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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Analysing Coca-Cola advertising.

    The first advert we analysed featured a young woman sitting on a window-sill drinking a bottle of Coke. The room she is sitting in is filled with a golden glow from a lamp on what looks to be a bed-side table. I think that the golden glow is used because gold is very desirable and makes people think of luxury, this is called connotation. In this poster you see the scene from outside the window. You are like a voyeur looking in on the woman.

    • Word count: 3254
  2. An Analysis of the 2003 John Smiths Televised Advertising Campaign.

    You drink a drink because you enjoy the taste. Seeing this John Smith embarked on a different approach by saying that John Smith's will not change your lifestyle therefore is a 'No Nonsense' drink. They have used this before in previous campaigns. With the help of Peter Kay I believe they have set up a winning formula, with Peter winning awards in his own field and also producing the results for John Smith. The initial advert John Smiths released is called 'Ave it'. This advert takes place in a football teams pre-game warm up.

    • Word count: 846
  3. Compare two adverts from two different charities; the first is from the Christians Children's Fund (CCF) and the second advert is from the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

    Then we give money to charities to relieve this guilt, this leaves us with a sense of self-satisfaction. Another reason, we give money to charities is the fact that many people may have experienced the same issues to those in need. They may feel the need to give to these charities because they once had suffered in a similar way. Religion is also another main reason as to why people give to charity. For example, in the Muslim religion, the fifth pillar of Islam, Zakat, states that each year Muslims should give a share of their earning away to those less fortunate.

    • Word count: 1169
  4. Image Analysis Using A Comparison of Print Adverts From 1940's - 1960's and Contemporary ones.

    The second basic need is safety, the need to be secure and free from danger. For example a fire alarm advert is showing that you if you don't have a fire alarm then you will not be safe. Also showing that you have not fulfilled the basic needs. In the higher needs social is the first, the need to have friends and be accepted by others. For example the WKD advert where it shows that people are drinking and socialising together. The second higher need is self-esteem, the need to have competence, self-confidence and respect from others.

    • Word count: 1763
  5. I am going to focus my coursework on the advertisements found in men's magazines, which are predominantly aimed at men, through selling products concerned with masculinity and male inhibitions.

    However, readers of the SORTED magazine are likely to be dependent on their parents and so products with high and extortionate prices are not likely to be found. Youngsters are not as conscious of the way they present themselves and act as they usually hang around in groups and not meeting new people all the time. I have chosen to focus my coursework on adverts selling lifestyle products as today's society is increasingly aware of they way they look, act and present themselves to each other, which has been picked up by the magazine editors who have increased the number and exposure of lifestyle products in the magazines' advertisements.

    • Word count: 1657
  6. Evaluate the marketing strategy for 'Budweiser' lager.

    I will also have a survey of the prices in my local area, and if applicable, why is there such a difference. I will also look at comparisons between other leading brands and seeing if there are any similarities between the marketing mix of those products and those of Budweiser. PRODUCT The name of Budweiser does not have a marketing reason, and was named that after the town that it was originally brewed in, that being the German Name for the Bohemian town of Budweis.

    • Word count: 2026
  7. Analysis of advertisement.

    This is trying to tell us that it is now luxurious aloe vera. This is a new brand of Andrex for the company. Events in advert At first the puppy goes into a room, to notice that there is a plant there (aloe vera plant). He doesn't really know what it is so he classes it as a new member of the family. Then in the advert it reveals what the aloe vera looks like. Then it shows us a toilet roll with the new cottoned like sheets on it. Then the puppy grabs one side of the toilet roll then knocks it with his head and he says ' I'll have to keep an eye on you' to tell us that he knows what is happening.

    • Word count: 619
  8. Analysing the advert 'Bomber'.

    This man is positioned away from the camera in a laid back posture. He has a very broad smile this indicates that this product is positive and suggests it brings happiness. He seems to be focused on something away from the camera this contributes to his "relaxed" image. The lighting is only focused on this man and contrasts with the rest of the advert. This makes him stand out and seem yet more visible.

    • Word count: 530
  9. Analysing an advert by Coca Cola.

    It shows a lifestyle of a good-looking teenager who is being held back by this dismal job, it shows that this lifestyle attracts the girls and has an element of "coolness". The advert uses many elements of representation. The old granddad sipping tea and shaking his head represents boredom and the fact that he is drinking tea shows him being anti-social and not cool enough to drink "coca cola". The knitted diamond-patterned, grey jumper emphasises the fact that he is grumpy and that he is does not agree with summer fun and opposes to youth.

    • Word count: 602
  10. Examine the advert 'Miracle' and analyse the techniques and ideas used to sell this product!

    The bottle is there to tell the audience what the advert is promoting; also what they are buying (the product). Its purpose is to encourage a person to buy it, that's why it is being advertised on an advert, so they know it is available in stores. The woman is a famous model/actress named Uma Thurman. She is a beautiful, wealthy person for the audience to look at and is an idol to all ages and s*x. When men look at this advert and the women, they think to themselves that they would like their partners to look at them in the way she is.

    • Word count: 1090
  11. Comparison of two adverts - Fujifilm magazine advert and a Baileys magazine advert.

    Both of the ads came out of Red, a woman's magazine. The copy on the Fujifilm advert uses a play on words for the slogan and it does the same for the description of the product. The text is placed diagonally of the page and at the bottom for the description. Throughout the ad the font is the same style but varies in size. The language of the ad is quite simple and it is good for the atmosphere of the ad.

    • Word count: 1079
  12. Media Assignment: Choose an advert or news report of a similar nature and do a content and textual analysis.

    The Gola advert has used a completely different approach and, the whole advert is centered on the actual trainers. It depicts ten trainers coming out of a center point, leaving trails behind them. In this advert not as much detail of the trainer can be seen as in the Caterpillar advert, even though the only image is of the trainer. What the audience does get is a look at the vast range of colours that is available in this particular range of Gola.

    • Word count: 1414
  13. Analysis of Advertisements.

    The larger section is of the girl after application, the girl is very beautiful with clear skin, and this may make the target audience want to buy the product because they have the aspiration to have the perfect skin she does. On the picture in white writing is "GENTLY CLEASNSES PORES DEEP DOWN." "LOOK, THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE." it is divided on the two pictures. I think this is very effective as it will definitely be noticed because it is on the main feature in the advertisement, so even If the audience decide not to read the text below the picture they will get an idea of what the product does.

    • Word count: 1477
  14. Discuss the effectiveness of the different techniques used in the greenpeace advert: You must include comments on: Music, Images used, and Wording.

    The burning earth also represents just what people are doing through the greenhouse effect, with the burning of fossil fuels and pollution into the atmosphere we are destroying the earth. In the opening sequence the moving images of buildings and buses exploding is effective, because it manipulates the audience and gets a good, firm statement across about the damage people are doing to the earth through greenhouse radiation and the faults people are doing.

    • Word count: 934
  15. Advertising Techniques.

    This is trying to tell us two things. One, this celebrity is wearing it, so they must like it, and therefore it must be an excellent thing to spend your money on. It is also trying to say that if other people wear this, then they will have the looks of the celebrity and live happily ever after. The advertisement will often be in bright colours to stand out from the page, and sometimes there will even be an article about the product saying it was used on a celebrity in the latest Hollywood film.

    • Word count: 843
  16. Analysing the success of Coca Cola through Advertising.

    By looking closely in detail at the different styles and forms of adverts used by Coca Cola to promote their product such as magazines, televisions and radio I will analyse to see how big a part the advertisement actually plays in the company's success and what it is that the adverts contain that makes such an unhealthy drink so popular. Although Coca Cola is promoted through three different styles of advertising they however contain many similarities between them. All the adverts are targeted/ aimed at the younger generation.

    • Word count: 1645
  17. Explain the benefits, which you think that quality function deployment can bring to a design team when designing and putting into production, a new product.

    If this is not the case than modifications or changes to designs are made in the early stages when Q,D,F is undertaken still keeping costs down. Because time is reduced its not just minimising costs, but would imply that a designer would be more likely to hit there deadline more comfortably. Q,D,F can also bring cheaper tooling as mistakes are kept to a minimum. Keeping costs at a down will have a knock on affect on the product when it's to be sold to the consumer.

    • Word count: 975
  18. Why did Nike choose Terry Gilliam to direct their advert?

    Nike thought that Terry Gilliam would produce an advert that would appealing to their target audience because in all of his films he uses urban, rusty, gritty and decaying sets, which all make the adverts more exciting and because Nike's target audience live in suburban/urban areas, it will attract them. Terry Gilliam is a film director who has made 'The Twelve Monkeys', 'Brazil' and 'Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas' as well as many other films. Terry Gilliam was also in the cast of Monty Python and was their cartoonist.

    • Word count: 1569
  19. Analysing Armed Forces advertisments.

    They are not just fighting in wars but they are also fighting drug smuggling - acting like global police. Many depressing war films ('Pearl Harbour', '633 Squadron', 'd*m Busters', 'In which we serve' and 'Saving Private Ryan' just to name a few) are mainly to blame for this stereotypical view. Although these action films are promoting the forces, at the same time they are stereotyping them, therefore discouraging people from joining this essential service. From the very first shot the advert is exciting and fast moving from on frame to the next with different viewpoints, zooms and colour schemes showing the busy, active part of the job and also adrenalin rush and quick thinking.

    • Word count: 2020
  20. An analysis of the Levi's commercial produced by Bartle, Bogie and Hegerty in the 1980's.

    They made adverts which made it seem to untrained eye that it was cool to wear Levi branded jeans. They would show adverts which showed 'cool', 'hot' and 's******y active' guys, and girls, wearing the jeans, therefore making whoever wears Levi's jeans, cool and hot. Also the image of being cool if you wear Levi's has carried on into the Twenty First Century. They are not as widely worn, but they are still one of the top brands on the shelf. Since the 80's, the brand has always been popular, but as the industry expands, so does the amount of brands to choose from, so it gets harder and harder to stay up there in the top of the rankings because there is more competition.

    • Word count: 1113
  21. Analysis of the Archers advert.

    This is a very powerful image; it implies she is independent, resourceful, innovative and uses her initiative. Just above her hand is the text `Rapunzel 2002`, again connotations enter our heads, it relates to the fairy tale Rapunzel. In the book there is a beautiful Princess who finds herself locked in a tall tower with no way to get out, but a young handsome prince comes to her rescue by using her amazingly long hair to pull himself up and break her free. At this point we realize what the `2002` means, she is suppose to epitomize modern women, the message is this is what a modern Rapunzel would be like.

    • Word count: 623
  22. Main components of advertising.

    The reason we know this is because it is written just above her head. This is not a coincidence! The layout of this advert and positioning of the text helps those two words to catch our eye but mainly it is the font style and colour. There is a colour contrast between the dark gothic background and the modern white text. The reason we look at the woman first is because this image is place in hot spot in the advert. A hot spot is when important parts of an advertising image and are placed on the intersections of imaginary grid lines divide the picture into thirds, both vertically and horizontally.

    • Word count: 890
  23. Analysis of Television advertising.

    In the advert from 'Cancer Research' the story line is portrayed using flashbacks of two particular people. The first used is of a boy, getting ready for school, looking in the mirror whilst doing his tie up. Whilst the boy is looking in the mirror, an image of what the audience presumes is his mum, appears. She is shown in the mirror to be behind the boy and says 'Don't forget your hankie' in a very loving way. As the boy concentrates harder on the mirror this image fades and he stretches out his hand as a sign of sadness and longing for his mum.

    • Word count: 1824
  24. Commentary on holiday advertisement.

    The blue background represents the skies and the sea, and the yellow foreground depicts the sandy, golden beaches. The big title 'SPAIN' is an orange, yellow, red colour and is supposed to represent the setting sun, as are the titles of the beaches which are also red. The pictures, which are very serene and bracing, deliberately contrast this image to give the audience a cool and refreshing impression. The advert implies that the beaches in Spain are the best and most varied in the world. The phrase "The coast of Spain is so varied that almost every type of beach in the world can be found on her shores", has been divided in half and placed in a slanting angle on either side of the title.

    • Word count: 1086
  25. Compare and contrast Advertisement For the Walkers crisps with the advertisement for the McDonald restaurants!

    The walkers advertisement however is a lot more relaxed and humorous. The first scene starts off with a group of children. The scene is also set in the past, maybe the early 1950's, you can tell this because the road is full of cobble stones, the clothes and hair styles are old fashioned, also the picture of the overall picture and the buildings in the background have all been made duller. The story seems to be that a little boy has been bullied into shaking the crisps while riding down a hill.

    • Word count: 1509

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