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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. How effective is the advert for the Renault Megan, in persuading the target audience to purchase the product?

    The background features a natural scene of rugged mountains, in contrast to the sleek manufactured lines of the Megane. There are not a lot of pictures or text but the text there is, is in a small easy read font. The car has been photographed in blue to blend into the surroundings and also the photo of the car is clear and sharp unlike the surroundings, which are blurred. This can specify to the reader that the car is clear and simple perfect for getting you from A to B with style. This car advertisement appeared in the Guardian Weekend magazine and is part of an ongoing campagn by Renault on the TV, on radio and through newspapers/ magazines, to create awareness of the Renault Company and promote the new Renault Megane model.

    • Word count: 631
  2. Choose three advertisements from the Levi's television campaign and analyse the techniques that made the campaign a success

    The three adverts I have selected are Laundrette, Refrigerator and Pick up. In these adverts you can see that they use s*x, repetition and culture to it highest level possible so you and I remember what the make and why they make it. The way I will be linking the adverts will be the oldest first and the newest last so you can see how the links work. Laundrette A car up on the sidewalk with a G.I standing on the street.

    • Word count: 1147
  3. Advertising is necessary to let us know what is new.

    Another example of this is Persil, the same product over and over again renamed and given a new advert telling us it removes stains better than before does not make it new, just telling you it's still out to buy. It is also repetitive and is shown often so you are not informed that it is new, because you have already seen the advert. So adverts do not just tell us what is new, they also tell us products are still out to buy if we need them.

    • Word count: 9258
  4. Car Adverts

    The car politics is reflected on the road. It is a common opinion that the more expensive or luxurious your car is seen to be, the better treatment you will receive on the roads as a result of this. Research conducted by an British American Racing car company shows that woman are actually more likely to use cars as a status symbol than a man, and show more admiration towards more expensive car owners than men, who hold them in contempt.

    • Word count: 2185
  5. Which advertisement is most effective in attracting you to the destination, and why?

    The advertisement for Ireland is made to look traditional. The advert has a big heading which is also like a slogan, it uses short text and paragraphs that get straight to the point. It describes three different areas in the West of Ireland and uses a different paragraph for each so that it can describe the different activities on offer in each area. The advert also refers to Ireland's history in mediaeval towns and many quiet activities such as golf, fishing, etc.

    • Word count: 1093
  6. Media Course Work "In the Nick of Time".

    It is targeted at a growing, modern, wealthy family. We know it is targeted at a family because the advert features a family as its main characters, we can tell the family is wealthy because even though the price of the car is not stated, it is evident that this is so since the house is impressive looking, stylish and attractive, and the car looks very expensive. By featuring a rich family the advert is also selling the lifestyle the family has along with the car, this will make the car more desirable as the lifestyle to go with it is very attractive.

    • Word count: 2124
  7. Types of Adverts used in Media

    The background also on the advert was white, this I think was because they wanted the lady and the phone to stand out. The second advert we observed was a Motorola phone, on the advert a lady was shown dancing, dancing representing happiness and happiness to say that with the phone life will be a lot more interesting. In the ladies skirt was also tucked in her phone and this could be to show how small and adaptable the phone is.

    • Word count: 1945
  8. To what extent could it be argued that advertising is successful in persuading people to buy products?

    All of the players in the advert are wearing the latest Nike(r) football boots. People see this and recognise the Nike(r) tick sign and instantly know the product is Nike(r) and people associate Nike(r) with quality and good footballers, thanks to the adverts and the players wearing the boots during the matches. Peirce Semiotics' model is a good example of this. Target audiences are decided upon using market research. People are stopped in the street and asked a series of questions, these are then analysed, and companies decided what audience to target their product at.

    • Word count: 1958
  9. Peugeot 206. The advert begins with an extremely busy Asian market place and a man sitting on a bench staring at his car

    At first it seem just random, but the look on his face is very concentrated. The next scene shows the man still working on his car at night, he is still using a hammer but a smaller one and is also using a chisel; this activity looks more purposeful. It then shows the man working in a deserted market place, deserted except for a wandering cow. In this scene he is using a blowtorch on the car. The next scene and daylight again, the man still holding a hammer is looking at a page from a magazine.

    • Word count: 736
  10. Fiat Stilo

    They also move to the beat as they press the buttons. Each time someone presses or moves an object in the car the camera focuses on what they are doing. This in effect shows us everything the car has to offer from electric windows, moveable front and back seats to technical equipment in the front of the car. By doing this movement of objects to the beat it also shows how quick and easy it is to adjust the seat etc.

    • Word count: 1156
  11. How To Launch A New Product

    I am going to use both, primary and secondary research methods to get the information that I need. This is because by using primary research methods, I can gain information that will specifically be useful to me. By conducting secondary research, I may not be able to gain such useful and specific information, however, I may find some information that will be useful to me. I am going to use questionnaires and surveys to get information that I need as primary research. To get secondary research, I will use the Internet for sources of information. I am going to use these methods to gain my research because I think these are the best and most effective ways to get the information necessary.

    • Word count: 1474
  12. Advertising has an important role in the media to inform the public; whether it be through magazines, newspapers, radio, television or sports events.

    Aware of theses dangers, advertisers continue to use these strategies in advertising for a simple reason; it works. Advertisers also use other diverse and questionable tactics to sell their product such as s*x appeal and gender representations. These strategies are most popular in today's advertising as they are known to appeal to innate s****l desires and the desire to be popular and admired. As using these ideas sell more products, we cannot blame advertisers for applying these issues to their publications, and as we continue to buy the products, who are we to argue?

    • Word count: 2456
  13. The two advertisements that I have chosen to compare are Lucozade and Red Bull. I have chosen these two advertisements due to the fact they are both energy drinks.

    There is no way across, and the wolves are ready to pounce on her. Lara is trapped. The in-game inventory comes up on the screen (the in-game inventory is a menu that comes up when activated on the playstation console), and Lara scrolls through various snack foods until she gets to Lucozade and drinks it. She skips all the other products as if she is disregarding them and the only thing that can save her is Lucozade. This creates the image that Lucozade will save you in times of crisis, will give you confidence and make you successful.

    • Word count: 599
  14. Comparing and contrasting two mobile phone adverts.

    Coca cola and Levi are examples of successful campaigns which have made household names. However every company has its ups and downs. Mobile phones are some of the most popular gadgets these days and as a result there is fierce competition in a reducing market. In this essay I will be comparing two mobile phone adverts, the Ericsson A2618s and the Trium Mars mobile phone. The first advert is the Ericsson A2618s. The picture of the phone takes up almost the whole page and is clearly the most important feature on the advert, because it lets you know what the phone looks like.

    • Word count: 784
  15. I will be comparing the two advertisements on holidays; Dominican Republic and the New Zealand adverts.

    The pictures show that there are many activities to participate in like the action packed white water rafting and the game of golf which can be fantastic under the orange glow of the setting sun of the island. After this you can relax on the white clean beach and rest in the beautiful Spanish style villas in the evening. The slogan "Here I feel free" suggests the island has no chains bearing down on you and you can do what ever makes you happy.

    • Word count: 1046
  16. A comparison of clips from two Second World War films showing the D-Day landings. 'The Longest Day' (1962) and 'Saving Private Ryan' (1998).Which do you feel is the most effective and truthful?

    It captured the emotions of the soldiers, which meant you could relate to them and made it more believable. A lot of factors contributed towards making it more realistic, I also feel it involved the audience a lot more. I will now look at all the aspects of the clips from 'The Longest Day' and 'Saving Private Ryan' and explore what makes 'Saving Private Ryan' more effective and truthful than 'The Longest Day'. I will look at camera shots, sound effects, attention to detail, characters, and the atmosphere and emotion each clip creates. I found the 'Saving Private Ryan' clip to be the most realistic compared with the one from 'The Longest Day'.

    • Word count: 1696
  17. Analyse and evaluate two advertisements for similar products, commenting on their style, content and approach. Explain which advertisement you find the most effective and why.

    It also have small diagram to show how hyper smooth works, so the users know what's going on, on their skin. A quote from Oscar winning Make-up artist increases the population of buyers. It increases because that on the movie the actresses looks nice because she wears the product, as being a ordinary people they want to look nice, therefore they will rush off to the nearest shop to buy the product. It's not just the product they advertising they also, advertising the whole company, in a small font telling us that they could visit their website to know more about their company and what other product they have available.

    • Word count: 755
  18. In what ways do the two adverts you have studied attempt to sell their products to different audiences?

    The other advert promotes a new perfume fragrance called "Glow" by "JLo" (Jennifer Lopez) for ladies. The advert clearly shows its target audience, since the picture has JLo herself posing in what looks like a shower, naked. The bottle is also shown on the picture, which also looks quite feminine. The words used as a caption also contains words that most women would be interested in, e.g. "fresh", "sexy" or "clean". Also, just like the previous advert, this one targets a wealthier audience, as designer perfumes like the one that's advertised are usually quite expensive.

    • Word count: 2580
  19. Write about two adverts which promote the same type of product but which look dissimilar from each other

    Advertisers will pay lots of money for perhaps a 30 second slot, in between a popular television programme, because they know that a large number of their target audience will be watching. To successfully attract the attention of the audience an advertisement must be eye catching and must stick in a persons mind, to do this it must be made of images; colours and slogans, which will attract the target audiences. I am going to examine two adverts one of them advertising the Nokia Company and the other advertising the Siemens Company.

    • Word count: 737
  20. Peugeot 306 advert

    Personally, I think the producers of this advert would have been aware of this, so would have included such a captivating scene at the outset of the advert. After the teacher finishes speaking a sentence appears on the screen reading "a job is not just a career. The sentence is presented in exceptionally bold lettering, covering approximately a third of the television screen. First and foremost, so the audience can actually read the writing, and secondly to give them an idea of the significance of the sentence to the scene.

    • Word count: 1931
  21. Choose two magazine advertisements - Analyse both the language and imagery - What techniques do they use to convey their message?

    In the late 1700's agencies sold newspaper space for government advertisements. The first agency to be set up in 1812 was by Reynell and Son. In the late 1800's the Industrial Revolution changed Britain from mainly agricultural to a manufacturing and industrial nation. More people could afford to buy things so more goods were produced. The Education act in 1870, which provided elementary education for all, meant that more people could read and understand advertisements so the number of newspapers and journals increased. During the 1800's and the early 1900's the development of cinema, public transport and sport all gave advertising important new outlets.

    • Word count: 890
  22. Marketing strategy for my product from the Steiff bear company.

    To do this I will need to clarify the principles of marketing, which are: * Customer needs * Competitors * Communication * Co-ordinate the functions of the company * Aware of constraints on the marketing activities There is a graph/table, which shows the lifeline of my product it is the called the product life cycle. This is what the product life cycle looks like and the red line indicates the Steiff bears product, which I have chosen. GOOD INTRODUCTION GROWTH MATURITY DECLINE BAD PRICE Price will be shown through my strategy of advertising with promotion and this will also attract more customers because prices will be shown making it easier for the customer to make a choice.

    • Word count: 6244
  23. Produce an imaginary business. To do this I must research into all aspects of a business, using books, people, and computer resources. To help me do this I will create action plans that I will evaluate and redesign as I proceed during the project.

    what is a market? A market is where the sellers meet the buyers to exchange money for a product of service. The term "market" is actually used to describe the people whom the product is sold to. This does not always involve face-to-face selling; it could sell over the television. For a shop there can be different markets, e.g. domestic, and business. My market- my market is going to electrical goods sold to domestic customers. Product-oriented vs. Market-oriented business a product-oriented business is when the product is produced first, then a market is found.

    • Word count: 8185
  24. Quality is one of the main issues for the consumer; discuss the implication this has for designers and manufacturers.

    So what is quality? The quality is often determined in relation to the purpose of the product. A product that has a very short life, such as, plastic, disposable cutlery is not going to have the same level of quality as, for example, a hand built musical instrument. I believe quality is most evident in a product that fully meets its function and can continue to function properly over a long life span. I feel this is one of the main issues for designers, is value, in that a product with higher build quality is more likely to be expensive to make.

    • Word count: 848
  25. The purpose of adverts is to encourage and attract people to buy a product or service.

    It was shown (on this occasion) at about one o'clock on Saturday afternoon on channel five during the advert break of an American teenage comedy called 'Popular'. I would expect the target audience to be teenagers or possibly pre-teenagers, mainly female. The core proposition of my product was partly music and partly showing an appealing lifestyle- if you buy these jeans you will be fashionable, chic and stylish. In the advert there is a teenage girl, of about seventeen years old, and a woman in her early fifties singing and dancing together while wearing 'Gap' stretch jeans (naturally).

    • Word count: 1162

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