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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Analyse the C-Vit advert to show your understanding Of techniques used to create an effective magazine advert.

    The advert was founded in the Family Circle magazine, sold in supermarkets nation wide. This immediately tells us who, the target audience are; parents doing their weekly shopping. The image used in the advert is a large piece of purple broccoli, which fills about two-thirds of the page. It has two eyes and a nose, which are super imposed onto the stalk of the broccoli. A red and white straw is shown patruding through the broccoli. Droplets of moisture are used to crate a fresh wholesome look.

    • Word count: 453
  2. Creating and Marketing a Mug

    Clay deposits are very soft and easily moulded and shaped when they are wet. Many useful things can be made such as pots, plates and in this case cups or mugs. Especially in industries many types of clay are useful as they can be burnt in a kiln or furnace to make tiles for floors or walls, vases, ornaments or different quality bricks depending on what clay is used. Once a mug is made into shape it is then left to be fired in a kiln at a bright red heat, which hardens the clay forever.

    • Word count: 1813
  3. Evaluation of a Personal C.D. Player

    1.Must play CDS 2.Must show time, number and other functions on Digital display 3.Must be portable 4.Has to be "jog proof" 5.Must be less than �80 and cheap to make 6.Bass+Electronic shock protection 7.Look Modern 8.Be compact +light weight 9.The public have to have colours to choose from 10.Be of the highest Quality 11.Must have long battery life Performance: For this part of the evaluation I have done a number of tests on my CD player to test what the manufactures have stated about their product this is what I have tested 1.Battery life in different situations 2.Durability 3.Performance and

    • Word count: 818
  4. How Have Adverts Changed from 1955 To Today In the Medium of Television?

    Later on as more sophisticated technology was used there was more money to be made in advertising. This was because of the larger, more educated audience and therefore a different marketing approach was required. There was now an increase in psychological understanding, consequently subliminal messages and ambiguous meanings were incorporated into adverts. The s****l revolution of the 1960s made people more open about s*x. s*x appeal was now used more frequently as a device in advertising as this was seen to be just as attractive as being successful had been previously. As a wider range of choice and products was given to the consumer, people became more and more influenced by brand names.

    • Word count: 2128
  5. Levi’s Jeans

    The teenagers would look up to them and try to copy them in each and every way. These youth heroes were just not a role model for many people, but they were also as the symbol of youth and rebellions. They represented youth. This is clearly visible from two specific Levis adds shown on TV. The laundrette and the pool hall add show that how the Levis man defies convention and in different from others. From the 1950's the youth started to make their mark in the society. They made people realise that what they were and powers they had.

    • Word count: 1233
  6. Techniques used in Coca-Cola and Guiness adverts

    The advert starts with the man's head and finishes with the head on the pint of Guinness. I think this is a good way to get through to the target audience because maybe they could feel that they can relate to the person in some ways. The basic concept of this advert is that there is a man who has always dreamt of surfing a really big wave and at the end he accomplishes his goal. The man waited for the wave since he was a boy and finally he got the good thing that he waited for.

    • Word count: 1047
  7. Analysis of Cadbury's Snowflake Advert

    Advert 2: KFC The target age for this advert is also young adult as it is a fast food advert and it is very fast. The advert is completely animated and uses a wide range of shots such as extreme close ups of the product and a long shot of the colonel. The advert is very fast and exciting with fast music and quickly changes camera angles and shots. There was lots of dialogue through out the advert telling the potential customers about the product.

    • Word count: 928
  8. Compare 2 T.V. or magazine adverts, which you have studied. Consider how each one seeks to persuade the target audience to buy the products

    The second advert I analysed was also for a bike made by Specialised. Published in M.B.U.K in the December 1999 issue advertising the Specialised FSR enduro. The advert shows a white background with a picture of the bike and a bright red bag filled with equipment. There is a large title in yellow and another title in bold followed by a large block of text informing the reader of the qualities of the bike. The first advert uses very natural colours with the whole background being mountains and forests.

    • Word count: 921
  9. Gender in the Media

    My overall aim for this research is to investigate the extent of the stereotyping of gender in advertising. However, within this overall aim, I have two objectives that I need to achieve in order to complete my study. The first is to investigate how gender advertising works to portray gender. I will achieve this through the use of Content Analysis. I chose this objective because by looking at particular types of advertising instead of advertising in general, I will be able to look at their specific differences, if any.

    • Word count: 8927
  10. Analysis of a Levi's Advert

    The next camera angle is that of a long distance shot, showing him alighting off a bus. Then there is a very long shot of a deserted street, with just the one traveller walking along. A car passes with a few watchful faces inside, probably looking at the walking traveller. Then, we see the traveller impatiently walking towards his apartment, open the door, and close it, with a sigh of relief, obviously glad that he got away from someone, probably authority, or someone that he was trying to hide something from. Then, he leaves a door inside open, and empties the contents of his case, and finds a package wrapped in grey paper.

    • Word count: 1597
  11. Advertising on T.V.- How important and effective is it?

    Instead of an additional licence, I.T.V. introduced television advertisements, which meant that companies would pay I.T.V. some money to show a short video clip, advertising their product. This was good because it increased consumer choice in buying products. An advantage of television advertising is that messages are sent to millions of people instantaneously. There was the disadvantage, though, that the wrong messages could be sent out, such as persuading people that eating unhealthily will make you beautiful, or brainwashing people into voting for a certain political party. This meant that the government needed overall control to stop this happening.

    • Word count: 2435
  12. Analysing a Levi's Jeans Advertisement

    Good examples of advertising techniques would be the Levi adverts. They surround images to sell the product and use subliminal messages. One Levi advert features a young man in a city apartment who wears the jeans. The man is what could be described as "conventionally good looking," and is tanned, at the start wearing just boxer shorts. At this time many people thought that tanned meant you were healthy, and seeing a good looking healthy man wearing the jeans would convince many teenagers to wear them. The man does some exercises, showing off his body before slipping the jeans on.

    • Word count: 981
  13. An analysis of the effectiveness of the two advertisements on cars

    The visual images in both advertisements are interesting, this is my opinion from looking at the pictures in the Peugeot advertisement, I get the message that Peugeot is a fast car because at the bottom of the page it says 'now you see it, now you don't' but my opinion of this advert is that I think that the Peugeot advert would be better if it had a actual photo of the Peugeot 206. However the picture in the Toyota Yaris advertisement makes me feel that this car is light fast and the cheapest Toyota out at the moment it is also cheap for petrol.

    • Word count: 1048
  14. Mobile Phone adverts Analysed - Trium, Bt Cellnet and Sony

    The information words it has used to promote the phone are: WAP, email, games, music, and the words that persuade the reader: handy, little, pleasure and interactive. The Sony advert represents a story of peace and relaxation. The denotations of the advert are a young woman sitting there with her eyes closed, and clear water being poured down her back. She is holding the Sony mobile, and wearing little clothing, which has represented a male gaze. The connotations of this advert are s*x, exotic, peace and tranquillity.

    • Word count: 1059
  15. Do you think these sources (A, B, C, D, E, F, G&H) give a reliable and honest view of the Isle of Man and Douglas in the 1890’s?

    Source B is very different compared to source A, but was made by the same people. This is a painted poster of Bradda Head, Port Erin in the early 1900s. The first thing I noticed was the amount of people on the beach. If you refer back to the Isle of Man Steam Packet's arrival figures you would see that around 500,000 people travelled a year, so to see a beach with about 10 people on it is very unbelievable.

    • Word count: 1155
  16. Tomato and pesto sauce with black olives.

    2.add the remaining ingredients, except the pesto and simmer for ten minutes. 3. Stir in the pesto, adding more if you prefer a stronger flavour and serve with cooked pasta. 4. Accompany with fresh grated Parmesan cheese or mature cheddar. Equipment used Chopping board Can opener Two saucepans Colander Wooden spoon Tablespoon Description of product.

    • Word count: 324
  17. Essay on The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association Advert

    Above the photo of the puppy in large plain text are two words, "Star Pupil". The choice of "Star Pupil" has many connotations, with many hidden meanings: > "Star Pupils" could mean that the puppies are bright and behave flawlessly, just like "Star Pupils" at school. > "Star Pupils" could also be emphasising the "cute" eyes of the puppy. > The star in "Star Pupils" could also be referring to the mariners, who used the stars to guide them, much like the blind people who would be using the skills of the puppies to guide them.

    • Word count: 663
  18. The Changing Image Of The British Male: A Critical Analysis

    Advertisements are another area in which men are depicted in a bad light. They are usually seen as stupid and ineffectual, and are the object of female ridicule and scorn. But is the image the media portrays an accurate model of the man of the millennium? I will now go on to analysing two Guinness adverts, the first one was made and circulated in 1960. Class was far more significant in the 1960s that it is now and this ad is aimed at the working class.

    • Word count: 2526
  19. Peugeot 306 Advertisement Analysis

    The advertisement consists of four sections, about four seconds long. The first three sections do not actually reveal anything to the audience about the product being advertised, nonetheless do give them something to think about to get them involved in the advert. The first section is set in classroom in the U.S.A. The audience is able to realise this due to the accent of the characters used in the advert. A female teacher is at the front of a group of students who are individually seated around the classroom.

    • Word count: 2131
  20. Advert Analysis : Seat Ibiza, Fiat Punto and Lexus Motors.

    She shouts at the man, over the noise, "Right, if you can do any better, you drive." They change sides, the man gets in and the car drives off. The Fiat logo and website address are then displayed. In the background you hear the man blame the woman for getting the car dirty. This advert is aimed at couples wishing to buy a car. They would be able to empathise with the two people, and have probably said the exact words to their partners before.

    • Word count: 1182
  21. Technology: Producing a Chest Questionnaire Who Are He Chest of Draws Going To Be For?

    There are also some designs that have a beech-effect with clean lines and light fresh colours complete with metal effect handles. There are a lot of designs popular like the 3-drawer chest narrow, four drawers chest, and four plus two chest drawer ad much more.

    • Word count: 488
  22. To compare and contrast two magazine adverts, Paying close attention to the use of persuasive language.

    There is alliteration used in the office advert it is business and budget. It is also used in the bedroom advert it is used by saying space space space!!!. This shows That it is emphasising the word space , I think they do this to try and say after it has been fitted there is a lot of space left for other things. The both adverts are always tidy rooms (no mess or clutter). The photos in the first picture of the bed tells us straight away that it is about beds. The sun streaming through the windows shows us that it is a beautiful bedroom and even more lovely in the summer.

    • Word count: 1053
  23. Examine in detail how two of the following subjects are used and portrayed in television and magazine advertising; s*x, love and romance, youth, lifestyles and healthy living.

    The way in which the company promotes its products is especially ingenious as the Coca-Cola name has now become synonymous with health, youth and the American way of life. This is especially apparent in one of the company's more recent pushes on Coke, which is what I will now investigate. The first of five magazine adverts I am to explore is of a young girl sitting at the window of her studio apartment at night reading a book and drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola.

    • Word count: 2435
  24. Comparing two television adverts.

    This effect shows the man is looking at the sky. From the colour of the sky, you can make out that there is some sort of storm coming. When you look at the mans face, you can see that he isn't very happy but also has no fear in his eyes. Again, the camera cuts to the next scene and this scene is showing a car driving in the background. At this point you begin to realise the advert is for a car, but by the way the car is positioned on screen you can not see what make or model it is.

    • Word count: 1954

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