Radio programme Media GCSE Essay

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Radio programme Media GCSE Essay

I have been asked to create a radio programme and I have to play music on it and advertise three products. The first radio news program was broadcast August 31, 1920 by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan. The radio station is still here today. My radio station is “Flash FM”. I chose this name because it is short and catchy. It also reminds you of lightning, and people get excited when they see lightning. A flash of lightening is new, as it never appears in the same place. This is like my songs that my radio station plays, as they are brand new. My radio station plays different genres of music like grime and R&B. It also has adverts to attract the audience to different products. The music and adverts are targeted towards teenagers.

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The reason behind why I created this radio programme, is so that I can offer teenagers music that they enjoy listening to. My radio programme differs to other radio programme, as it is targeted towards teenagers, and not many are targeted towards teenagers. I think that many people will listen to my radio, because I will play new songs, but with the same genre that most teenagers listen to.

I chose the particular genre because I am a teenager my self, and I know what most teenagers listen to. I named my radio programme “Flash FM” because I ...

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