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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Fruit - The Comic. Investigating comics and their production

    I am going to have two main characters in my comic. One will be a rebellious little kid, male, who is always getting into trouble for various reasons, and the other will be a female superhero who is both an enemy and a friend to the child. The superhero saves the kid from all sorts of disastrous situations to do with general health and safety, the kind of thing that threatens the 7-11 year olds of today. Introduction Luke is a rebellious kid who is aged 10 that always gets into trouble in school and out.

    • Word count: 762
  2. Proposal Template (Binge Drinking)

    Over a third of pedestrians killed in road accidents had more alcohol in their blood stream than the legal drink drive limit. Violence - in 41% of 'contact crime' the victim said the offender had been drinking. This included 32% of incidents of domestic violence, 17% of muggings, 53% of assaults by a stranger and 45% of assaults by an acquaintance. Violence is now a leading cause of facial injury in Britain with a recent survey estimating that 125,000 people out of a total of half a million, incur the injury in violent circumstances.

    • Word count: 860
  3. McDonalds Media Coursework

    Young children especially trust adults and would therefore trust every word this grown up clown is saying, therefore also making McDonalds a safe place to be. To further enhance the words of love, happy, fun and safe, special occasion parties were also advertised with Ronald McDonald himself leading the way with the party games. The 'happy meal itself is in a brightly coloured box with lots of primary colours, studies show that pre-school children find these colours more appealing and stimulating, you only have to look at pre school toys from well known brands such as Fisher Price and Tomy to prove this.

    • Word count: 1832
  4. What techniques are used in Shrek 2 trailer to attract its target audience?

    From the trailer audience will know who is star of the film are who is the director of film. Films are also promoted in magazines, Newspaper, Internet and posters. A target audience can depend on age and gender and will contain sound and images that will appeal to that target audience. Trailers are extremely important marketing tool, along with posters as they encourage many people to watch or rent film. Trailer must have many qualities to attract its target audience. It must have a great amount of information in a short amount of time. The target audience in "Shrek 2" is all age group because this film can be enjoyed by anyone.

    • Word count: 868
  5. How to write a good ad

    After all these questions have been answered, the publicist has to think of a headline that draws the attention of the public at a glance. This is the hardest but also the most important part of an advertisement: since people are overloaded with promotions and information, they tend to look at advertisements with no real attention; therefore, publicists need to create headlines that attract the public. The headline should always include at least one of the product's benefits. Next, a list with all the product's characteristics should be written, transforming them into benefits.

    • Word count: 677
  6. Satellite TV in India

    News was highly censored because the government didn't want to show anything that represented India in a bad way. Classical music was played for breakfast and the only dramas where those based on Indian myths, such as Mahabarata. There were only four channels available at prime time and they were all run by Doordarshan. During the Gulf War, the people of India wanted to know about what was going on seeing as their country was involved. They were sick of being left in the dark and wanted to know what was happening to their people. This was the beginning of Satellite TV. Soon Indians where being exposed to all sorts of media, which their normal Doordarshan channel didn't show.

    • Word count: 913
  7. Comparison of Baygon Adverts Doordarshan

    This again links to the channels target audience who are a more modern and classy younger generation. In the Doordarshan version there are o vocals in the music. There is a piano medley which fades into the background, whereas the music for the Star TV version is more upbeat and funky. There are male vocals even though it is a young woman in the advert. This shows that Star TV isn't as restricted as Doordarshan because the advert appeals to a younger and classier generation. Moving on, clothing is also presented very differently in both adverts. On Doordarshan the actress is wearing a traditional sari which is a neutral colour.

    • Word count: 867
  8. Analysis of GTA San Andreas advertisment

    The car itself looks mid-to-late nineties, probably in the USA because these are the sort of cars they drove in certain cities. There are four lights at the front, which are all round, and between the lights there is a large radiator grill which makes the car look bigger. The car is probably a convertible with a large boot at the back. The man has one foot on the bumper, one on the floor and he has one hand on the hood of the car as if he is about to get up and start walking towards a fight, in this case towards the camera.

    • Word count: 1316
  9. How Does Amnesty International Persuade the Reader to take on an Active Interest in its Organisation & the People it Helps? Consider the Structure, Organisation, Layout of the Material, the Context of the Article, and the Use of Language & Linguistic Devi

    The four blocks are easily seen by their separate headings, aiding the ease and speed of access. The text is easier to read and access if it is in blocks of text. The picture of Sallay Goba takes up more than half of one page and cannot be missed. This picture is used to activate the reader's interest in the article. The picture uses the shock factor to make the reader more emotional. The article shows a graphic picture of Sallay's hands cut off, which makes the reader so shocked and horrified that they want to read on to discover what the story is about.

    • Word count: 1865
  10. Practical Evaluation of Sitcom Intro Sequence

    This would end up being a rolling journey to a final meeting point of all the central characters, as we meet each one individually along the way. Following this came the assignment of casting actors, and deciding the number of actors necessary for our piece. Extras were kept minimal due to the limited time we had in filming. We then saw it fit to keep things simple by using four members of our group to solely star in the piece, as members of the band.

    • Word count: 1223
  11. AQA Marketing Essay

    You need to think whether a price will be suitable enough for your potential customer. E.g. you can't make the product very expensive if the target audience is unemployed people, because that is unrealistic as it is very unlikely that they can afford it. * Place - Which retailers? How distributed? How easily accessed by the target audience? You need to think about how the audience can get to the product to buy it. If the location is too difficult to find or is not easily accessible, then it's going to be hard for someone to buy it.

    • Word count: 1485
  12. Practical Production - produce a womans magazine featuring true to life stories.

    A couple of the websites I visited were www.thatslife.co.uk and also www.takeabreak.co.uk. This helped me a lot because I could observe the layout of the front cover and the way it was produced. I also looked at other magazines of the same genre; this helped me because I could look at the contents page closely and look at the layout and also the colours used. Another piece of research I done was to conduct a questionnaire and print off numerous and give them to various people to fill out. When I got the questionnaires back and wrote up the results, I noticed that this was the best research I had done.

    • Word count: 2769
  13. Advert analysis

    In the Subaru advert, the slogan completely fills the top half of the page. This demands the attention of the reader and makes the advert very memorable. The product in this advert is directly below the slogan and is relatively small in comparison to the text, filling around a quarter of the page. Under the picture of the car there is a lot of text giving you a detailed overview of the cars features. The caption beneath this is very small and fills the width of the page. Below this there is a black banner stretching horizontally across the page.

    • Word count: 1675
  14. Health Magazines

    * Some magazines on health also use different styles of vocabulary. For example if the magazine on health is aimed at children the vocabulary that is used is simple whereas if the magazine on health is aimed at adults some of the vocabulary is complex. * Relating to the research, I found that most of the magazines on health must contain the following elements: 1. Outline the aim of the magazine, including basic facts on food and drinks 2. Give a definition of healthy eating 3. Give details on why people should have a healthy lifestyle giving examples of a healthy diet on separate pages 4.

    • Word count: 685
  15. Market Research

    Thorpe Park mainly uses primary research. Qualitative research allows people to give their opinions and involves using open questions like "why do visit Thorpe Park?" A lot of useful information can be used and gained by this method of research. Alternatively people have different opinions so it makes the analysis more difficult. Quantitative research provides accurate information by using a closed question which has a simple answer of "YES" or "NO" answers, this makes the analysis of Thorpe Park much easer. Postal surveys are exit surveys that Thorpe Park use, exit surveys are leaflets which is handed out at exit for guests to let Thorpe Park know what they thought about their day.

    • Word count: 631
  16. Free essay

    M&S Advertisement

    Paragraph 2 M&S In the core advert of the M&S advert is the new Christmas range of clothes. The store is trying to say that they are the only ones who have the best clothes for Christmas and that they are the only ones who have one of the best Hollywood actors in there adverts. They brag about having famous people in the advert because they want people from most places to go to M&S to buy clothes, they save Banderos because they want to show off with him and they want the audience to think that if Banderos is wearing M&S clothes, then they should wear them and they will think they are in the same league as them.

    • Word count: 2809
  17. Comparison of Forgetting sarah marshall movie poster for media

    says "A Comedy about getting dumped and taking it like a man" and also as Russell Brand is in it as he is quite a funny man! From the movie poster, I can tell that this movie's target audience is for both men and woman as it has a good looking girl on the front to attract the men, and 2 very popular men to attract the ladies attention. The target audience is going to be someone who likes comedy's and also likes the actors/actresses in the film, other wise they may not like it!

    • Word count: 644
  18. Free essay

    English-Media contrasts between two adverts

    However, my first impressions of the "Yves Saint Laurent- Elle" advert were totally the opposite, because I'm attracted straight away to the bright colours and the boldness of the bright background makes the avert stand out a lot more. The copies of both the advertisements are very similar. In both, the only text on the advert is stating what it is (a fragrance), who it's by (Jean Paul Gautier/Yves Saint Laurent), and the name of the product (Le Male/Elle). This is very effective because people will be drawn in because there isn't a lot of writing, therefore they will concentrate more on the picture, which is the main thing that will make them buy the product.

    • Word count: 1604
  19. Analyse the Chronicles of Riddick film poster, using media technology and evaluating its success.

    The illumination looks as though it's a force of good energy departing out of him, showing supremacy and power. This creates sudden impact on the viewers, illustrating how he is the 'leader.' Also, the light on the army is seen to be mysterious and menacing; the gloominess makes it look brutal and frightening. It highlights their weapons and armour, which gives the impression of violence and antagonism, showing they are not afraid. The light looks almost like spot-lights covering the surface of the army as if they have just emerged form 'h**l,' crawling up from out of the ground.

    • Word count: 1157
  20. English Media Car Advert Analysis

    In the advert for the Subaru Impreza, the slogan completely fills the top half of the page, but the slogan of the Honda advert is very small in the top right hand corner of the page. The full on effect of the Subaru slogan demands attention from the reader and makes the advert very memorable. The more modestly sized slogan in the Honda Civic advert adds to the feeling of relaxation and leisure. The product in the Honda advert barely takes up one quarter of the page and is in the bottom of the page slightly to the right.

    • Word count: 1562
  21. Suzuki Ignis And Listerine

    The Listerine antiseptic advert (produced in 1953) two women fighting over one man in the middle, the women are aged about 22 to 29, the women on the left gets all the attention because the man has eye contact with only her and he gives out his hand to her which means that he is giving full attention towards her. Yet the woman on the right seems desperately holding onto the man and seeking his attention. In the 1950's because of the war the men of Britain fought in the war, which resulted in only a few men was left

    • Word count: 1660
  22. Compare the way in which two adverts seek to persuade their audiences

    Then the picture of the model invites the eye and attracts readers, demonstrating what it is the product does. The whole air of this advert is considerably light hearted and refreshing. The colours used are all fairly neutral and are easy on the eye, however the drama of the picture itself attracts the audience's attention. The advert also has a splash of 'pink', which stands out against the neutral colour scheme; this indicates a very childish and girly feel. This could possibly be a device aimed to suggest that when the lip gloss is worn you will feel younger at heart and possibly feel the effects making the user feel happier and maybe even look younger.

    • Word count: 1319
  23. Advertising in fashion and beauty magazines.

    I think having a close up of the lips is good as you see the fullness and the glossiness of them. I think the lighting is good in the image because it makes the lips look shiny but you can also see the bright colours. The message my advert conveys is that if you use my product you will have full, brightly coloured shiny lips. I think the candy at the corner of the lips conveys that you'll be sweet and kissable.

    • Word count: 770
  24. Women's Own Essay

    It was a magazine aimed solely at women and promoted their idea of an ideal woman; a housewife. The idea that women stay at home and cook and clean has slowly been abandoned since Women's Own was first published, and so the magazine has had to adapt and change as the equal pay act was formed in 1975 and women were finally seen to have equal rights. The way that women are pictured in the magazines is called representation; the way the ideal woman was represented back then was as a housewife with a perfect happy family - nowadays they are represented as mothers and lovers that are attractive and have problems like normal people.

    • Word count: 1215
  25. Media Coursework - comparison of 2 advertisments

    Advert 1 has David Beckham him on it which is a use of celebrities and as some people want to be like him they would buy his product the advert has his logo right in the centre of it to promote his product further. Advert 2 has Asia Argento on it which is an attractive model, some women might like to be like her so they would buy her product also some men would like their girlfriend/wife to be like her also so they would buy the product it uses strong big bold writing to catch attention.

    • Word count: 1135

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