Serenity. Compare the poster of the film with the TV trailer of the firefly series.

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Compare the poster of the film with the TV trailer of the firefly series

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We have been studying the film serenity and the TV series firefly.

The movie serenity was created by Joss Whedon, he also created Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel Whedons work frequently centres on tough female protagonist and in real life he is a feminist. The film is a revised extended production of the finale firefly episode. The poster for the film is very unique and subliminal in some ways. The whole look of the poster is very sci-fi like but it makes it very obvious that it’s an action film with the explosions in the back ground and the weapons in everyone’s hand. As for river at the front of the poster, looking at it would make people think that she is the main character but you would only know that captain Malcolm is the main character, understand how river works and understand the relationships between the crew if you had watched the previous TV series firefly.

The director wants to show the viewers how artistic she is by interpreting dance into fighting style. River is crouched down almost crushing her right leg with the other completely stretched out with her right hand straight above her head with an axe and the other hand parallel to her foot with a large knife, he brings the viewers attention to the axe above her head by having the sunlight hit the axe causing a big light. She’s in a shift dress which you wouldn’t normally see a warrior in but in a way it’s very smart because she’s able to move around swiftly. Her military styled boots indicate she is a warrior and has experience in fighting and can completely defend her self. Her hair is damp and stringy to show that she has already been fighting, her head is tilted down with her eyes looking upwards showing she is ready to fight again if she must. Rivers fighting style is ironic because it doesn’t go with the way she looks, the top half of her looks like a warrior however the bottom half is posed like a dancer, the audience expects her to be the weakest but she is the strongest. Seeing a young lady positioned like a dancer with weapons affects the audience because it is unusual and you don’t come across things like that every day.

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Although river is the main subject of the poster she has a limited speaking part in the film. Captain Malcolm is the main star but other members of the crew have a good or reasonable share. The background also contains the largest explosions which are conventions of action films the background is a sky going from light to dark with planets making us feel like we are going into space; the general background is white, making characters in dark clothes stand out. White symbolises purity and serenity; river is a pure individual this could be the link between the ...

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