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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Analysis of watch, DVDs, guitars and anti smoking adverts

    When the battery is dead the garbage workers would put them in landfill. The battery is made of acid so it would destroy the landfill and causes radiation. By not using batteries this does not happen. By looking at the picture of the watch it looks complicated with many functions. Since, it runs on light you don't need to buy batteries. But, what will happen when the sun goes down. The watch won't work. So, the watch is stoppable, unless you put the watch under a lamp or another source that gives light in the night.

    • Word count: 4288
  2. Compare and contrast two charity advertisements. How does each advertisement aim to persuade the public to support the charity?

    Charity leaflets have been a common way of how charities reach for consumers' money. The use of influential languages and effective structure in charity advertisements or leaflets such as the RSPCA and Plan International UK are to make someone feel responsible and guilty for the difficult situations people, animals or things are experiencing. The RSPCA is known to be the oldest and well-known animal welfare organisation that have been responding and campaigning for animals in need since 1824. Their goal is to prevent animal cruelty, save the animals that have received any form of violence and bring them up in a safer and happier environment.

    • Word count: 4476
  3. How successful is advertising? A comparison of two adverts discussing the techniques they use to persuade the consumer to buy products.

    In the advertisement, she is smiling and looks radiant with windswept hair. This emphasises her fun-loving and frivolous attitude. This is a clever technique because by highlighting these elements of her personality, it transfers to the product. She is looking directly at the camera. This creates an element of openness and is inviting. It makes her, and by association the product, more accessible to the audience. She is posed as if she were just about to get out of her limousine unto a red carpet.

    • Word count: 5423
  4. A Study of Advertising.

    Advertisers need to use various methods and techniques to make their advert successful and memorable. Layout, graphic devices and typography make the advert attractive. The way the advert is set out, the pictures and photographs used and the style and size of the font can be the difference between the advert catching some ones eye and being a success, or an advert looking dull and boring and being unsuccessful. The creators of an advert really have to think about the demographic profile the advert is aiming at. The tone of the advert can help to make sure the advert is suitable for the right audience, e.g.

    • Word count: 3141
  5. Our product is a toilet seat that lifts up with the step of a pedal. The purpose of our report is to test whether or not our product will be of success and or test what things are necessary to launch our business, J.J.L. Industries

    Being viewed at as a student doing research rather than a business partner, company managers/employees don't seem to have or want to take the time to help you. If we were to do this again we would most likely hide the fact that we are students taking introducing an idea and taking a survey and pretend more like we are actually in the business of selling these 'Toilet Steppers'. Usability Testing We conducted our usability test by 'sitting in' restrooms for short periods of time observing the bathroom habits of individuals.

    • Word count: 4198
  6. Advertising is used to attract their target audience to advertise their products, and if successful, to purchase their product. Advertisers

    The UK Advertising industry is controlled by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA Council decides whether or not an advertisement breaks the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing - The CAP Code. This is written by the advertising industry through the Committee of Advertising Practice. The Two adverts in which I have chosen to analyse are:- � Lux Shower gel for women � L'Or�al straightening cream for women I chose Lux shower gel advert from my recent cosmopolitan magazine. Already it is clear who the target audience is for this advert. Cosmopolitan is an expensive, designer magazine.

    • Word count: 4304
  7. Section 1: Promoting two products to two different market segments

    Once milk is added with Expandable Taste, it inflates and becomes a nutritious breakfast. This will be promoted through selected business market segments in Malta. These are: Supermarkets o Industry: Supermarkets o Purchasing Function Organisation: Highly decentralised purchasing o Power Structure: Financially Dominated and Marketing Dominated o General Purchase Policies: Supermarkets that prefer service contracts and system purchases o Purchasing Criteria: Supermarkets seeking quality and price o Specific Application: The feature being small and as milk is added it inflates o Size of Order: Large Orders o Attitudes Towards Risk: Risk Taking o Loyalty: High loyalty to their supplier Adventure Shops o Industry: Adventure Shops o Purchasing Function Organisation: Highly centralised purchasing o Power

    • Word count: 5569
  8. This project requires me to produce a imaginary business

    Task What this means that I will have to do Date start Date finish What market am I aiming at? This will involve doing market research so that I know what people want, then I will see what market I am after, e.g. budget or high price retailer. 3/10/99 5/10/99 Where am I going to place my business? This will involve me carrying out research in local area to see if they meet the criteria that create, from research from books, surveys, and my market.

    • Word count: 11713
  9. How successful is advertising? A comparison of two adverts discussing the techniques they use to persuade the consumer to buy products.

    Because image dominates the magazine so much, it seems the ideal medium for advertising lip products. The first advert I have chosen to analyse is advertising a new lipstick. My second advert is promoting is a lip gloss. I am going to scrutinize each advertisement separately, examining how the techniques they have used persuade the consumer to purchase the product, and then I will compare the two adverts and finally conclude how successful I think advertising is. My first advert is one from Rimmel London, a cosmetics company. The main image in the advert is a photo of a model, Kate Moss, balancing a TV on her shoulder with a close up shot of her lips shown on the screen.

    • Word count: 4609
  10. An analysis of two adverts

    This layout, although very different to that of Clinique is also very effective. It immediately attracts the viewer to the main photograph of a beautiful lady, the reader then wants to see what makes her this stunning, making them look around for indications in the advert. The two adverts have very different layouts. The Clinique page is very simple with one main group of images altogether in one place, whereas in Garnier advert places images over the entire page spreading them keeping your eye moving all the time.

    • Word count: 3371
  11. Compare and contrast a selection of display advertisements for cars or perfume, examining the ways in which the advertisers appeal to different target audiences

    This means that the Ford Fiesta is the one that turns a normal young man into a real stylish man. The advert is saying that you can become a real stylish man if you buy this car and when you do you can go to parties, clubs and have more fun. This is why a young bored man is sitting indoors; Ford Fiesta wants to transform these young bored men into real out-going men. The Renault Clio and the Ford Fiesta advertise cars for those who want to have fun and need to get out more, but some companies advertise their cars for the average family man.

    • Word count: 3087
  12. Advertising & promotion

    Public relations Public relations is the department that try's to promote the product and show the good side of the company to the public. I can use this form of promotion to bring my name and products to the attention of the public and potential consumers. It's an advantage of creating a good image of my business and this may be done by issuing new stories of events surrounding itself to the press, or by associating my business with an event, such as sporting or celebrity event (rarely used).

    • Word count: 3778
  13. Analysing Coca-Cola advertising.

    The first advert we analysed featured a young woman sitting on a window-sill drinking a bottle of Coke. The room she is sitting in is filled with a golden glow from a lamp on what looks to be a bed-side table. I think that the golden glow is used because gold is very desirable and makes people think of luxury, this is called connotation. In this poster you see the scene from outside the window. You are like a voyeur looking in on the woman.

    • Word count: 3254
  14. Choose a local vacant business site and make recommendations on how it may be developed for business purposes.

    The business needs good communication systems, telephone systems, fax, e-mail etc. 3) Production is important to a business so a firm needs to know whether there are ancillary firms in the area to help deal with waste disposal, repair machinery and to transport the finished good(s). The cost of the site is another factor. The firm will need to find out how long the site will be needed for, should it be rented or purchased? Will the site need to be drained and levelled?

    • Word count: 4601
  15. Prepare a feasibility study for a business with a view to acquire a vacant property and develop it for a new business.

    I have also taken into account the fact that a number of hotels offer in-house internet facilities. However, my research shows that if the service is provided at a competitive rate, the business would attract customers to make it a successful venture. I have decided to have an Internet caf� (Net Palace(tm)) situated in the vacant area. I will explain the reasons why during the course of the project. The vacant business site is situated in a location where most of the shops provide the local population with everyday requirements. The shops on the same road as my local business site are Pizza Hut, a bakery, A coffee shop.

    • Word count: 4747
  16. My business strategy - computer shop.

    These types of business normally survive longer, as they are able to adapt to what the customer wants. My business strategy I will have a product oriented market as I will be selling new technology that is constantly changing. This is because people do not normally realise they need a new Pc or concoles until the product is made. This method has a lot of risk involved as there is no guarantee that a person will want my product. What is marketing Marketing is not advertising, it is actually finding out who wants to buy your product. Marketing is finding out what a customer wants, and then giving them that.

    • Word count: 8869
  17. Advertising is one of the most money-making industries in the United States.

    As an example in the Sketcher's ad, the product being advertised is the newest line of shoes. Rather than just modeling the shoe, dolled up women reveal a lot more than just their feet. They are dressed in mini-skirts baring their long legs. Without speaking, this persuades the viewers maybe they could look that good if they purchased the product. Seduction is another sneaky and persuasive way to sell products. The women posing in the ad have a seductive yet innocent look.

    • Word count: 4664
  18. How are cars advertised?

    Since this has started to happen, many companies have started loosing a lot of money. To resolve this, many of the companies have decided to use lots more advertising. This advertising is on commercials. Many of the companies have also signed contracts with sporting, musical and other major role models that get the person to wear that make of clothing or to promote their goods, services or products. Companies use this all the time as it is proven to work on the 'must have' society.

    • Word count: 4209
  19. How do advertisements appeal to a target audience?

    America, Japan) * Urban or rural environments * Inner city or suburban When you publicise something, you communalise it to the public. When communicating your promotional product to the public, you need to keep to things in perspective. These are informing and persuading. Advertising can often be set in these two groups, and it's hard to promote your product unless you have taken it through these two points. When your selling you product you have to inform the people your selling it to, so they know what they are buying.

    • Word count: 3858
  20. Choose two adverts from the Levi's campaign and analyse the techniques used to sell the jeans.

    An English advertising company called 'Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty' was employed to create an advertising campaign. There aim was to revitalise sales and give Levi's a new image to bring back the younger generation. The purpose of the campaign was to bring back the trendy rebellious image by targeting 15-19 year old males; show the uniqueness and ordinality of the jeans. The television adverts launched on Boxing Day 1985 were designed to manipulate the viewer into believing these jeans would give them everything they wanted in life: style, s*x appeal, success, popularity, freedom and individuality. The adverts were a remarkable triumph and sales increased by 2000%. Once again Levi's dominated the jeans and casual pants market.

    • Word count: 4613
  21. Write a detailed and comparative review comparing the two adverts for a student studying how advertising works. We have been given a copy of an advert, which is trying to sell Kellogg's Special 'k'.

    The image is in colour and the woman is good looking and has perfect bodily features for example her teeth are straight and brilliant white and she is slim and is dressed as an average person would look in the morning. The editor of this advert has set the image like this for quite a few reasons The image is in colour which adds a bright and happy feeling to the advert The woman is good looking and slim this would make the reader envy the woman but also feel happy for her, and will push the reader to find the source of the woman's perfect features.

    • Word count: 3558
  22. Advertising Analysis.

    This same from of advertising is used by food companies. If I get up from my typing and head to my fridge (incidentally, it has a BOSCH logo in the top-left corner), and get out, for example, a pot of Onken yoghurt, the Onken logo appears on both sides of the product's tub and on the top of it's lid. I'm exposed to the Onken logo three times in as many seconds. In fact, this form of advertising is probably present on almost any product you care to mention, not to mention it's packaging; even the bag I carry the product in is in fact a form of advertising.

    • Word count: 3436
  23. This coursework aims to decode the representational code in and advert which is trying to sell laptop computers.

    The Sony VAIO PCG-NV109M advert is advertising the Sony VAIO notebook PC. The advert is also in two sections, the main image and slogan/logo section and the copy with the logo and Pentium 4 logo. The main section consists of the product image, the NV-109M, a few discs and the "robotic dog" from the Sony VAIO TV adverts. Along the bottom of this section there are two illustrations, one of the NV109M, and one of a minidisc. After these there is the Sony slogan, "Go Create", and the Sony logo. The other sections, the copy section, contains the VAIO logo, and then above the body copy a signature line with the full product name.

    • Word count: 4960
  24. For my English project we have been asked to investigate a particular use of language. I have chosen to look at the way the way cars are advertised.

    I am also using an advert from men's magazine FHM advertising a sports car, and an advert from women's magazine Glamour which advertises a hatchback. Methodology I selected my data by looking through both men and women's magazines to find interesting and suitable adverts to analyse. I wanted to have two adverts for the same car, but one from a men's magazine and one from a women's magazine. I thought this would be an interesting starting point for my analysis, and it would be much easier to compare the way the cars were advertised differently if the adverts were selling the same product.

    • Word count: 3797
  25. Compare the two in terms of how they attempt to sell their respective products and examine each in terms of how successful you think they are likely to be in selling their product.

    But, this not being a typical holiday, the builders turn out to be 'page three' girls, absolutely gorgeous and not wearing any underwear. There is a shot of a 'builder's b*m' and then the owner is revealed, to their delight, to be a gorgeous girl. Then, to end, we see a beach scene with three sun beds, a builders hat and a beach ball rolling across the still sequence and the words ' Carlsberg, probably the best lager in the world' across the bottom.

    • Word count: 3108

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