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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Media assignment2 The Analytical Task

    The type of this music video 'Why do I love you that much' is narrative, which is telling a story during the music video. The video is talking about a love story. A young man has loved a girl since student age, the girl was also loving this young man but she didn't tell the man and is waiting for the man to tell he love her. By the end, the girl got married with the man she doesn't love, the man leaves quietly.

    • Word count: 1061
  2. Example of a News Story for student magazine

    They are often open until the early hours of the morning. Sounds a lot like the forum don't it but perhaps with just a little bit of information missing "After the night has ended and the performances are done, you'll see a gang of students p****d out of their heads, man - handling themselves in order to win a silly fight!" The words of 18 year old Stephanie Awua. Not to long ago, Stephanie and a couple of friends had a night out to the forum in which a fight broke out, no one was badly injured but clothes were torn and scars were made.

    • Word count: 726
  3. Free essay

    Market Research for Toys R Us

    Representation: The icon of 'Toys R Us' in the centre of the scene strongly promotes instant recognition to the audience. This is emphasized further due to the icon appearing so soon in the advertisement. Through the colour code of yellow representing light in the dark background, it accents the characteristics of this company as a place of 'warmth and happiness'.

    • Word count: 462
  4. Compare the effectiveness of two adverts concerned with animal welfare in appealing to their target audience and achieving their purpose

    The advert would be placed in a fitness magazine to try and stop people eating meat when they can have veggie. The audience for the veggie advert are men and women over 17 years because they have started making their own decisions about what they eat and because they have that choice they don't know what to eat so they will eat anything that looks and tastes good. The advert is designed to inform young people of the veggie option when they are making their choice.

    • Word count: 954
  5. For my coursework I was asked to create an aftershave advert for men. So I started by planning a rough draft for the advert.

    So now in the modern world; the word used for someone who is full of themselves is narcissus. I used this name for my product to make my audience think that if they used the product they would like the way they look and felt more. So I wrote the name at the very top of the page in block letters.

    • Word count: 496
  6. Designing a poster advert for a new soap opera.

    I wrote the title on the top in cursive handwriting to make it standout. At the bottom of the title I wrote "Will their friendship survive?" I wrote this to make my audience get interested in the soap. At the top left hand corner of the page I drew the picture of a girl. Beside the picture I wrote "Excusive on itv1" so that my audience will know which channel to watch the soap. Below the picture wrote "You don't want to be left out." And then in big letters I wrote "WATCH IT" I did this so my audience will want to watch the soap.

    • Word count: 771
  7. Compare and contrast two charity advertisements. How does each advertisement aim to persuade the public to support the charity?

    Charity leaflets have been a common way of how charities reach for consumers' money. The use of influential languages and effective structure in charity advertisements or leaflets such as the RSPCA and Plan International UK are to make someone feel responsible and guilty for the difficult situations people, animals or things are experiencing. The RSPCA is known to be the oldest and well-known animal welfare organisation that have been responding and campaigning for animals in need since 1824. Their goal is to prevent animal cruelty, save the animals that have received any form of violence and bring them up in a safer and happier environment.

    • Word count: 4476
  8. The Practical Production

    It is a member of the OneWorld Network, which seeks to "promote sustainable development, social justice, and human rights." They are an independent organisation, registered as a charity, affiliated to Oxfam International, with partners, volunteers, supporters and staff of many nationalities - part of a global movement to build a just and safer world. Oxfam today works on these issues: International trade Education Debt and aid Livelihoods Health HIV/AIDS Gender equality Conflict and natural disasters Democracy and human rights Climate change Oxfam work on three inter-linking fronts: Saving lives by responding swiftly to provide aid, support and protection during emergencies Developing programmes and solutions that empower people to work their way out of poverty Campaigning to achieve lasting change

    • Word count: 1064
  9. The product shown in advert one is a hair product, Pantene Pro-V Layers Collection. The advert I have chosen is out of a magazine called Hello. In contrast the next advert is Oxfam Educate a Child an advert from a magazine called New.

    The audience for this advert would tend to be aimed at females. All you women out there, 'Prepare to love your layers' In contrast the next advert is 'Oxfam Educate a Child' an advert from a magazine called 'New'. The advert is getting across that Oxfam want you to educate a child during your morning catch-up. Every child has a right to education. This advertisement is trying in influence as many people as they can to try and help a child get the right to an education.

    • Word count: 1329
  10. The Diet Coke advert is plain but effect and lets the product sell itself. Whereas, the Nivea advert uses lots of effects to help the draw the audience in and sell the product.

    Firstly, both of the adverts have some form of text on them. The Diet Coke advert says "I'm no superwomen" which suggests that anyone can drink this product and also shows a link between you and the girl as she is directing it towards you and so this invites you to buy the product. Also it says "hello you" this creates a connection between the advert and the reader as its direct speech. The text "you" is emphasised even more as it's red. The audience is drawn in to this but it also cleverly links to the colour of the text "coke" on the can.

    • Word count: 1332
  11. Free essay

    How does the BBC advert for the 2010 Winter Olympics Games evoke all the ideals of the Olympic movement whilst still appealing to a wide viewing audience?

    The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver, it is a coastal city located in Canada. The logo for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics has to be something which will represent Vancouver as well as show its audience the harmony that exists with the athletes, the logo is that of a stone figure, it was traditionally constructed by the Inuit tribe of Vancouver, the stone figure was to help them find their way around the city, they were basically used as signs to help direct the Inuit's.

    • Word count: 1223
  12. Analyse, review and comment on the magazine advertisement for Mauritius and explain how the presentation and language have been used effectively.

    An example of an effective advertisement is one for the holiday island of Mauritius which is taken from a national newspaper. The advertisement is composed of a large image of the sea and island which occupies almost two thirds of the space, beneath is the title filled with the image of the sea and lower down still is a concise yet informative and persuasive block of text. The most obvious presentational device used on the Mauritius advertisement is the image of the craggy outcrop, clear sea and silent beach which predominates over the rest of the advertisement.

    • Word count: 1116
  13. An analysis and comparison of James Bond Film posters.

    Some men might watch James Bond films because of envy built by the main character Bond himself. The fact that he owns flashy cars such as the Aston Martin and other exhilarating vehicles could cause some male or even female audiences become quite jealous in addition James bond seems to always be surrounded by beautiful women. James bond films have gorgeous women, most in which are presented either half naked or through their s****l actions which is another reason why men are enticed to Bond films. It seems that every James bond film follows the same formula.

    • Word count: 2280
  14. Act on Co2

    Also this portrays the car in a negative way and would encourage more people to use it less. In the 'twinkle twinkle' advert pink is the background colour. The colour pink connotes innocence and child-like features. This is to compliment the nursery rhyme and again emphasise the fact that what we do will come back and effect our children. Whereas in the car advert a lot of blue and grey is used. This gives connotations of dullness, ice, pollution. This makes the audience think that if they carry on emitting CO2 then our world will become dull and colourless.

    • Word count: 1300
  15. Media Coursework: Advertising

    I chose this name because it was the first thing that came into my mind. It is not an original name, because now days people don't usually use revolvers, they use hand guns and pistols. My aftershave bottle name does not have positive connotations as it is the name if a gun. The points that turned up in the answers to my questionnaire were that most people would spend about �10-�20 on their aftershave/perfume bottle. The name that Revolver made people think is gun, excitement and strong. This is exactly what I wanted the audience to think.

    • Word count: 645
  16. Gladiator Poster. Examine the techniques used by the advertisers of the film Gladiator to attract their target audience, indicating whether the advertisers succeeded in their aim.

    In this poster there are many points hitting you in the face wanting to see this film. For instance, the use of colour in this picture suggests that half of the balance is light and the other half dark, perhaps showing that this warrior may not only be evil, but may be good. There is a fiery background at the top, looking like a rain of fire, like clouds or like a volcanic eruption. At the bottom there is a darker image, like a Coliseum with people sitting in it. The people are very small and they are all looking at this huge warrior.

    • Word count: 651
  17. I have done an analysis of two poster adverts from the company; Coca-cola. The first one is an older one from the 1940s when the war was on and the second one is quite recent as it is from 2004.

    Coca-cola is now the most readily available trade mark in the world. The word Coca-cola is even thought to be the second most widely understood word in the world after 'OK'. I have done an analysis of two poster adverts from the company; Coca-cola. The first one is an older one from the 1940s when the war was on and the second one is quite recent as it is from 2004. The first poster consists of; a picture of a lady sat in a chair wearing a white dress, in her hand she is holding a glass of Coca-cola.

    • Word count: 625
  18. Magazine advertising comparison. Both adverts are trying to encourage and persuade women to buy their tanning products. The detailed images used in the adverts caught my attention because theyre bright and eye catching,

    The magazine is aimed at women around the UK and the advert is trying to promote the product and persuade these women to buy their self-tanning product. The language used is simple and straight forward. Advantageous promises such as "Legendary Lancaster tan without the sun" also helps attract women because it implies that they can have a wonderful tanned skin without the harmful effects of the sun. The second advert was also published in "OK" magazine, it also bares the same objective as the first magazine and the only difference is the nature of service they offer.

    • Word count: 1625
  19. On the front cover I have chosen to put a long shot image of my artist, this is because to show the audience that shes glamorous and in the centre of the stage posing so every one can look at her.

    The representation of the artist is that she's glamorous, wants to be the centre of attention and wants everybody to look at her. The props on the CD cover are the roses on the stage floor and the curtains; I have done this because to show the audience that everybody loves her that's why people have thrown roses at her. The reason that I have chosen the curtains is to suggest that she has performed in front of a crowd, this links with the album title lights camera action.

    • Word count: 461
  20. In the following essay, I intend to explore the way the film, Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs is promoted using posters and trailers.

    The poster for the film, Ice age 3, shows a picture of the characters Sid who is a male sloth, Diego who is a male saber-tooth tiger and a new character called Scratte who is a female saber-toothed squirrel. Sid, Diego and Scratte are on the right hand side of the poster appearing out of the forest. Sid and Diego facial expressions seem to show that they are scared of something. Scratte facial expression shows she is being flirty. On the left hand side of the poster is Manny who is a male mammoth and Ellie who is a female mammoth.

    • Word count: 1223
  21. Criticism of the BBC

    In the article Terrence continues to outline the bad form of the business towards their employees as any employee who complains can be easily replaced. "They know where they can go. There are plenty to others to their place". The journalist also points out according to the report, the worrying part is where the wage rules change, at the very top level of the BBC. Normal wages for employees are publicly known however the wages of top celebrities of the BBC are kept secret despite the BBC being a publicly funded company.

    • Word count: 682
  22. Deconstructing rappers

    Rappers try to signify they have had a troubled background, the scribbles and his physique contrast the old and new 50 Cent. The Parental Advisory label reinforces the "hard" image along with his physicality. It makes the younger purchaser feel rebellious at the prospect of buying a product which will rebel against normal parental constraints. As an industry/business, the label is in keeping with the majority of rap CDs who also endorse this label. The 50 Cent lettering shows use of graphology, the letters signify wealth as they are in gold.

    • Word count: 791
  23. Conventions of a Successful Quiz Show

    On the other hand if the television quiz show is serious, the host could be someone who seems serious, for example on "The Weakest Link", Anne Robinson suits that kind of show because she seems like a serious woman, and by looking at her, you would find it hard to picture her in a fun show. Having an audience in the studio, could help the atmosphere, by cheering on contestants. Also the audience could be used for voting for an answer if a contestant gets stuck on a question.

    • Word count: 683
  24. Creating an advertising campaign

    The advertising agency - Oglivy and Mather were responsible for creating a brief for the advertising campaign. The idea of Lara Croft in the advert needing energy was an area that was focused on in the brief that was sent to the advertising company. Oglivy and Mather generated their ideas by looking through popular computer games. They also did market research on what people liked about Lara Croft so they could see if they could make a connection with Lucozade.

    • Word count: 443
  25. Free essay

    Compare the advertising campaigns for Benetton and Barnardos. How do both aim to attract their audiences? Which would you say is more successful in persuading the audience?

    children instead of adults in these situations makes us even more emotional even though they are the fake pictures, while they can be considered more shocking than images used by Benetton. Text used with each image is also emotionally moving and makes the audience want to help. The image of "Martin Ward age 29" shows a young boy standing atop a handrail on a large building looking down against a background of dull, grey and large buildings. The background is almost colourless except the very top right corner, with the Bernardos advert on top of the only sky in the image, which is a grey-blue.

    • Word count: 1926

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