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We watch all the television commercials from the Levi's European advertisement campaign that ran from 1984 to 1990, then picked three to analyze, review and compare by using media terminology.

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We watch all the television commercials from the Levi's European advertisement campaign that ran from 1984 to 1990, then picked three to analyze, review and compare by using media terminology. Levi's brand created an image of youth and freedom in the adverts. The American dream is normally created as a materialistic society in which people desire money and possessions; it is shown as a hot, sunny paradise. In many ways the Levi's adverts are associated with young, unconventional, even rebellious people of whom people are envious or disapproving. In the adverts the men are usually presented as rule breakers whom the women follow. In a reversal of the normal representation men are also presented as the object of s****l desire. The images are created in the Levi's advert with the type of people who are young or old. Youth is created in the Levi's advert by the people around the scene. In the launderette when the young man sat next to a fat old man, it projects the young mans youthfulness and makes him appear better looking. I will be analyzing the following adverts, Russia, Launderette, and Pick-up, in that order. The Russia advert is taken place in an airport during the winter in Russia, and is filmed in black and white, it is the first thing you notice when watching the advert. It suggests to the viewer the advert is serious, but boring, old, and business like. ...read more.


As he as he unbuttons his jeans slowly in a close up of his groin again making u think about s*x and the man's sexuality. The women start giggling in a mid shot, while the man bends over slowly again as if he is not aware of the attention he is getting from the two women and the rest of the people in the launderette, it shows he is not shy but confident of his body. The man takes off his Levi's jeans to show white boxers underneath. In a close up of a stern young woman watching him with a surprised look unable to tear her eyes off him. As he puts he's jeans in the washing marching in a mid to long shot with everyone staring he looks incongruous, but cool. An old woman eating bread with her mouth open while looking at the man makes the viewer think of hunger for him by the other women in the launderette. A close up of the sexy young man sitting next to a fat old man projects the mans youthfulness and makes him appear better looking My third advert is called 'Pick-up'. It takes place in a desert road in the summer. It starts off with a long shot of an empty desert road suggesting America and freedom. It has the golden glow as mentioned in the launderette advert. ...read more.


They are sometimes compared with fat old women to make them stand out, as with the men. The music 'I heard it through the grapevine by Marvin Caye was used in the Launderette advert. It was a hit in the 1960's; therefore it helps create the 1960's mise-en-scene of the advert. When the advert was shown on television in 1984 the song re-released and charted again. It is a good example of intertextuality and the advert exploited popular music. The song made it easer for people to remember the advert because when the herded the song they thought of the song and it raised brand awareness. The adverts analyzed were powerful ads in the 1990's because they were the first of their kind. They made people see adverts are powerful tools in marketing goods, and can influence the audience. The targeted audiences for all three adverts in the 1984 were age 16 to 25. As a girl at age 16 you tent to like older men and have a little bit of money, and as a boy at age 16 you tend to want to be like an older man. At the age of 26 you find your self-becoming older and wanting to settle down. The jeans are made for young, fashionable, rule-breaking people. The Levi's European advertisement campaign that ran from 1984 to 1990 was successful because it is still talked about today and is known as the ads that changed the world. ...read more.

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