The Nissan Micra advert published in the Guardians Weekend on 31st May 2003 is an advert that has many features to make it appeal more to the audience.

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Micra Advert

The Nissan Micra advert published in the Guardian’s Weekend on 31st May 2003 is an advert that has many features to make it appeal more to the audience. Possibly the most effective are the features used to create the adverts’ layout. This is because the images are a lot larger than the text on this advert. The images are laid out to appear like a chronological cartoon where the woman is using the widely mentioned ‘Intelligent Key’, one of the Micra’s unique selling points (USP). The first image is of the key, showing us the badge of the Nissan logo purposefully showing. The more the logo is used, the more we can be reminded of its brand. Nissan have not overused it: If most people quickly glimpse at the advert as if they were flicking through Weekend they might only notice the one logo, although if you look deeper, you may notice more being used discretely.

The next image details a handle without a keyhole, to emphasize the fact that the Intelligent Key is so helpful. The key is designed to remove the need for physical handling of a key: It senses when you enter and leave the vehicle’s vicinity. Penultimately, the image shows the woman walking nearer to her door, bag in hand. This might prompt people to think she is too busy to have a spare hand for her key. Finally, she puts her door key into the lock and enters the security of her home. In the featured image, the car is pictured, with the woman a bit further left. She is almost blurry and we cannot depict her face. This will have been designed in the article to make the target audience think it could be any woman being in her shoes. The ‘Friendly headlamps’ (another USP) that remain on for 2 minutes are shown clearly in this image as she walks, again to show how the product can assist you like no other car can.

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At the bottom of the image, there is a large block of white text reading “GADGETS FOR THE GIRLS”. Alliteration is used in this sentence to make it memorable and easy to read. It is also in such large font because it is making a statement of similar magnitude. The first line of the article relates this well: “For too long men have had all the great gadgets to play with  … ”.  Gadgets are the theme of this article: The owner is shown to have modernism and a healthy social life because they own the car, the advert ...

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