Television Rots the Brain

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Chris Rands

7th September 2001

“Television Rots the Brain”

“Television rots the brain”. I have never heard such a brainless statement apart from ‘women should be treated the same as men’!

The “Collins school dictionary” definition of “to rot” is “when something decays to the point it can no longer be used”. I am no rocket scientist but I am smart enough to know that my brain has not decayed “to the point it can no longer used” because if it had I would not be here writing this essay. TV does not ‘rot’ the brain, TV expands your horizons and heightens your awareness.  Without TV people would not know half as much about: culture, nature, food, gardening, home improvement, technology -the list is endless.

School teachers are always going on and moaning that we do not read enough books and we watch a horrific amount of TV but you cannot learn as much from a book as you can from a TV show. How can you get the full story about a country from a book? There are no moving pictures and sounds and your imaginations has to do all of the work whereas if you watch a TV show you can get all of the information you can in a book from one screenshot. There is a famous saying that goes “one picture speaks one thousand words” so if one picture says one thousand words them then one minute of TV must say one million words. I don’t know about you but I would rather watch one minute of TV than read a one million word book. TV does not rot the brain. Reading books does. Look at all of the geeks that read 100’s of books and don’t watch TV. Their brains must have rotted because if they had not then they would be clever enough to realise watching TV is much superior to reading books.  

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Learning while having fun! Nonsense you may say but the TV enables us to do this. The TV does not just provide entertainment. It also educates. The information for the Open University students is on the TV. There are other shows, that I am sure you have watched (but may not admit to), such as Sesame Street, which shows young kids how to count and read. Art Attack is another such show. This one shows you how to do creative with just a few arty things. Surely teaching kids to read and count or to be creative cannot be ...

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