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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Analysis of Afro-Caribbean Employment Poster

    People of different races other than Caucasians especially afro-Caribbean's, tended not to be part of these institutions. This was due to the racial harassment not only from the Caucasians but also from other afro-Caribbean's, calling them names such as 'choc-ice,' 'coconut,' 'sell out,' and 'uncle Sam.' These phrases may mean nothing to us Caucasians, but to be called that by a fellow black would be very insulting for a black person. This colloquial language means that even though your skin is black you have a white mans mind, or basically a traitor against you ethnic origin.

    • Word count: 788
  2. Examine the language used in the two magazine advertisements. ‘Immac’ is taken from ‘Cosmopolitan’, a monthly magazine aimed at woman and ‘Clinique’ is taken from ‘GQ’, a magazine aimed at men.

    It is quite large, in a font that is easy on the eye, in italics, and is very clear. At the bottom of the page there is the full name of the product. It is all in capitals, again in italics, fairly big, but not as big as the selling line at the top of the page, and well spaced. The word 'Immac' is given in a different font to the rest of the line and is shown exactly as it appears on its product. This helps it standout a lot more. The third and final section of text is the main text of the advert.

    • Word count: 3325
  3. To advertise is to; “draw attention to or describe favourably (good or services) in a public medium to promote sales

    Children growing up today will only associate the colours red and white with Father Christmas, not the original blue. Consumer surveys conducted by companies place those surveyed into stereotypical socio-economic groups using factors such as: age, s*x, hobbies, ethnic group, social group and expendable income. This helps companies to decide on their target audience. Once they know the viewing habits of their decided audience they can work out preferred times for commercials, which type of magazine or which radio station to use. For example: Saturday mornings on ITV are devoted to children's programmes; subsequently the commercials are all for products such as "Barbie" and "Action Man".

    • Word count: 2382
  4. Comparing Two Car Adverts

    From its foundation in 1948, Honda has grown into a global organisation employing over 112,400 associates, with motorcycles and still produces the prolific vehicle on the planet, the four-stroke 50cc Cub C100 moped. Introduced in 1958 and advertised with the slogan "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" nearly 30 million have been sold, outnumbering the VW Beetle and the Model T Ford. Honda is the world's biggest manufacturer of engines - incorporated into a diverse range of products including motorcycles, cars, generated, lawn mowers, agriculture machinery and boats.

    • Word count: 1559
  5. Nina Riccii perfume adverts - TV and magazine evaluation

    We can also see that the walls are all white and cream, which like usual conventions can connote dullness. The lighting is also slightly low key and makes the shot look plain and dull. The setting also looks very pristine and one interesting focus is the large mirrors in the right foreground of the frame. An attractive model skips into the frame, becoming the main focus of the shot. Her inquisitive body language shows her to seem young and child like. She is first revealed in the reflection of the mirrors as the camera pans around to the left to become in line with her.

    • Word count: 924
  6. Analyse Adverts For 'Notte' by Bvlgari and 'Be Delicious by DKNY

    The man is leaning in and looking down at the woman's exposed shoulder, suggesting that he is attracted to and enticed by her. The woman?s pose is sexy as she is looking down with her lips slightly parted, suggesting that she is confident and seductive. The shadows and low key lighting create connotations of a passionate and sultry scene at a party, which is again illustrated by the cool blue tones and tight framing of the shot. A pack shot is shown of the set of perfumes with the copy underneath it and the brand name above the image.

    • Word count: 602
  7. Analyse Adverts For DKNYs Be Delicious and Azzaros Decibel.

    The predominant colours are warm saturated shades of brown and orange. The advert also includes fresh, bright colours such as green and white, which combined with the natural, external lighting gives a fresh yet warm feel about the image. The shot does not look planned and the female model?s makeup is very natural and minimal. At the female model?s side is an attractive male model who appears to be admiring the woman, making her seem more desirable. Their expressions of happiness create a positive overall effect across the whole advert.

    • Word count: 512
  8. Analyse Adverts For Shockwaves Tuff Stuff Gel and Miss Dior Cherie

    The lighting is low-key and artificial, being inside of what looks like a club, judging by the bar behind him and the girls next to him. It is a medium shot, with the centre of attention being the man. We know this from him being in the centre of the picture, and also the fact there is a dominant orange glow which is around him. The slogan ?hot spot, cool hair?, and part of the caption ?attract the heat and resist the sweat? suggests that the gel is designed

    • Word count: 525
  9. Analysing Two Print Adverts - Very Hollywood Perfume by Michael Kors, and Shockwaves hair gel

    Red is very bold and can often be associated with a sexy or glamorous feeling and helps to createthis atmosphere. Asource of natural high key lighting comes from the top right of the frame and enhances the model?s hair, dress and jewellery.Thiscreates the effect that she is glowing. There is a formally dressed male facing her and they are standing close together which suggests that they are a couple. In the background there are a lot of photographers with flashing cameras.

    • Word count: 601
  10. Analysing the two adverts Fuel for Life by Diesel, and LOUD by denim

    The framing also suggests that his power is radiating off him from that long shot distance and that even the camera is giving him space. The crouching position suggests a possible pounce of attack and the expression on the model?s face is focused on the camera suggesting power and intent.

    • Word count: 1047
  11. Analyse Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera and Play by Givenchy. . How effective are they in selling their products?

    This appeals to the target audience because it suggests that buying the perfume will make them feel powerful. The shot is high key lit which connotes feelings of happiness, also emphasising the colours in the advertisement. Pink, white and red are the most prominent colours in the ad, which are all stereotypically feminine. These colours suggest joyful and fun emotions, which compels the target audience to feel good about the product.

    • Word count: 529
  12. Analyse the adverts for Very Hollywood by Michael Kors and Spark by Liz Claiborne. How effective are they in selling their products?

    Carmen Kass is the centre of attention with a pack shot of the product in the bottom right corner. The model is wearing a captivating peach coloured maxi gown while on the red carpet and the male model is smart and classy wearing a suit and tie. The red carpet depicts the sense of celebrity lifestyles, paparazzi and Hollywood, linking to the name of the fragrance. The shot is taken outdoors with paparazzi in the background. The male model is looking at the female model, highlighting the fact that this perfume will make everyone turn and look at you.

    • Word count: 566
  13. Analyse Greed by Francesco Vezzoli and Roses Collection by Dolce and Gabbana. How effective are they in selling their products?

    This exaggerates the current ideology in society of competition between females and males. The luxurious high key lighting illuminates the subjects from the interior background creating a more focused yet mysterious setting. The advert is constructed as a movie, as the word ?starring? in the centre of the advert implies a scene of action and demand the consumer will experience. The use of female celebrities connects with the target audience significantly because women are eager to look professional and strong as well as attractive and passionate like their idols.

    • Word count: 561
  14. Analyse 2 print adverts for perfumes. How effective are they in selling their products?

    She is wearing a classy dress and is an admired person in the music industry among the target audience. The use of simple make-up highlights the idea of natural beauty. The lighting is very low key with a few highlights to accentuate the model?s body. The advert is composed of unsaturated, black and white colours and tones which seem artificially lit in an interior studio. The use of unsaturated colours compliments the bottle which stands out. As its colour is gold and diamond shaped which is translated as being whole and precious to the target audience.

    • Word count: 575
  15. Analyse the adverts for Estee Lauders Dazzling (advert 1) and Lynxs Reload (Advert 2). How effective are they at selling their products?

    Dazzling is set at a fancy ball, a glamorous black tie event where the main subject, the actress Elizabeth Hurley, is smiling a dazzling smile, wearing a dazzlingly white dress which reflects the product name. It is a medium long shot, at slightly below eye level, which is very subtle, hinting that only when you buy it will you be of equal stance to those who already have it. The composition of the frame is busy, emphasising that although it is a full room, the attention is always on the main subject.

    • Word count: 518
  16. Analysis two advertisements for the same products aimed at two different target audiences. Car ads in men's and women's magazines.

    The target audience is an extremely vital piece of information as to who the product is targeted for which the company needs to know who they are aiming at in order to use money to publish it. In this case the cars have been aimed for the middle aged men and women in their 20?s bearing in mind that that the advertisers choose publications carefully to target specific audience. Moving on to the first advertisement, on the one hand, the fiat car is precisely targeted for women in their 20?s because of its small sleek deign attracted by most women as it?s just what they would want.

    • Word count: 1466
  17. Tennant's Lager Advert Essay

    He experiences a world of confusion and hatred in and around London and this led to corruption. The man decides that he has had enough of his life in London, so he quits his job. He heads up to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh where everything turns into a world of happiness and excitement, and he goes to a classy bar to get a sip of what the man thinks to be a glorious and wonderful drink, Tennent’s Lager. In this essay, I am mainly focusing on the use of Cinematography and the Mise-en-scène.

    • Word count: 769
  18. Advertisement Review - John Lewis's 2011 Christmas TV ad.

    It's got old people and young people and geezers in garages delicately wrapping shiny ceramics. Of course, it's got Ellie Goulding's heartbreakingly understated take on Elton John's "Your Song" How could you not look up from your laptop, BlackBerry or general electronic multitasking, and find yourself suddenly, completely engrossed in the TV screen ? just as you used to be, back in the days before Wi-Fi?

    • Word count: 482
  19. How is Lady Gaga represented across two different mediums?

    This suggests that Lady Gaga may have a split personality and could be represented in two ways. In the interview with Paul O?Grady the focus is again primarily on her, there are no other guests or celebrities on the show. Similar to the music video, as she is always the centre of attention. However during the interview she seems less controlling than in the music video and she talks about personal issues such as her parents and growing up. Whilst performing her song ?Hair? she is wearing a bald wig and a dress made of hair. This controversial outfit lives up to the expectations of the public because they almost expect to be shocked at what she is wearing.

    • Word count: 989
  20. Evaluating two promotional videos - Music Video Tyler the creator and Cadburys Dairy milk gorilla

    Therefore this video is showing them that whatever situation you?re in there is somebody to be there for you. The aim of the music video is to send the message out to the world, that it doesn?t matter who you are everyone deals with these problems and that it?s important not to be afraid of the future as you have someone. Features; Good: The first feature that I think had the most impact in the music video is the colours.

    • Word count: 1017
  21. DVD Cover Analysis - Films "Kung Fu Panda" and "Prometheus"

    He is famous for sacrificing himself for humanity. The DVD cover of ?Prometheus? is one humongous face made from a type of rock or metal, with a human like figure shinning light towards the face allowing the fog and mist to make the picture more tense. The human like figure looks as if it is in a space suit; the human figure looks very futuristic in the sense of finding what has never been found.

    • Word count: 412
  22. "Harry Potter" movie poster analysis

    It is targeted for people of any gender and for people aged 12-40. The producers want the younger audience to watch the film so that they can get even more money out of them. For example, young teenagers aged 13-15 may not have a job and so therefore get money from their parents. By doing this, more people would be watching and thus more money for the company. The main picture consists of the main character, evil villain and a metal object. This suggests that the main character may be trying to stop the evil villain and that they are the two characters that the movie focuses on.

    • Word count: 759
  23. A department store which included a toy section was visited to examine how toys were marketed towards young boys and girls are differentiated.

    Toys that coded as feminine included Bratz make up dolls, Barbie make up and jewellery sets, Sparkle girls fantasy dolls, glamour gift sets and of course Barbie and Disney Princess dolls. These items were portraying negative self-images and an obsession with beauty. Other toys such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning trolleys, doll houses and little kitchen play set e.g. Princess tea pots were clearly related to homemaking and domestic work. Toys such as baby carriers, newborn baby dolls, cradles and strollers were focusing on the teaching child rearing.

    • Word count: 772

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