Teenage magazien front cover analysis

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Sasha Halewood-Dodd                                                                            10th Of January      

Teenage magazines front cover analysis

For this piece of Coursework about teenage magazines, I will be analysing the front cover of an established teenage magazine front cover. The teenage magazine that I have chosen to analyse is called ‘Mizz’ issue 557. The date of the issue is September 21st till October the 4th 2006, it is published by ‘panini UK Ltd’. ‘Mizz’ is a popular younger teenage girl magazine,

The target audience of the magazine is teenage gir

There is a masthead to the top left hand corner of the front cover, the main image is Charlotte Church, it is placed to the centre a little to the right. There is a main cover line at the bottom centre, the cover lines down the sides. It has bright colours, using connotation it has girly colours. It also has a strap line and a barcode.

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The colours used are bright pink, orange pasted green and white, the main colour which stands out the most is bright pink which is a girlie colour and therefore relates to the target audience. Light green is used for the background; this makes the main colours stand out. It also matches the dominant image as charlotte church has light green eyes. The colours create a happy mood, as they are bright, eye-catching and cheerful.

The fonts used are all different, as some are in upper case and some lower case. The font used is a sophisticated font, so ...

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