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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Analyse and compare the effectiveness of the techniques used by the film makers in the creation of the trailers for the films 'Armageddon' and 'Deep Impact'.

    At the end of the film the comet does not hit and all the people although very shocked survive. The second film 'Armageddon' goes on for about 45 - 60 seconds this trailer also gives a lot of the plot away virtually all of it, 'Armageddon' is based on the same storyline as 'Deep Impact' but they stop the comet in a different way but they still survive. Both these trailers are to detailed to leave any unanswered questions but 'Deep Impact' leaves more suspense.

    • Word count: 924
  2. Analysis of Television Adverts.

    The target audience is adults who have the money to go on holiday. The style of the advert has a lot of humour. There is a very soft and relaxing piece of music in the background. There is a very strong and firm male voiceover telling you about the agency. It is set in a tropical island. There are two women sunbathing and relaxing in a swimming pool. It has a slight s*x appeal. Then the swimming pool starts to move and disappears under the floor. Then Thunderbird 1 comes out of where the swimming pool was.

    • Word count: 886
  3. Consumer Product Branding.

    For example clothing companies like Abercrombie and Fitch(tm) don't advertise on TV, they advertise on the products themselves. For example I have two Abercrombie(tm) tee-shirts and both of them say ABERCROMBIE across the front in big bold letters. They still are just tee-shirts. And, of course there is the approach that is taken by the Gap(tm), they have lots of TV ads but they don't make the consumers into walking billboards. Still there is yet one more approach, it is taken by companies like J.C.Pennys(tm) and that is: to have your own off brand and keep it on sale 24/7 while constantly advertising a new sale even though it is the same old one.

    • Word count: 629
  4. Television Advertising.

    During the ad they stop for no one. The puddle sizes increase during the advert, this co notates the idea that when you wear the trainers your goals, objectives and dreams in life suddenly become higher and more important. Their facial expressions on both characters signify determination and effort. Often at times they show anger for their effort and maybe pain at heart during this exercise. Their postures during the advert are always very active, always moving from place to place. The few times when they do stop for water, they walk wooden and shake off their tense limbs, which only occurs for a small time.

    • Word count: 870
  5. This essay is about two advertisements, "Philips fisio 820" and "orange", I will cover the comparison of the purpose, layout, content and use of language.

    The Everytime 20 tariff may be aimed at people, which are not very wealthy as it is only a payment of �12.99 per month where as the Everytime 200 may be aimed at people that are wealthy or people that have that much money to spend as it is a payment of �30 per month. The Philips fisio 820 is aimed at mostly young people and people that have enough money to spend on phones. This certain age group requires advance gadget novelties because they prefer contemporary phones, which gives them better ways to communicate and suit their personality.

    • Word count: 685
  6. Analysis of an advertisement.

    This possibly can act as a boost of sales of their product, which implies a great success of promotion. The full-length photo of the selected model emphasizes her slim, young and toned figure wrapped within a sequined dress to reflect the unique "liquid diamond" trait of the product - lip-gloss. The use of this model, Josie Maran, influences consumer's minds to relate such a product to her recognized glamour and beauty, using such techniques unconsciously enables one to manipulate this relation into thinking that through the purchasing of the lip-gloss, their beauty will improve.

    • Word count: 990
  7. Commentary and textual analysis for advertising project.

    I have produced a fragrance perfume for females, which has been titled "Henna" along with the slogan "ever lasting." Henna is a temporary art used on the body and Henna powder is derived from a bush named Lawsonia inermis. Therefore, the title "Henna" suggests a natural and pure feel as Henna is a natural product used for cosmetic purposes and enhances beauty. The perfume connotes to its audience that by using the product they will become spiritually content with themselves due to the natural essence of the fragrance and do no need any artificial cosmetics to enhance their beauty.

    • Word count: 1821
  8. Media - Adverts are a way of putting a product on the market.

    Obviously you can direct your market to a certain age, depending on the product, but it should always affect all the ages, for example you are selling a toy, you advertise it has an effect on the kids but not the parents and they are the ones that pay for it. The more money you spend on advertising the nicer and effective it will be and the more people will attract. Holiday resorts ITC 1) In the holiday advert there is scenery of the beach with a beautiful a type of water fountain monument, the advert really gives you that sense of peace and calmness.

    • Word count: 1024
  9. Analysis of advertisement.

    are flying over what we are all too familiar with, London which almost everyone in England and many, many tourists will have visited. English people are further encouraged into watching it just because of the fact that it is an English film. The colours used create an atmosphere which is dark, gloomy and misty but also dangerous because of the fire that the dragons are projecting out of their mouths. I tried to make the fire a vivid illuminated colour that stood out from the wall and jumped into people's eyes as if it were able to move, this was important because the more it catches the audiences attention, the more successful it would be.

    • Word count: 742
  10. Advertising - Analyse three text based advertisements.

    I think the age group of this advert would be teenagers up to young adults. In the picture there are two young females modelling the makeup, which shows that it might be aimed at that age group. Young adults of this age wear makeup and the girls reading the magazine would see the advert and maybe want to wear it from seeing it on the models. The social class of this advert I think would be aimed at the group, C1, which includes people like supervisors and office workers, and then the rest, which includes people, like students and anyone else who wears makeup.

    • Word count: 686
  11. Analyse how the Cancer Research UK television advertisement achieves its aims.

    They would therefore be interested in and could identify with the product and the message the advert portrays. However, the Cancer Research UK's advert doesn't seem to clearly indicate who the intended audience is, probably because cancer affects everyone. It does however convey the fact that cancer affects not only the victim, but also those closest to them. In the advert a women dies leaving a child mother-less, it is a potential sorrow that many can identify with and is immediately understood even by children.

    • Word count: 1505
  12. The product that we chose is vodka ice blast - Discussing market research and target audience.

    Adding to this, children are not authorized to drink alcohol, so it is not approved for young children. Therefore, this recommended for teenagers. The normal ice blasts only contain fruit falvoured ice drink. The teenagers do not buy this as only young children drink it, and so by adding vodka in teenagers would buy it and drink it. Being cheap, the ice blast and vodka would sell quickly. As it is cheap, teenagers would buy it whether or not they like it but when they do try it they would be sure to like it.

    • Word count: 1329
  13. The power of the poster.

    This poster (fig 2) has a picture of a person I use the term a person, as it is very difficult to identify whether it is a male or female, this person is possibly elderly and has large bags under their eyes and is very wrinkled. They are portraying an ugly, dirty person who has smoked all their life. In their hand is a cigarette, which they are taking a long hard drag on. This image is depicting a very dirty image, which according to the wording is meant to be glamorous.

    • Word count: 2733
  14. Choose two adverts from the Levi's campaign and analyse the techniques used to sell the jeans.

    An English advertising company called 'Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty' was employed to create an advertising campaign. There aim was to revitalise sales and give Levi's a new image to bring back the younger generation. The purpose of the campaign was to bring back the trendy rebellious image by targeting 15-19 year old males; show the uniqueness and ordinality of the jeans. The television adverts launched on Boxing Day 1985 were designed to manipulate the viewer into believing these jeans would give them everything they wanted in life: style, s*x appeal, success, popularity, freedom and individuality. The adverts were a remarkable triumph and sales increased by 2000%. Once again Levi's dominated the jeans and casual pants market.

    • Word count: 4613
  15. I was assigned the task of creating a Media product.

    I found the idea of a documentary very appealing, but in a group of four it was necessary that a group decision was required and that we had to look into all of the possibilities. The other possibility was, of course a 30 second long television commercial. An obvious reason for opting to create a short advert was that it would obviously require less filming and less editing, this would allow the product to be perhaps vastly shorter than a documentary, but the short advert would be, in theory paid much more attention to and when finished would be far superior.

    • Word count: 880
  16. Advertisement Commentary.

    It is a type of speech, which the intended audiences would recognize more and have a more everyday use with rather than complex irrelevant statements. The consequence of this language is that what the text is saying becomes more believable to the intended audiences. So if the audiences believe the text more then they will agree with what it is saying more and may be more likely to buy the product -what the advert is trying to cause. The text in the advert gives ideas of good points about the game, which the audiences might find interesting and exciting.

    • Word count: 2086
  17. Advertising in media.

    If the client is not pleased with any of the initial ideas it is their prerogative to either, tell the advertising company more what it is looking for and ask for a new outlook on the campaign or, if they are not satisfied with where it is going at all, to simply scrap the deal and try another advertising agency. This may seem a very ruthless and an incredibly competitive business. It is! However, when considering the amount of money that firms plough into advertising on the television alone nowadays, it becomes clearer why companies need to get it right.

    • Word count: 2077
  18. Analysis of the effectiveness of three magazine advertisements.

    The target audience is 10-20 year olds of both genders. It is a very wide audience; but I think for the more sporty people, it's just given sporty feel about it. I suppose this idea of mine is because I have seen many of their television advertisements and they always show sport happening in the back ground; last time it was basketball. Sport is thirsty work so this is another reason that they might want a sporty feel about their drink.

    • Word count: 1629
  19. How does the children's society make its Television advertising effective?

    It may also be the use of mise en scene, camera work or sound that make a big difference to the popularity of the advert. In my opinion I feel that for an advertisement to be memorable and successful it must appeal to the age group aimed for by including certain types of shots for different age groups for instance an advert for teenagers would be enormously triumphant if there was a particular model or celebrity which is known by most teenagers.

    • Word count: 1046
  20. An analysis of three magazine advertisements for various cosmetics items and products.

    The letter that is on the advertisement is the major focus of it. The letter is a letter from a boy to his girlfriend saying that he thinks that they should break up. It says how he thinks that he needs to find himself and typical things such as "it's not you, it's me" which many young women have probably heard before and can relate to. When you read this letter you can build up an image of the girl becoming very upset and starting to cry.

    • Word count: 2618
  21. Compare and contrast the persuasive qualities of two televised advertisements.

    Connotations are widely used in advertising because they are instantly recognisable by the general public; therefore it would be easy to understand and would appeal to a wide target audience. Many people look up to celebrities as idols, and want to be like them, or as close as possible. Using celebrities to advertise a product may be expensive, but it is very effective to the fans of that celebrity. On the other hand, some people might not like the celebrity, and the advertising campaign could backfire as some people might be deterred by the celebrity used.

    • Word count: 1528
  22. Analysing television adverts.

    Music is a very important aspect of advertising. If a person is in a room where the television is on but is not watching the television, if they are reading the newspaper, for example, then it will be the music on the advert which will catch their attention and make them look up and pay attention to it. Also, as an advert is very short the atmosphere that the advertisers want to achieve has to be built up over a short amount of time, and music can help them greatly in achieving this goal.

    • Word count: 1939
  23. Barnados advertising comparisons.

    The next advert I looked at was very shocking and distressing. It is of a very young child holding a drug needle with a piece of string tied around his arm above his head is the title "John Donaldson age 23" although the chid is clearly around 1 year old. He is wearing a white nappy, the white usually symbolises innocence and the nappy clearly shows that he is an infant. He seems to be sitting on a kitchen floor but it is hard to tell because the surrounds are very dark the only light that is shining on seems to be coming from a torch.

    • Word count: 946
  24. This essay aims to decode the representational code in an advert that is selling "So…? Kiss Me". The target receiver is mainly teenagers, ranging from age 12 to 20, and the advert appeared in a magazine called Sugar.

    The top of the picture has been cropped so that it cuts off at the models' stomach. Her stomach is positioned in the top right corner, with a hand placed on it. The woman's other arm comes into the picture form the top left corner, and the hand rests with the palm on her lower back. Her fingers are pointing downwards towards the legs. The bottom of the picture is cropped at the woman's upper legs, near the thigh. Just above the bottom of the picture is some white text, with information on how and where you can buy the product.

    • Word count: 2472
  25. Write a detailed and comparative review comparing the two adverts for a student studying how advertising works. We have been given a copy of an advert, which is trying to sell Kellogg's Special 'k'.

    The image is in colour and the woman is good looking and has perfect bodily features for example her teeth are straight and brilliant white and she is slim and is dressed as an average person would look in the morning. The editor of this advert has set the image like this for quite a few reasons The image is in colour which adds a bright and happy feeling to the advert The woman is good looking and slim this would make the reader envy the woman but also feel happy for her, and will push the reader to find the source of the woman's perfect features.

    • Word count: 3558

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