Practical Evaluation of Sitcom Intro Sequence

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Joshua Zaré 10Sf                                                                       Mr. Goddard

Practical Evaluation 


Planning our sitcom title sequence, initially, was a daunting task with regards to the limits of creativity between a small group of male teenagers! An idea had to be constructed though, and this was when a unanimous idea was agreed on to go with a school band theme. This idea had significant influence and inspiration from the film School of Rock. The second step in pre production was to decide on our target audience, which was clear due to a school band being the main feature. This immediately made us picture male/female teenagers of the same age, or lower, than those present within the sitcom being our predominant viewers. With this being a fairly remote target audience, and not family-orientated, the sitcom would be best suited to Channel 4 or BBC 3. The next task was agreeing on a structure for our piece. We were informed of two main structures to choose from, and had witnessed both types in the form of The Simpsons (narrative based structure) and Friends (montage based structure). Eventually, we all had mutual feelings that a narrative based sequence would be the most appropriate, and strongest, structure to employ. This would end up being a rolling journey to a final meeting point of all the central characters, as we meet each one individually along the way.

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Following this came the assignment of casting actors, and deciding the number of actors necessary for our piece. Extras were kept minimal due to the limited time we had in filming. We then saw it fit to keep things simple by using four members of our group to solely star in the piece, as members of the band. These were Robert Watson (drummer), Oliver Turner (guitarist), Charlie Dyer (bassist), and myself (singer). Although in the final scene, an odd decision was composed to have the final member of our group appear in the background of the final shot, which ...

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