Mobile Phone adverts Analysed - Trium, Bt Cellnet and Sony

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Analysing adverts.

Media plays a very important role in society, especially in the form of encouraging certain behaviour through advertising. Using a wide range of persuasive techniques, brand images are constructed and maintained in a way that makes the audience very familiar with them, which are exemplified in the three campaigns under analysis.

Within this Essay, the reader will notice how each of the mobile adverts under analysis - Trium, Bt Cellnet and Sony have used a range of persuasive techniques to promote the product.

The Trium advert is representing a story of friendship, and how important it is to keep in touch. It is in black and white, which suggests memories from the past.

The denotations of the advert are a girl whispering in someone's ear and a tiny picture of the phone in the corner.

The connotations of the advert are youth, innocence, childhood and communications.

The advert isn't typical of most adverts because it's trying to sell the phone through the ideas of childhood, and keeping in contact with old friends by using the Trium mobile.

The information words it has used to promote the phone are: WAP, email, games, music, and the words that persuade the reader: handy, little, pleasure and interactive.
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The Sony advert represents a story of peace and relaxation. The denotations of the advert are a young woman sitting there with her eyes closed, and clear water being poured down her back.

She is holding the Sony mobile, and wearing little clothing, which has represented a male gaze.

The connotations of this advert are sex, exotic, peace and tranquillity.

The words they have used to persuade you are: heavy with features, many, simplest, swiftest, travels, light.

The BT Cellnet adverts consist of two separate adverts, which have the same initiative.

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