that I am going to write about is a pizza shop. In this leaflet I am going to describe how the writing is laid out and how it is structured and the way the company has tried to capture the attention of the reader.

    This shows that the writer just wants to catch your eye where it is bold and a bigger font size. The writer has also chosen different types of colours for the background so the leaflet looks more attractive to the reader's eye. Overall the background colour is light green but in the opening hours section he uses red and when he describes the special meals he uses dark green this is because the different colours from the background show you that these parts are special and they are bits which are not to be missed.

    • Word count: 1039
  5. The advertisements I intend looking at in my coursework are to do with food and weight loss. One is about healthy food and the other about junk food.

    A target audience can be people of a particular group, gender or age. Examples of media in which we find advertisements are matrimony, obituary, job opportunities and descriptions, birthdays and anniversaries, sales and special requirements. The advertisements I intend looking at in my coursework are to do with food and weight loss. One is about healthy food and the other about junk food. I have chosen to compare these two advertisements because today everybody is health conscious, gyms are minting money and diet foods are the most popular items in supermarkets.

    • Word count: 1439
  6. Comparing two magazine adverts for hair colour products.

    This advert had also been found in a fashion magazine. Both of the advertisements aims are to persuade ladies to buy their hair dying products. 'Clairol' message is that this is a particular hair dye that it could be applied easily blindfolded. This is obvious because in the image the model is applying the hair product with a blind fold around her eyes. This will force the audience to think about what the advert is trying to make them think about it and it is actually possible to do that.

    • Word count: 1559
  7. Through the close examination of two or three advertisements explore the range of persuasive techniques employed to target a wide-ranging market.

    An advertisement uses many different features and techniques in order to attract the reader's attention. In the still commercial advert, Mr. Motivator 'Air Pacer' advert, the advertisers use a celebrity to allure the readers and to establish that a celebrity recommends this product and that he puts his name on it. This type of advertising focuses on using the power, fame, popularity of the celebrity to gain acknowledgment of their product and to promote their product. This is a very intelligent way for advertising a product to the general public because when people think of celebrities they think of beauty.

    • Word count: 1306
  8. Case Study Star Alliance

    People had less money, therefore flew less and seats in the airplanes were empty. The industry recovered very quickly, though, after this and even went to the highest sale in mid 1992. After that traffic went down again and was always on a downhill ride especially after 9/11. "Two things matter to airlines - the amount of empty seats on their planes, and the cost of getting those planes into the air. Reducing these two factors leads to profits, and in recent years, the industry has been struggling," enunciated Lord Marshall, Chairman of British Airways in 2002.

    • Word count: 1512
  9. Media assignment2 The Analytical Task

    The type of this music video 'Why do I love you that much' is narrative, which is telling a story during the music video. The video is talking about a love story. A young man has loved a girl since student age, the girl was also loving this young man but she didn't tell the man and is waiting for the man to tell he love her. By the end, the girl got married with the man she doesn't love, the man leaves quietly.

    • Word count: 1061
  10. The Practical Production

    It is a member of the OneWorld Network, which seeks to "promote sustainable development, social justice, and human rights." They are an independent organisation, registered as a charity, affiliated to Oxfam International, with partners, volunteers, supporters and staff of many nationalities - part of a global movement to build a just and safer world. Oxfam today works on these issues: International trade Education Debt and aid Livelihoods Health HIV/AIDS Gender equality Conflict and natural disasters Democracy and human rights Climate change Oxfam work on three inter-linking fronts: Saving lives by responding swiftly to provide aid, support and protection during emergencies Developing programmes and solutions that empower people to work their way out of poverty Campaigning to achieve lasting change

    • Word count: 1064
  11. The product shown in advert one is a hair product, Pantene Pro-V Layers Collection. The advert I have chosen is out of a magazine called Hello. In contrast the next advert is Oxfam Educate a Child an advert from a magazine called New.

    The audience for this advert would tend to be aimed at females. All you women out there, 'Prepare to love your layers' In contrast the next advert is 'Oxfam Educate a Child' an advert from a magazine called 'New'. The advert is getting across that Oxfam want you to educate a child during your morning catch-up. Every child has a right to education. This advertisement is trying in influence as many people as they can to try and help a child get the right to an education.

    • Word count: 1329
  12. The Diet Coke advert is plain but effect and lets the product sell itself. Whereas, the Nivea advert uses lots of effects to help the draw the audience in and sell the product.

    Firstly, both of the adverts have some form of text on them. The Diet Coke advert says "I'm no superwomen" which suggests that anyone can drink this product and also shows a link between you and the girl as she is directing it towards you and so this invites you to buy the product. Also it says "hello you" this creates a connection between the advert and the reader as its direct speech. The text "you" is emphasised even more as it's red. The audience is drawn in to this but it also cleverly links to the colour of the text "coke" on the can.

    • Word count: 1332
  13. Free essay

    How does the BBC advert for the 2010 Winter Olympics Games evoke all the ideals of the Olympic movement whilst still appealing to a wide viewing audience?

    The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver, it is a coastal city located in Canada. The logo for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics has to be something which will represent Vancouver as well as show its audience the harmony that exists with the athletes, the logo is that of a stone figure, it was traditionally constructed by the Inuit tribe of Vancouver, the stone figure was to help them find their way around the city, they were basically used as signs to help direct the Inuit's.

    • Word count: 1223
  14. Analyse, review and comment on the magazine advertisement for Mauritius and explain how the presentation and language have been used effectively.

    An example of an effective advertisement is one for the holiday island of Mauritius which is taken from a national newspaper. The advertisement is composed of a large image of the sea and island which occupies almost two thirds of the space, beneath is the title filled with the image of the sea and lower down still is a concise yet informative and persuasive block of text. The most obvious presentational device used on the Mauritius advertisement is the image of the craggy outcrop, clear sea and silent beach which predominates over the rest of the advertisement.

    • Word count: 1116
  15. Act on Co2

    Also this portrays the car in a negative way and would encourage more people to use it less. In the 'twinkle twinkle' advert pink is the background colour. The colour pink connotes innocence and child-like features. This is to compliment the nursery rhyme and again emphasise the fact that what we do will come back and effect our children. Whereas in the car advert a lot of blue and grey is used. This gives connotations of dullness, ice, pollution. This makes the audience think that if they carry on emitting CO2 then our world will become dull and colourless.

    • Word count: 1300
  16. Magazine advertising comparison. Both adverts are trying to encourage and persuade women to buy their tanning products. The detailed images used in the adverts caught my attention because theyre bright and eye catching,

    The magazine is aimed at women around the UK and the advert is trying to promote the product and persuade these women to buy their self-tanning product. The language used is simple and straight forward. Advantageous promises such as "Legendary Lancaster tan without the sun" also helps attract women because it implies that they can have a wonderful tanned skin without the harmful effects of the sun. The second advert was also published in "OK" magazine, it also bares the same objective as the first magazine and the only difference is the nature of service they offer.

    • Word count: 1625
  17. In the following essay, I intend to explore the way the film, Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs is promoted using posters and trailers.

    The poster for the film, Ice age 3, shows a picture of the characters Sid who is a male sloth, Diego who is a male saber-tooth tiger and a new character called Scratte who is a female saber-toothed squirrel. Sid, Diego and Scratte are on the right hand side of the poster appearing out of the forest. Sid and Diego facial expressions seem to show that they are scared of something. Scratte facial expression shows she is being flirty. On the left hand side of the poster is Manny who is a male mammoth and Ellie who is a female mammoth.

    • Word count: 1223
  18. Free essay

    Compare the advertising campaigns for Benetton and Barnardos. How do both aim to attract their audiences? Which would you say is more successful in persuading the audience?

    children instead of adults in these situations makes us even more emotional even though they are the fake pictures, while they can be considered more shocking than images used by Benetton. Text used with each image is also emotionally moving and makes the audience want to help. The image of "Martin Ward age 29" shows a young boy standing atop a handrail on a large building looking down against a background of dull, grey and large buildings. The background is almost colourless except the very top right corner, with the Bernardos advert on top of the only sky in the image, which is a grey-blue.

    • Word count: 1926
  19. McDonalds Media Coursework

    Young children especially trust adults and would therefore trust every word this grown up clown is saying, therefore also making McDonalds a safe place to be. To further enhance the words of love, happy, fun and safe, special occasion parties were also advertised with Ronald McDonald himself leading the way with the party games. The 'happy meal itself is in a brightly coloured box with lots of primary colours, studies show that pre-school children find these colours more appealing and stimulating, you only have to look at pre school toys from well known brands such as Fisher Price and Tomy to prove this.

    • Word count: 1832
  20. Analysis of GTA San Andreas advertisment

    The car itself looks mid-to-late nineties, probably in the USA because these are the sort of cars they drove in certain cities. There are four lights at the front, which are all round, and between the lights there is a large radiator grill which makes the car look bigger. The car is probably a convertible with a large boot at the back. The man has one foot on the bumper, one on the floor and he has one hand on the hood of the car as if he is about to get up and start walking towards a fight, in this case towards the camera.

    • Word count: 1316
  21. How Does Amnesty International Persuade the Reader to take on an Active Interest in its Organisation & the People it Helps? Consider the Structure, Organisation, Layout of the Material, the Context of the Article, and the Use of Language & Linguistic Devi

    The four blocks are easily seen by their separate headings, aiding the ease and speed of access. The text is easier to read and access if it is in blocks of text. The picture of Sallay Goba takes up more than half of one page and cannot be missed. This picture is used to activate the reader's interest in the article. The picture uses the shock factor to make the reader more emotional. The article shows a graphic picture of Sallay's hands cut off, which makes the reader so shocked and horrified that they want to read on to discover what the story is about.

    • Word count: 1865
  22. Practical Evaluation of Sitcom Intro Sequence

    This would end up being a rolling journey to a final meeting point of all the central characters, as we meet each one individually along the way. Following this came the assignment of casting actors, and deciding the number of actors necessary for our piece. Extras were kept minimal due to the limited time we had in filming. We then saw it fit to keep things simple by using four members of our group to solely star in the piece, as members of the band.

    • Word count: 1223
  23. AQA Marketing Essay

    You need to think whether a price will be suitable enough for your potential customer. E.g. you can't make the product very expensive if the target audience is unemployed people, because that is unrealistic as it is very unlikely that they can afford it. * Place - Which retailers? How distributed? How easily accessed by the target audience? You need to think about how the audience can get to the product to buy it. If the location is too difficult to find or is not easily accessible, then it's going to be hard for someone to buy it.

    • Word count: 1485
  24. Advert analysis

    In the Subaru advert, the slogan completely fills the top half of the page. This demands the attention of the reader and makes the advert very memorable. The product in this advert is directly below the slogan and is relatively small in comparison to the text, filling around a quarter of the page. Under the picture of the car there is a lot of text giving you a detailed overview of the cars features. The caption beneath this is very small and fills the width of the page. Below this there is a black banner stretching horizontally across the page.

    • Word count: 1675
  25. Free essay

    English-Media contrasts between two adverts

    However, my first impressions of the "Yves Saint Laurent- Elle" advert were totally the opposite, because I'm attracted straight away to the bright colours and the boldness of the bright background makes the avert stand out a lot more. The copies of both the advertisements are very similar. In both, the only text on the advert is stating what it is (a fragrance), who it's by (Jean Paul Gautier/Yves Saint Laurent), and the name of the product (Le Male/Elle). This is very effective because people will be drawn in because there isn't a lot of writing, therefore they will concentrate more on the picture, which is the main thing that will make them buy the product.

    • Word count: 1604

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