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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. What Types of Male Characteristics Are Demonstrated By the Levi 501 Male 'Heroes' in the Campaign 1984-1990?

    Seeing a good-looking healthy man wearing the jeans would convince many teenagers to wear them. The man does some exercises, showing off his body before slipping the jeans on. Whilst he is doing this, the focus is upon the unique selling point (usp) of the jeans (its button fly). This makes the man more attractive to impressionable viewers. He then looks in the mirror at himself, with a satisfied expression, as if he is thinking that he looks good, before picking up a picture of a woman who may be his girlfriend. We can faintly hear sirens in the distance (diegetic sounds), which are usually heard when there is an emergency.

    • Word count: 1389
  2. Media - Tropical Trifle Advert.

    This advert is a paper based form of advertising, intended for use within a magazine, newspaper or similar marketed reading product. The main disability of these adverts is that they are a static image, so unlike television commercials information has to be printed on one page all at once, which can sometimes be confusing. The tropical trifle advert avoids this by keeping printed information to the necessary minimal and forming a clear distinction between sections of provided information - The recipe, for example, is printed in a different font, size and layout to the ingredients, titles and contact information.

    • Word count: 1026
  3. I am going to examine closely the way advertisers aim their products at certain audiences.

    For example if a toy product were to be sold they would put their advert on a children's channel. The m&m advert was shown in between a slot where the Simpson's is to be shown. This is a good strategy by the advertisers because the Simpson's is a very popular cartoon programme loved by children and adults. This includes the target audience ranging from any age it depends if they like chocolate. The advert starts a shot of an animated walking, talking m&m. The m&m walks in with different cameras on him, one by one you see the shot of the m&m at different angles.

    • Word count: 690
  4. 'Compare the three magazine adverts and say which you think is the most successful and WHY?'

    Because the man would have nothing to wipe the droppings of himself with, but if he had pack a pocket packed he could just get out 1 Kleenex tissue out and wipe the muck off. The target audiences for the Kleenex adverts are young adult's upward most likely men or it could just are for bald headed guys. The slogans are very catchy like `thank goodness for Kleenex' and the alliteration for the `Pack a pocket pack' is a pretty good tongue twister.

    • Word count: 709
  5. A Comparison of the opening sequence in two film versions of the novel Great Expectations

    The text is yellow and curly with rippling water effects. There is also classical modern music that was specially made for the movie. This gives a modern approach and shows the new world of modern art. In Lean's version, the book of Great Expectations is shown by the grown-up Pip reading it aloud as if he is saying what happened when he was a young boy. This shows from the start of the film, sequential narration is used throughout the film.

    • Word count: 1440
  6. My three adverts are Action Man Ice Extreme that is mainly aimed at boys aged 7-11 years old. My Baby All Gone that is mainly aimed at young girls aged 5-10 and my last advert that is Puppy Racers is aimed at both sexes aged 3-6.

    This may be because the colour of the blue is very vivid and bold itself. But My Baby All Gone is a complete contrast to Action Man Ice Extreme, as the colours are completely opposite to each other. The colours in My Baby All Gone all have a motherly and sweet look attached to them. They use soft pastels like baby pink and white, which are included in every shot of the advert. The colours are also on every object in the advert, this is to keep reminding you that this toy is motherly and sweet.

    • Word count: 1930
  7. Advertising in Media

    As for magazine adverts' they are slightly different... Magazine adverts need a lot more thought. They have to take a lot of things into consideration. First and foremost, they need to be eye-catching. Unlike TV ads, you can just flick through and skip the page, without taking a second glance at it. That is why it needs to be interesting and noticeable. Also a majority of them have a lot of connotation because with magazine adverts you may inspect it and read it over and over.

    • Word count: 2256
  8. Analysing advertisements - Friends of the Earth and Hine Cognac

    They are less likely to have spare money to spend on donation to Friends of the Earth. On the contrary, people over 18 years old can find a full time job without much difficulty and therefore can spend the spare money on donations. The amount suggested here are for �10.00 upwards. The message of the advert is to convince people to donate money to Friends of the Earth. The last two paragraphs describe that "Add your strength to the pressure group" and "We need your contributions now." The pressure group means Friends of the Earth and the contributions mean money in this advert.

    • Word count: 1713
  9. An analysis of the McDonalds McChoice menu advert which was screened between six o’clock and ten o’clock in the evening on the 6th September 2002

    The lifestyle that it is targeted at is unhealthy, as it is a fast food advert. It is targeted at both sexes and is middleclass because it is neither advertising really high-class meals, nor advertising for lower-class people. It is middleclass as it is for everyday, average people. It shows a middleclass family setting, and also appeals to the working class as it is priced at 99p. The advert shows through this that the working class, or even an everyday family can go to McDonalds, and that anyone can afford it. It shows the price, which is affordable, and an average family that can also afford McDonalds, to make you feel like you can too.

    • Word count: 922
  10. Renault Clio Advert Analysis

    At the top of the advert the advert next to the bold yellow Renault logo the words 'Createur D' Automobiles' were printed and gives the advert a touch of class in my opinion. The slogan 'It Only Takes A Few Seconds To Realise A Diesel Can Have Va Va Voom'. In my opinion this is a brilliant slogan because it has got away with what people think of diesel engines slow and dirty.

    • Word count: 581
  11. 'The International Wine Company' - Advert Analysis

    The first, and perhaps most obvious technique used to attract the reader is persuasive language. Most people would consider words such as 'superb' and 'beautiful' as standard, everyday words but with a positive feel and purpose. Other words may not be considered regular or conventional but are instantly recognisable for their positive implication, words such as 'amazing', 'stupendous' and 'tremendously competitive'. These adjectives appear in pre-modification which sets up an expectation to the reader. Pre-modification is used to highlight the image of the product before you even know what the item is. For example, 'six beautiful sommelier crystal glasses.'

    • Word count: 1162
  12. Mecca Bingo Advertisement Analysis

    Then it pans down on to a taxi, and then inside the taxi. The taxi driver asks the young girl sat in back "Nervous" and she replies "No, excited". Then we go on to a close up of the Mecca Bingo sign, it's big, bright and has stars on it. Now on to a close of a microphone being switched on and someone about to speak, (implying entertainment). The bingo hall is empty except for a few and then it is fast-forwarded and it becomes bu8sy, bustling there's lots of noise of people talking and enjoying themselves.

    • Word count: 1107
  13. Discuss the presentational and structural features of two adverts to show how they attempt to persuade the reader

    The advert has emotive language on it, such as - "Shaking with fear" and "Desperate". I am going to explain why it says this and what it is trying to make the reader feel. Christmas mobile phone advert I am going to discuss the Christmas mobile phone advert. This advert has a large bold heading at the top of the page. It says "Go on, treat yourself it's Christmas." The heading is red which makes it rather eye - catching.

    • Word count: 1238
  14. A Report about Whether Extra Advertising Should be Increased or Not

    The advantages of doing extra advertising There are many advantages of doing extra advertising in April and May. They are: :) If advertising is increased, the sales in April, May and June will also increase. The total sales will increase by 7,500, which is 50% more than before. :) As shown on the profit and loss accounts, �5,500 more net profit is made over the six months when extra advertising is done. :) Extra advertising will mean more promotion of the product, therefore even if the sales do not increase, more people will be aware of the product and this may cause sales to improve in the future.

    • Word count: 625
  15. A single frame syntagmatic image for a Natrel Plus advert

    The denotative aspects of the image are a yellow ball representing the sun on a red background. Yellow streaks cross the red sky showing breaks in the sky where the suns rays have broke through. An ocean is present and it is also a red colour like the sky but also contains shades of black. Large rocks protrude from the water as black silhouettes against the vast redness. Like the sky, a golden glow is visible as the image ends. A piece of parchment covers the bottom of the syntagmatic image. In the bottom left corner the anti-perspirant deodorant spray is visible.

    • Word count: 1058
  16. Examine and evaluate how the media presents advertisements. Comment on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in each area of the media.

    Advertisers also use the media, because they need to compete with other companies, with the same or similar products. To do this successfully, and beat the other leading companies, the advertisers need the media to use special high-tech strategies, to make their products look miles better than their rivals. The media has many different outlets that it deals with. These include newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards etc. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages. The most popular way to advertise products is on the television. So, firstly I am going to study television advertisements. This medium is one of the most successful means of advertising.

    • Word count: 2237
  17. To what extent does advertising reflect or dictate cultural ideologies?

    Advertising is often clearly designed to reflect a certain area of society, for example the advertising campaigns for the Armed Forces or a supermarket chain. These adverts are clearly designed to convey the message to an audience through the use of familiar images. These images, as with the definition of an ideology, are often selective however and are designed to create an image that will attract the public. These images are clearly the "ideologies" linked with advertising. They are showing a selective view of a certain product or area of society in order to make it appealing to a consumer.

    • Word count: 662
  18. Analyse the 1989 Volkswagen Passat Tv Advert.

    Her father escorts her to the safety of her mother in a Volkswagen Passat. Finally, the girl gets in the car, escaping the dangers. As the car takes her away, a police officer stops the traffic to let the Passat pass. This is the classic fairy tale of a beautiful princess lost in the big bad forest, with only her guardian angel to guide her from the many dangers, to the safety of her fairy godmother who enables her to escape with the prince. The beautiful princess takes the form of the well dressed, pretty, little girl.

    • Word count: 1512
  19. Advertising : BT together and Garnier

    The target audience for the hair colouring advert is females, aged 25+ as these are the people most likely to want to dye their hair. Both adverts are taken from 'You', a magazine that comes with the Sunday Express. The magazine is more for females rather then males. The BT advert was place in the middle of an interview which both men and women may read, whereas the Garnier advert was in the middle of the fashion pages which are mainly read by women.

    • Word count: 1273
  20. An analysis of three different brands of lipstick

    She has an expression of pleasure which illudes you into thinking you will have a good time if you wear the lipstick. The use of attractive models link the lipstick with beauty. The model is not appearing to wear other make-up, which looks natural and emphasises the difference of the face with the lipstick. The model is also wearing matching nail polish to exaggerate the colour. This advert was the first lipstick advert in the magazine which is a negotiated position and usually the most expensive.

    • Word count: 1515
  21. Discuss the ‘Fairy Aromatics’ washing up liquid advert

    She massages her hair and appears relaxed and refreshed as she stands under the shower. At the end of the advert the screen is divided into thirds, each showing an object to represent on of the fragrances. Each third then goes through an open door rotation to reveal a bottle of the product in each of the fragrances corresponding with the object in the shot before. The shot at near the beginning of the advert where the first woman is washing up is quite realistic, although everything is very clean in comparison to how you would usually expect it to be.

    • Word count: 1878
  22. Essay analysing the advertisement for “Febreze”

    It is intended to make the reader question the cleanliness of their home. The reader may think, "Maybe my house is not as clean as I thought it was" therefore, they read on to find out what this product can do for them. The only other section of writing is at the bottom of the page, in small font and starts by identifying some of the problems we have with fabrics we cannot wash and clean easily. The examples being "Sofa with a dash of doggy smell?"

    • Word count: 505
  23. Do charity adverts have to be shocking in order to provoke a response?

    We believe that because we cannot see the suffering then it is fictional. Adverts need to become more shocking in order to fulfil their duty to be effective. Although the format for charity adverts has increasingly gone downhill, we must ask ourselves this- is it us that have driven them to do so? It is possible that the state of our society is mimicked by the adverts we produce? Has it come down to the fact that the only way in which one could be persuaded to part with their money is by going to these extreme measures and drastic action?

    • Word count: 1889
  24. Comment on an Advertisement for the Audi A4

    Also quite a lot of households now have two cars, one for the man and one for the woman, so also car companies have widened their marketing strategies to accommodate for men and women. The advert is set across a double page spread and is in colour. In the centre of the right side of the double page spread is a picture of the Audi A4, the main focus of this advertisement. It is given the impression of movement, although the car is in perfect focus itself, the wheels are blurred suggesting that the picture is super-imposed by a computer onto it's background, which is a musty yellow colour.

    • Word count: 2297
  25. Analysing the Volkswagen Advert

    The shots fully illustrate the innocence and youngness of the girl, and that she is pretty and vulnerable. The opening shots establish that the advert is from the girl's point of view, which has large buildings at various angles. There are a few wide-angle shots to portray to the audience that it is a real hustling city. There are a few half and partial body shots of the farther, to show that the farther is with the girl, however as they are partial this suggests he cannot protect her from the chaos-from the girls point of view. Next a incident occurs where a old man is ranting on, preaching about religion in a almost aggressive manner.

    • Word count: 1493

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