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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Advert Analysis - Opium Perfume, Cointreau, Longines Watch

    The lack of elaborate clothing on the model suggests that she doesnt need elaborate clothes or make up to express her personality,as the watch reveals all,just by looking at her people will know that she is elegant and upper class. The advert is blatantly marketing the watch as the chosen product.They only use the word watch once at the bottom of the page in a font that is very insignificant to the reader.This is highly impressive as it means they have instead used colour and perspective to sell the merchandise.The adverts background is split into two halves,one being black,the other

    • Word count: 1849
  2. “Orange Tango” Advert Analysis

    Advertising can be found almost anywhere. Just walking down the street, it's in shop windows, bus shelters, hoardings and phone boxes. Also the radio is an extremely good way to advertise as most people listen to the radio at least three or four times a week. When products are advertised on the radio, as there are no visual aids for people to remember, advertisers tend to add a jingle at the end. A jingle is like a slogan but it is edited into a short catchy piece of music so that it will stay in the minds of the public.

    • Word count: 3246
  3. The Repositioning of Lucozade

    As time went on people's interest changed again with new technology being introduced. So in order to keep a wide customer interest Lucozade had to change its image and broaden its appeal to the public again in 1999. This time they used the borrowed interest of Lara Croft, the computer generated female action hero. This was another huge risk, because it's hard to judge how long she will appeal to the public. Nevertheless they changed the target market to targeting the computer audience as well as the young female and also the male audience.

    • Word count: 2375
  4. Methods used in Advertising, with reference to Boddingtons and Budweiser Adverts

    to buy me every new Lego set and because they are not very expensive parents do not mind buying them but the money soon adds up and the advertisers and Lego company have won. The next generation up are teenagers who have films, CDs, games consoles, games etc... aimed at them. This is probably one of the biggest spending generations because they will be getting their first feel of large amounts of money so will not be very prudent with it. Because of this the advertisers have a huge advantage over them and throw a multitude of products at them.

    • Word count: 1251
  5. How does the ‘Impulse’ advert sell the product?

    The way the audience is positioned encourages them to be thinking what the advertisers want them to be thinking. This helps to appeal to the ideal consumer of a product (for example, if you were selling anti-wrinkle cream, you would want to target middle-aged women as the ideal consumer). Camera angles are also used to an effect. Filming in close-up or slow motion on certain events or characters gives the impression that whatever is happening at that particular moment is significant. The product is then promoted well because this helps focus the viewer's attention on the objects and ideas that advertisers feel should be seen.

    • Word count: 1781
  6. Horlicks: A bedtime drink

    There is no special lighting in this ad just the natural light of the sun reflecting off the ice. The photo of the polar bear was taken so you can see the bears face very clearly and that the bear is lying down. My eye is drawn firstly to the large polar bear because it is in the top half of the ad and is very large. The image fits in very well it has text above it and underneath it.

    • Word count: 688
  7. Setting up a shop in York

    We will do this making sure that our prices are competitive. We will have a range of different sportswear and products that are not sold in many of York's shops. I think that this is an advantage because there will little competition. Although other sports shops in York are well established our advertising campaign should see us through by attracting new customers. Our marketing needs to be targeted carefully. As I have said previously, we will be using newspaper mainly due to the "coffee table" effect.

    • Word count: 5223
  8. Advertising an Essay On Advertising, With Special Emphasis On the Language Used.

    That they will buy products that will benefit the environment. This group is generally teachers or otherwise well educated people. INDIVIDUALS:- Not everyone will fit into the above groups and are then labelled individuals. Some people go out of their way to be themselves. Advertisers also appeal to these people, although they are individuals, but promoting the product as "off-beat". Advertisers use all sorts of techniques to make their adverts and products to stand out from the rest. Bright colours, and bold writing and statements are often used to draw attention.

    • Word count: 3040
  9. Evaluation of the Froops Campaign

    [It is!] The logo has a first, second and third stand-with some of the characters on all the stands. This indicates froops is 1st 2nd and 3rd! The fruity characters are all holding a banner above their heads with the slogan. The design appeals to the audience because it is colourful, has a bold banner and fits inside a semi-circle. The slogan Our slogan is simply ''eat one pack, and you'll be back''. The reason for the ''you'll'' language is because it is more colloquial for teenagers. We decided our slogan should be ''eat one pack, and you'll be back'' because many people will purchase a pack just to try it out, and many will come back again, again and again.

    • Word count: 582
  10. Fragrance Advert

    Each one uses a different combination of visual, presentational and language devices to get their message across. Firstly, I think the advert for Jazz made by YSL is aimed at sophisticated businessmen in their mid-twenty's to early thirty's. The advert consists of a large picture of the fragrance with a scene of two businessmen and a businesswoman, who is talking on a mobile phone, walking down a street in a city. The whole advertisement is in black and white which helps to give off the image of sophistication.

    • Word count: 429
  11. The brief and Research into similar media texts/target audiences.

    My six adverts are looking four aspects of cancer, which are lungs, skin, breast and t******e cancer. They are either aimed directly at woman or directly at men or both. My first advert is aimed at women, it shows a normal packet of chicken breast fillet which the words are manipulated to represent a woman breast, as being butchered like processed meat, such as chicken in this case. The capture I use were "you can't put a price on womanhood" this is represent that women should not put a price on their b*****s, by checking for lumps which could be cancer.

    • Word count: 961
  12. Advertisement Campaign for the product ‘Smelly Pet’

    We needed to make a large scale poster of the advert and use it to present our work. When marketing we had to find out what kind of customers would want to by the product, this would help us with the design and also where to advertise and where to sell. The obvious purchaser of someone buying a product which takes bad smells away from animals would be a pet owner.

    • Word count: 417
  13. Analyse and comment on the ways in which media reinforce or exploit Dominant Social Ideologies

    The target audience is women who want to lose weight and feel good. This is a stereotype in itself because often men want to feel good and maybe lose weight. It shows that if you eat the food product it will make you more attractive to the opposite s*x. This is related to Maslow's need hierarchy on the first level by feeding you, and on the proceeding levels until you reach the level at which you need to be respected, admired and loved by others.

    • Word count: 1141
  14. Evaluating the differences between television and magazine adverts

    The advantages of advertising are that you can show the buyer that your product is what they need, and use things like slogans, logos and jingles that people remember when going to buy the product, e.g. Bounty's jingle is 'Bounty the stronger soaker upper', which some people may find annoying but it makes you remember it. People often remember adverts due to the ideas throughout, e.g. it could be an emotional advert, like the non-smoking day one because it makes you stop and think about it and remember which day non-smoking day is.

    • Word count: 1530
  15. What makes an advert memorable?

    The adverts started in 1974. My parents do remember the adverts though and therefore the ads must be memorable. Another memorable advert that used school children is the British Airways advert, filmed in Utah. The advert cost �2 million to film and was choreographed by the woman who choreographies the crowd at the Atlanta Olympic games. At the time British Airways was starting to suffer, as there were cheaper airlines. This advert turned things around for them. At first the advert just seemed to show a group of people swimming in the sea.

    • Word count: 2279
  16. Youth Market Advertising

    It can inform people about a firm's range of products, introduction of a new product and the firm itself. Product Manufacturer Lynx Deodorant Faberge Paris Jeans Levi's Skates Roces Music CD Warner Music UK Hugo Boss Georgio Beverly Hills Inc. School Pencilcase Helix Gran Turismo 3 Game Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Vanishing Point Game Acclaim Some of the products I have listed, such as the pencilcase and music CD are exclusive to the youth market. The companies that produce these have targeted their products at teenagers making them exclusive to the Youth Market. Products such as toiletries, clothes, games and music are examples of the types of products that are exclusive to the youth market.

    • Word count: 1036
  17. Coloured Contact Lenses Advertising Campaign

    These lenses will attract attention with people of all ages, but only appeal to the youth market. The fact that the user of these lenses will attract attention and look different from others will appeal to the youth market because they enjoy having that kind of attention. On the other hand, the youth market could buy this product to confuse others which would also result in attention. Another quality of this product is that it has not been done before and it is original, so people will also be buying them just to see what affect they have.

    • Word count: 1385
  18. Forms of Advertising

    An example of this is Loriel using models and famous actors or footballers to promote their product of shampoo. This type of advert shows that if you use this product you will be as good as, or look as good as the person who is advertising the product. The effect of this has on the viewer is that they think, "Well if I buy that product (e.g. Nike Trainers) I will be as good at football or running as Thiery Henry or Maurice Green. Both of who are very fast and exceptionally good at their sport. On the other hand if the product being advertised is a beauty product then the viewer is most probably see a beautiful super model or actor such as Sarah Michelle Geller using the make-up (e.g.

    • Word count: 1241
  19. Advertising is a very powerful influence in society today

    Many adverts are easy to remember so the public can recognise a product they have seen in an advert. Direct advertising is when an advert is sent straight to the prospective buyer, e.g. by post or handed to people as flyers. Advertising for children's toys are designed so a child sees the advert and uses their pester power to get their parents to buy them the toy. Another trick used by advertisers is repetition; it's not unusual to see the same advert on TV day after day.

    • Word count: 694
  20. GCSE Coursework Media - Neutrogena Foundation

    The Price of the foundation is around �7, which is quite expensive therefore that is why it is aimed at parents. I think this because I have used this product, and I am in the target market. My first impressions of the advert were that it was plain and the colours blend with the product. It is a clear background, and it associated with the slogan, "CLEARER skin it's in your make-up." I also thought that the picture of the model was quite effective the first time I saw it because she is actually wearing the foundation, to promote it.

    • Word count: 1233
  21. An ICT System for a Yellow Pages Supplier

    The addresses off the third parties or the representatives are stored in the filing cabinets which could be accessed by the clerk whenever they are needed. At this stage is then the problem arises because as years have progressed the company has eventually expanded in order to satisfy the number of increasing companies who desire to use the agency's services. The clerk now faces a problem because it is indeed very complex to physically access the stored information about the representatives.

    • Word count: 1863
  22. Investigation of How Women are Represented in the Media

    Case studies would also be of no use, as I am working with facts to produce my results, not people's lives or opinions. I will use similar investigations in my analysis anyway, to compare and contrast my study with others like it. The problem with secondary information is that articles, papers and books on this subject tend to be written from a certain point of view, and so I will have to ensure I remain unbiased by the author's viewpoint if I am to look at the subject objectively.

    • Word count: 3966
  23. Deconstruction of moving image text

    The makers could have chosen anywhere in the world but choose Venice for the reasons that it's elegant, sophisticated, one of a kind, mysterious and historical which all relate to the car in different ways, it's also in Italy which is linked to the tradition of the car because Alfa Romeo is an Italian made car. Everything in the advert is represented in an icy and mysterious fashion, it is shown very clear and bright as though the whole of Venice has got a brilliantly pure halogen light.

    • Word count: 638
  24. With reference to 2 or 3 colour magazine adverts, write an essay explaining methods of persuasion used in magazine adverts

    Magazine adverts tend to have deep meanings that are understood after reading their accompanying slogans or text. Mostly, the images are colourful and stand out well, because most people don't read magazine adverts. But, people do tend to "flick" through the pages. It is these people that the colourful, large, eye-catching images are aimed at. Another important feature of magazine adverts are that they are nearly always relevant to the magazine that they are appearing in. For example, FHM (For Him Magazine) is a very popular male magazine so the adverts that you tend to find in there are mostly male orientated.

    • Word count: 1520
  25. Using the information provided compare the two sets of television advertisements recorded at different times (9:30am Saturday : 9:30pm Sunday) Look at the features used by the advertisers to capture their audience and ultimately raise profits.

    if I was advertising a really expensive car there in no use doing it during working hours. The time adverts are shown affects the cost the company has to pay as their will be a lot more people watching televisions at 7:30pm than at 1:00pm. There is quite a large difference in the theme of the adverts at 9:30am and the adverts at 9:30pm. Most of the adverts that were shown in the 9:30am time slot were for food or products this means that these products span a lot of age gaps meaning they appeal to most people watching.

    • Word count: 978

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