Present an Analysis Of the Dangerous Liaisons Advert for Levi's Jeans

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Present an analysis of the Dangerous Liaisons for Levis Jeans

        Coming to the present day campaign, Dangerous Liaisons, we see that it has been influenced by the past too. Traditionally Levis have never had any sort of dialogue in their campaigns, there has always been a popular classic song played. The advert for the new campaign begins with the sound of a horse and carriage drawing closer. The scene is set in a hotel room in the late 19th century. This was when Levis produced jeans solely work-wear. In the establishing shot we see Levis girl is standing in the middle of the room looking very anxious and nervous as the sounds of the carriage draw closer. Levis man knocks on the door and Levis girl opens it as he is taking his shoes off. After coming into the room they seem to asses each other for a few moments. They then begin to take their clothes off in frenzy. As they peel off their current clothes more seem to appear beneath them. Every time they take off an item of clothing the one underneath represents a new era. For example after taking off their first layer of clothing the one that proceeds represent the glamour of the 1950’s, then comes the “hippy” style of the 70’s, the 80’s strip shows Levis girl changing but Levis man stays as he is. After the 80’s strip comes the modern and present day style.

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        In the misenscene we see that as the couple change clothes the room also changes along to the scene of the times they are representing. This is seen by the constant change in furniture, room lighting, and also the colour of the actual hotel room. The hair too helps the viewer see the change in time, at one point Levis girl wears a short blonde crimped wig to represent the 80’s rebellion. Their shoes change too. Watching the video you will notice only two transitions, the first is quite early on, it is when the couple change from their work-wear ...

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