Our film trailer was called The Unseen, the genre was horror, and our target audience was 15+.

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Trailer evaluation

(P1) Introduction (50 words)

Our brief was to come up with a promotional trailer; to plan, film and edit a film trailer. Our film trailer was called ‘The Unseen’, the genre was horror, and our target audience was 15+. The title connotes that there’s something that they have to find out because it’s not given away, unseen.

 (P2 & P3) Choose 2 filming sessions & discuss: (250 words) 

We demonstrated genre convections by the night mode, sudden movements, and abandoned locations and the creepy voiceover. Bloody red cracked font to denote that it’s a horror genre. In long shots we showed the main character alone showing that she’s vulnerable by herself and anything could happen to her. In mid shots we showed her possessed body language to make it clear that something’s wrong with her. Close shots were to shock people or grab their attention such as the eyes at the end.

The problems that occurred were that we didn’t use a school camera, so we couldn’t import the video clips as easily as other groups and we missed out a few lessons on editing however my partner was able to get the clips converted and put it on to a USB and brought it to school. Also we changed the lighting of some of the videos such as the title clip where the unseen is written on the girl’s arm, we had made the colour brighter to make it stand out as it’s the title slide. As we had to do most filming during school time and weren’t allowed out of school during school hours there was limited options of where to film. However there were some good places to film such as the P.E door area. Also we filmed outside school because we wanted better locations but also having the same location throughout the whole trailer would have made it boring. We didn’t have costumes which could have made a bigger impact to the film trailer made it more realistic because it’s meant to be about an orphan however the actress is wearing school uniform.

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(P4 & P5) Choose 2 editing sessions & discuss: (250 words)

I contributed that the text should be a bloody colour such as red in a scary font such as cracked so it denotes it’s a horror genre, that the voiceover should be a creepy scary voice to send shivers down peoples backs while they listen to it, also that we should make the orphan make weird scary noises through editing to make it interesting to listen to.

I thought we should have a background scary music to go throughout the trailer to make it sound scary but also ...

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