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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Define the product life cycle and for a product of your choice discuss the different stages it passes through during its existence and outline the characteristics and strategies for each stage

    This means that CD Players are moving towards the decline stage while ipods are stepping in the Growth Stage. In this assignment I will take a look at the product life cycle of a hi-fi system we use at home. The introduction of hi-fi systems in the market made other products go through the decline stage or even be pushed out from the market because hi-fi took their place. Such products are the redifussion, and home stereos with only cassettes and with lower sound.

    • Word count: 1152
  2. Produce a proposal for a sales promotion campaign for a product or a range of products of a business that I will choose.

    Product life cycle This is an important concept for the marketing of a product or service in any company. It is part of the strategic planning process for the product or service that is being offered. In this case, using a food item, the lifecycle will tend to be longer than for a new technological item. Like any product in the market or anything in the world, 'Nothing lasts forever'. In the long term, Walkers Doritos will decline and exit the market. There are five main phases that a product goes through. They are: * Development: each new product idea has to be researched, designed and tested, this may take a few weeks to months.

    • Word count: 1226
  3. Compare and Contrast the range of advertising we have studied.

    Many clever techniques were used in this advert. The advert was targeted at adults who have a family. The advert has a story, which is about a man (father) who finds out some important news. He drops the phone receiver, generating suspense, and rushes to tell his son who is playing. The father helps put the son's coat on and they rush out to the car. The sun is just setting which is the hardest time to drive and this is showing how safe and easy the car is to handle. The father is driving and the boy is sitting at the back showing the viewers how spacious the car is whilst also showing the car have interior leather seats.

    • Word count: 2355
  4. A comparison of two television adverts; to evaluate success in promoting the product to the target audience.

    The advert for the Vauxhall Corsa is 40 seconds long, consisting of 26 scenes. The car can be seen many times during this short advert. This instantly attracts the viewer's attention. At one point 11 cars can be seen at once. This advert was found on ITV at a prime-time slot where Vauxhall believed it would attract the most number of people. The advert starts off with one vehicle and a voice over say, "1, 2, 3", as the car parks into a car park. This is a close-up shot of the car. The next scene is the original vehicle being surrounded by 10 other cars of the same model.

    • Word count: 1467
  5. GCSE English Language Assignment, KH2: Media

    A press advert has to be informative, long lasting and eye-catching. A television advert has to be short and more to the point but the same amount of information has to be recieved by the potential customers. The approach to advertising may differ between established products and newer ones. Companies with a long history may choose the type of advertising that has been succesful for them in the past. However, new companies or brands need to put emphasis on the product's selling points more than an established item or service. These may only need reminder advertising which is where the company only has to help the public remember the selling points in their promotion.

    • Word count: 1578
  6. English Coursework

    He is an international superstar for his work in the music industry, specifically in hip hop, which is also listened to world-wide by the target audience. He has released songs with big names including Jennifer Lopez and his tracks are also sold world-wide. He has a fine but different fashion sense, making him a teenage boy's 'style icon'. This 'style icon' status helps him and Calvin Klein influence teenagers fashion ideas, which is another good reason why he was chosen to promote these particular items of clothing.

    • Word count: 639
  7. "Black Rhino.": produce a single promotional advert which advertises a brand new energy drink.

    To give you an extra boost of energy and keep you alert for just that little bit longer. Both the adverts I found where in a men's magazine one was in FHM the other in LOADED. This shows that their products are male oriented. I would like to put my advert into a male magazine such as FHM and maybe a woman's as well e.g. Cosmopolitan. I carried out questionnaires and one was devoted towards the target audience and their type of energy drink. Whilst the other was focusing on the adverts and what they believed was an effective and persuasive advert.

    • Word count: 602
  8. An analysis of advertising focusing on the teenage market.

    They use words such as Hip, Rebel, Cool, Attitude, Teen, Streetwise, Hype and Credibility. They use these kinds of words in their advert in order to catch teenager attention. Companies know teenagers are eager to buy product which sound cool and make them think that they will become gangster after purchasing that particular product. In this documentary we have seen a Nike adverts. One of the scenes was black and white and there was a traditional looking tennis player standing behind the net to emphasise something boring and dull. The scene was contrasted with full colour, action-packed match with McEnroe and Agassi.

    • Word count: 1519
  9. Comparing two adverts

    With the extremely wide variety of channels now to choose from it makes it easier for advertisers to be specific about who sees it. For example children's stations such as 'Nickelodeon' are packed with adverts for toys and games as the majority of their audience is under 12. But stations such as 'The Cookery Channel' that have an older, mainly female audience use adverts for perfumes, clothes, holidays. It is essential for adverts to be eye-catching and stylish because they are in competition with all the other adverts for similar products.

    • Word count: 1080
  10. Cadburys Communication Campaign

    it was Cadbury who came forward with a �10 million package to create a sponsorship which has set the benchmark for broadcast sponsorship in the UK." quote taken from the Cadbury website. As you can see Cadbury have one of the biggest sponsorship deals and with this it allows the company to enhance their name and reputation.

    • Word count: 392
  11. Analysis of 'Actimel' advert

    The other phrase used is a question is asked, "Guess where 70% of your immune system is?" "Guess" means to estimate or draw a conclusion the advertisers want the reader to answer the question themselves the advertisers do this my giving the reader clues such as pictures. "Where" is more informative it gives at or to a place the reader now knows it a place from the advert. "70%" is an important part it is specific to the reader and gives further clues.

    • Word count: 1161
  12. Designing a Radio

    How the product works This product uses two AAA batteries, which actually last about 4 months. This radio does not have a manual tuner but instead has the scan tuner, which is easy to use, just press the scan button and it scans for the next appropriate station. It also has a built in speaker, which helps the user to listen even without the earphones and can also be heard using earphones How the components organised Product 2 This is another product that will be similar to my product and as you can see the picture on the left that is how the product 2 looks like.

    • Word count: 1019
  13. Alcohol Adverts

    These adverts are clearly for people over eighteen therefore these adverts would be shown in the evening time when, parents are home from work and their children are in bed asleep. In the Budweiser advert it starts off with a young man and a young woman talking to each other, giving the audience the thought of a one-night stand. Whenever a sentence is said, the screen flashes with the word "false", and when the can of Budweiser appears on the screen, the screen flashes with the word "true".

    • Word count: 519
  14. Advertising - Peter Kay's John Smiths Campaign

    The new advertising campaign is more relevant with today's society. With the craze of reality television the audience like to see people they can relate to and appeal to the target audience of men of all classes. The first advert in the series is set at a diving competition. The format is as follows: three competitors are taking part. The first contestant approaches and takes his dive; we perceive a side angle view. As he hits the water the angle changes to a bird's eye view, this creates an aura of professionalism.

    • Word count: 2619
  15. As part of the media coursework component I have chosen to analyse the smarties chocolate bar advert, the new product from nestle.

    The type faces which they have used is bold bubble writing, they have made the font white which makes it stand out from the blue background. I think this advert appeals to under 18's because the colours are bright and they have dressed the smartie up as Ali G, which would attract teenagers attention.

    • Word count: 267
  16. The Famous Grouse Advertising Campaign

    The advertisement starts off wih a close up of the grouses feet crashuing across the screen,. Then two smaller grouses running along behind them. The screen then changes to show the punchline and then the picture of the bottle. The music for the advertisement is a simple, crucially catchy and memorable theme tune. Make That A Double This punchline refers, again, to the way you would order a whisky. If you said, "make that a double" you would be asking for a double amount of whisky. The advert is set on the same white background with the same grouse and the same theme tune, indicating that there should be a link between this adverty and the previous one.

    • Word count: 1413
  17. GCSE Mathematics

    So firstly 12 x 23 = 276 13 x 22 = 286 Secondly I would simply subtract the smaller number from the larger one. Secondly 286-276 =10 To investigate this task further I decided to find out if the product difference varied if the box was drawn around another four numbers. I chose: 34 35 44 45 Therefore product difference = 34 x 45 = 1530 = 35 x 44 = 1540 = 1540-1530 = 10 As illustrated the product difference didn't change.

    • Word count: 1160
  18. A comparison of two recent car adverts - Ford Focus and Renault Megane

    This is shown as the advert is all about 'shaking that a*s'. This show straight away the adverts are completely different and this Focus continues throughout the adverts. The location of the advert is also very important as if you chose the wrong setting for the advert then the audience may not fully understand the idea of the advert. The Ford Focus advert is set in a car garage to show everything is in control. On the other hand the Renault advert is set in a foreign city.

    • Word count: 1224
  19. Advertising techniques

    These companies are willing to pay vast amount of money to get their brand recognised everywhere. It seems that no matter how low the prices of smaller companies become, people still opt for the pricier option of the better-known brand. This is because people are willing to pay more for a better-known brand because of what is associated with the brand logo. It is the customer's emotional investment in the product. The people behind all the money spending are doing it for a good reason. The most successful companies are generally the ones that spend the money on advertisings whether or not they are the best products.

    • Word count: 2622
  20. Advertising and publicity tactics!

    Some marketers believe that advertising and publicity works automatically and should be used in every marketing situation, which is untrue, as advertising can be very expensive. No company has unlimited resources to spend on advertising, just as no firm has unlimited resources to spend on other tactics.

    • Word count: 335
  21. How are woman presented in advertisements today?

    Advertises still use stereotype but in a more knowing ironic way (women as entrepreneur, men as 'housewife'). I will be looking at how women are presented in advertisements today and in what way their roles have changed throughout the twentieth century. I will be analysing four types of adverts; women as housewife/mother (male gaze), women regaining femininity, women portrayed as a weaker s*x and women equal to men. Before World War Two women were advertised as housewife /mother through the male gaze. Males stereotyped women as housewives and mothers who will always be there for them and their children at home.

    • Word count: 2295
  22. An analysis of two adverts

    This layout, although very different to that of Clinique is also very effective. It immediately attracts the viewer to the main photograph of a beautiful lady, the reader then wants to see what makes her this stunning, making them look around for indications in the advert. The two adverts have very different layouts. The Clinique page is very simple with one main group of images altogether in one place, whereas in Garnier advert places images over the entire page spreading them keeping your eye moving all the time.

    • Word count: 3371
  23. Compare the advertising leaflet for Christian Aid with the leaflet produced by the rspca.

    A charity usually focuses on one target and raises awareness about just one particular issue. For example there are charities preventing child abuse (NSPCC), animal cruelty (THE BLUE CROSS), humanitarian charities (OXFAM) and medical (THE RED CROSS). All of these charities constantly need to advertise in order to raise money and remind people of all the suffering. The vast number of charities causes competition between organisations. Charities can advertise through: Broadcast media - television and radio, or Print media - billboard posters, newspapers (tabloid or broadsheet)

    • Word count: 2694
  24. The advertising of Facial creams

    Abstract nouns are also used: "promises", "beauty" and "worth". This emotive vocabulary appeals to the audience by stimulating their feelings and emotions. Adjectives are used throughout as to persuade the audience by modifying the noun. Comparative adjectives are used: "younger", "firmer", "more skin friendly", "fresher", "less visible", "smoother" and "more than a moisturiser". Also superlative adjective: "highest" and "regenerist" are used effectively. These adjectives show degree and emphasis the benefits that may occur if their facial cream is applied, persuading the audience to purchase their product. Comparative adjectives tend to be used in advertisements A,B,E,FandG, yet not so much in adverts CandD (Loreal).

    • Word count: 2548
  25. Using Technical Symbolic and Written codes, explain how meaning is conveyed in the Renault Clio car advertisement.

    This is used to make the audience familiar with the text or advert, assuming the audience recognises that the idea has been used before, this will make them feel clever after making the connection. In the Renault Clio advert, an idea from the 1967 film 'The Graduate' starring Dustin Hoffman. The idea of someone banging on the upstairs window of a church trying to win a women just as she is about to accept marriage from another man will be recognised by middle aged people and people who have seen the film.

    • Word count: 726

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