What is packaging? Who needs it? Why do we need it?

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Seye Akinnaike


What is packaging? Who needs it? Why do we need it?

In the world we live in today, packaging is very important. The fact that everywhere you look, something is protected by some sort of packaging just shows us how much it is a part of our lives.

Packaging is used to protect a variety of different products, ranging from chocolate wrappers to boxes of hi-fi systems. You can find a wide range of shapes and sizes, all designed for different purposes. Take for example, the type of packaging that protects our daily fresh food from germs and bacteria; special adhesives, cartons, containers and plastic bags, all in some way protect the food and are regarded as a form of packaging.

There is one imperative issue related to this topic as to why we need it, and that is the fact that it contains the information, which tells us about the product, its ingredients and any instructions we might need. This is critical for some people as they may have an allergy to a particular ingredient and must know whether the product contains it or not.

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So who needs packaging?

Well, the answer is EVERYONE! Whether it’s the consumer purchasing the product, the company promoting it, or even the people who do the deliveries; packaging is always needed for some reason or another.

When phones or meat, for example, are delivered overseas or imported, they need to be well packaged. This is because, in the case of the phone, it can become damaged and break, causing it to spoil. While in the case of meat, well isn’t the answer already obvious? You wouldn’t want a contaminated piece of chicken for your Sunday roast, ...

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